Death of a Friend

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Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



Death of a friend 



When you lose a life long friend it really is like you lose apart of yourself as well, the pain felt inside feels like all your life’s demons has come to bear just to torture you. A shroud of darkness follows you enhancing that feeling of loss and nothing or nobody can help you.


Each morning you wake remembering the good times you shared  a life time of memories flash through your mind bringing a sense of both joy and sadness then you get up to start your day knowing the hours ahead will be so empty without him.


As life continues and you both grow from boys to men that life long bond you share only grow’s stronger helping each other when ever needed just a phone call away always there like an anchor of a ship holding each other in place.


As times passes you begin to go about your days with a little less sadness and a little less grief you slowly look ahead hoping more good times will come but never forgetting your lost friend. Death is apart of life every second of every day someone dies and millions of people around the world share the feeling of grief sadly it is a big part of life and something non of us can escape.


He may not have been born into my family but he was and will remain my brother, if ghosts exist I prey he will remain by my side watching over mine and his until the day comes to pass we meet again.


By Bunzy Oct 18th 2017


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