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when you cant do it anymore

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



I fought for you, I had to be brave and I had to protect you.

Even though most of the battles I fought were not worth fighting I had promised to go to war for you, I had to fight.

You became comfortable watching me fight that sometimes before the present battle was over I saw another army coming for me.

You saw me bleed but that didn’t stop you from inviting enemies my way.

I almost lost many of the battles but you gave me no break.

On the ground weak and distressed you reminded me of my promise to you and you said all the right words to get me up and fight for you.

You were happy for the victories but I was left with scares and bad memories of the struggles I was going through for you.

 I felt pain but I had to be strong because I had to keep my promise.

I thought one day you would appreciate my efforts to keep my promise to you,

and that someday I would wake up and find peace but that day never came my way.

 I wanted to fight battles that came to attack not the ones you ran looking for.

Now my heart is weak I am left with no energy, the battle ahead is bigger than what’s left in me.

My wounds are not yet healed and I can hardly breath,

 the battles I fought before have only left me without power to fight the battle that comes my way.

The chanting is getting louder as the battle draws closer I can’t fight anymore,

this battle you have to fight on your own.

My heart feels for you but my body is still bleeding, my soul is weak and I can’t get up.

 I see the fear in your eyes, I had hoped that you had learnt something from all the battles I fought for you,

but clearly you never thought that you might need to fight on your own.

Your back is against the wall and the walls are closing in. Put up your shield,

a cloud of arrows is above you like rain drops they will fall.

Take guard spears swift as the wind are piercing through the wind aimed at you.

It’s getting dark you won’t see what’s coming your way,

I pray that you will live and see dawn and when you do, I need you to remember these words.

 Love, hope and make peace.

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