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Thomas is an author and is one day framed for a murder. His own stories used against him. Here's a tail of what happened.

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



There is the sound of countless tapping on a keyboard as a man is typing into Microsoft Office 365. He is in a drab, smelly, small, bedroom with an unmade bed but other and clean clothes thrown on the floor of the closet.

"He buries the body in the backyard of a nearby neighbor..." He explains his story as he types.

He soon stops typing and begins to scroll. "...send that to my editor and done." He leans back in his chair and relaxes until he falls asleep. 

A few weeks later his story is published and put on shelves. After a while, he hears a knock on his door. "Thomas Vernon?" There is a man in uniform at his door accompanied by two men standing behind him.

"Yes, Officer," Thomas responds worried.

"We would like to take a moment to speak with you." He holds up a warrant.

"Sure, sure, absolutely come in." Thomas steps away from the door and the men enter.

"What do you need to speak with me about?" Thomas asks as he walks over to his dismal kitchen and grabs tea leaves.

"It's about your novels. They have been consistent with a string of murders in the area and surrounding states. We have been putting them off as coincidence but this latest story pushes it." The officer explains.

Thomas comes around with a few cups of tea and hands them to everyone."So you think it's a fan emulating my stories?" He sits down and starts drinking.

"No, we think that you are the one committing these murders." The officer retorts.

Thomas spits out his tea."Why would you think that?" He begins to sweat.

"The murders always take place just before your stories are released to the public. Yesterday we found a body your neighbor's backyard just a few houses down, sounds familiar doesn't it. It's just a simple deduction." The officer answers before he sips his tea. "Good tea!...Sorry."

"Why would I write my crimes down right after I commit them?" Thomas questions.

"That's what we wanna know." The officer puts the cup down and relaxes.

"I can think of two ofter suspects..." Thomas begins.

"Your publisher and your editor right?" Thomas nods,"They both have solid alibis but I can guess that you don't," The officer interrupted.

"You would be correct in that assumption. I'm not going to try to make one up I never leave my house." Thomas looks down depressed at his realization.

The officer pulls out his handcuffs. "You're under arrest and we will be taking you in for more questioning." He begins to read off his Miranda rights as the other men go to detain Thomas.

"Wait, wait..."Thomas pleads. "I never leave my hose. Have you asked someone if they've actually seen me leave or maybe check my writing logs to see if those serve as good enough alibi's." The officer continues to read off his rights."Come on man."He's ignored.

They soon throw him in a car and take him to a holding cell. They ask him further questions with their minds already set on what they are going to do. The trial process was a sham as they were so sure he was the one that did it they didn't want to risk him getting off. The jury showed a heavy bias towards him and it was a unanimous vote despite the lack of thoughtful evidence.

Thomas is soon processed and taken to a maximum security prison with a life sentence attached to him. 

Thomas attends his first line up and the officers looking over him order the inmates to strip.

"Why?" Thomas asks as he begins to undo his overalls.

An officer hits him with the butt of his gun. "Don't ask questions just follow orders."

Thomas continues to strip down naked. 

"Nice, nice..." He stops at the person next to Thomas."You're a particularly nice one." He pulls off a glove and grabs his genitals and leans over to his hear. "a really nice one." The man begins to shrink in size as if it is retreating. It is obvious he wants to do something but doesn't in fear of the consequences.

The officer begins to pace back and forth in front the line."I would like to let each and every one of you know that in this prison, this isn't the first time someone will order you to strip and next time it might not be us." He stops in the man again and the man whimpers. "We might be willing to offer some protection if you perform some services for us. Now put back on your clothes! I don't want to see some of your sorry members." He looks at Thomas. 

The line up continues for a little bit. Soon they exit the building for recreation. Thomas asks for a pencil and notebook as he would rather write than exercise and an officer agree to get him one. Thomas sits next to the door and waits. When he gets the supplies he moves to a niche corner and the other inmates watch him closely. 

Maybe they think I think I'm higher than them. Not a big deal I guess. Thomas thinks to himself. He writes quietly on his own until it is time to enter the showers and exit the sweltering heat.

He hands the officer his notebook as he enters. "Would you please put that in my cell for me? I would hate for it to get wet." 

The officer nods. "Would you mind if I read it?"

"A fan?" The Officer nods again. "Sure, read til' you're content." Thomas makes his way to the showers. 

When he arrives someone pulls up to his side."I'm not sure if you have noticed but people have been watching you."

"Yes, I have noticed. What is the issue?" Thomas begins to undress. 

"They believe that you've been getting special treatment. Although most of these Neandertals don't know who you are." The man leans on the locker beside him.

"I'm getting special treatment... just because I was given pencil and paper?" Thomas states bewildered as he ceases removal of his clothes

"Pretty much, I don't get it either. Just be careful." The man leaves.

"I guess, but what do you expect me to do?" Thomas whispers to himself. "I'm just some scrawny, pale guy that doesn't do anything but write stories all day."

Thomas finishes undressing and enters the showers. Shortly after he begins he hears someone shout.

"Hey, twink!" Thomas looks over, "Yeah, I mean you." A large muscular man approaches Thomas.

"Yes, sir," Thomas responds unsure what to say or what tone to use.

"What were you doing in the courtyard?" The man stands over Thomas.

"I was writing.That is what I did before I was falsely accused." Thomas steps back slightly on guard.

"So you were an author?" The man seems to calm down a bit.

"Well yeah. Though my stories are the reason why I'm here." Thomas lowers his guard.

"That cool. I kinda like that." The man says somewhat satisfied. "On your knees."He gets serious again.

"What why? Why such a quick change in pace?" Thomas panics.

"I want you to suck my dick. Actually, I'm telling you to suck my dick if that helps you grasp the situation." The man replies is his serious tone.

"Weren't we just about to have a meaningful conversation?" Thomas stands his ground although he is obviously more panicked to everyone.

"Really, I wasn't getting that, was anyone else?" He addresses the rest of the room.

"No, not really." People say in different ways.

"Now on your knees." The man continues to demand.

"If you asked nicely I would gladly do it." Thomas calmly asks of the man.

"I'm not going to ask nicely, now on your knee. I'm not asking again." The man gets increasing inpatient.

Thomas looks to the guards which seem to be enjoying the event. Accepting the fact that they won't he asks again."Please ask nicely and I would gladly do it."

The man bends Thomas' knees and forces him to the ground. He then forces Thomas' mouth open with his hands and inserts himself. He moves Thomas' head at first for him but Thomas quickly starts to do it himself and the man doesn't last very long as Thomas throws his neck, gags and etc. Thomas shallows and continues. The room can't  take their eyes off amazed.

Thomas stokes it as takes a break to ask the man which doesn't seem to know what to do with himself, "What the problem?" 

"N...nothing. I just didn't expect this." The man replies as his eyes roll.

"I'm down for whatever if that's what you want to know. There isn't much if anything I wouldn't do. It's just meaningless sex to me, I don't really care how tainted I may or may not be either. I would just like a little more respect." Thomas starts to suck again and the man faints.

He returns to his shower, brushes his teeth, and returns to his cell afterward. Word spreads quickly about him be chooses to ignore it.  Thomas spends his free time writing and giving himself to anyone he deems clean enough that asks over the next couple days. He does this mostly to avoid unneeded conflict at this point as he would like to get back to stories as soon as possible The officers even let him stay in his cell during recreation and line up. 

The officer that was his fan approaches him in his cell. 

"You too?" Thomas asks as the man enters.

"No, but while you're on the subject are you really okay with that?" The officer responds.

"It's not a deal to me at all. Now, why are you here?" Thomas cuts to the chase.

"It's your stories. The events line up again with real life but you're here. The other officers are either putting it off as either coincidence or saying you aren't alone. The issue with that is, how? You only have one notebook at a time and I read them all the time. It doesn't make sense." The officer side next to reads as Thomas writes.

Thomas shuts the book. "Don't spoil it for yourself."

"Okay." The officer sighs. "It just makes me further believe that it was all just coincidence."

"It probably was." Thomas opens the book and starts writing again.

"That or you have the power of the Death Note and don't know it..." the officer replies.

"You have something to say?" He doesn't take his attention away from the book.

"I want to do a retrial." The officer rushes out.

"You mean a proper trial. The last one was speedy but not fair." Thomas corrects.

"Yes, I want to give you a proper trial. I also want to share your stories with the outside world because I feel bad hogging them to myself." The officer begins to openly fanboy.

"First calm down. I'll do the trial just make sure it's fair this time. Honestly, though, my life outside and inside isn't much different, outside the trail of men coming through of course. I never leave my house for anything like I never leave my cell. I order everything online even my groceries. I don't gain much by leaving." Thomas responds as he continues to write.

"You gain the respect of your fans because you are not a convicted criminal. By the way how close are you to filling that up? You've been writing alot since I've got here." The officer tries to get Thomas more motivated. 

"I have about ten pages left and I'm fine without my fans respect, as long they're happy reading my stories," Thomas replies.

The officer waits for Thomas to finish so he can replace the notebook. They talk as he writes. 

A few weeks later Thomas gets his trial.

"Hopefully this works out. " The officer states. "It took a lot of work to get here."

"They didn't have solid evidence against me last time and I'm sure we can pick out something on my side," Thomas gestures towards the officer's phone and hands it to him. "Do you have the estimated time times of death?"

"Yeah, look in my files." The officer points at the phone.

Thomas fiddles with the phone for a bit. "Now to open my logs."

"Why do you have a log? Did you really need one?" The officer prys.

"It's because I don't have a phone. My editor and I use the logs to communicate that we changed things. If the logs and this list line up there's my alibi." Thomas scrolls back and forth through the list. "Also, speak with my neighbors for me. Ask if they have ever seen me since I moved in?"

They spend a week gathering evidence in Thomas' favor and give it to his company's lawyer. The prosecution still only have his books for evidence. It should have been an easy win but when the results come back he still loses.

"Why!" The officer asks from the stands.

The jury stays silent.

When the officer goes to detain Thomas he slips him a key.

"Black Passat, back right." he whispers into his ear as he hauls him out.

"I have no problem staying in prison," Thomas responds when they pass through the doors.

"Just take the freedom you deserve." The officer pleads.

"It's fine." Thomas sighs.

"Drive north. You should be fine if you cross the border." The officer pushes Thomas to act harder.

"Say I leave, what about the other officers here?" Thomas asks.

"I convinced them to agree that you couldn't have done it. They will help." The officer replies trying to convince Thomas to move.

"Okay." Thomas sighs.

"Great, there is money hidden in the back do what you need to. Go to the town set in the GPS, the police won't bother you there." The officer states relieved.

"You seem very influential Officer Green." Thomas remarks as the exit the building.

Thomas softly hits green having him overreact and runs off to find the car. The officers lag in chasing him allowing him to get away. Thomas enters the car, makes sure the GPS is set, and drives off. Green nods to him as a farewell.

As Thomas drives he begins to wonder himself why was he found innocent in an actual jury of his peers. He assumes they were paid off but can't figure out who he has wronged to cause that. 

"The only ones I've communicated with in recent years is my editor and my publisher. But I never actually speak with them. Maybe it's something deeper I can't even have a clue about. Maybe I am a living death note."

hours down the line after numerous stops and no chase from anyone Thomas enters a snowy town and rents the cheapest apartment he can find.

"Whatever it was? Hopefully, I never have to worry about it again." He goes right back to writing.

© Copyright 2018 Wyn. All rights reserved.

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