Seven Days Too Long

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It's raining opportunities outside but she is inside giving up.

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



The week is seven days too long again

The bliss is far from home.

Keeping her head above water is the only hope,

She's three days away from another month ,

And five months away from another pointless year

She's hours from her big break and seconds from disaster.

If daylight breaks before her silent night falls

The days and spaces won't matter .

It's raining opportunities outside

But she's inside giving up . Counting wasted moments

Not brave enough to dance in the storm ,

The rainbow will be her price only if she has the courage .

The week is seven days too long again

She needs a moment to make a perfect memory,

But life's imperfect flaws get in her way.

If only breaking clocks could stop her time from ticking

And her life from speeding ,

She would put down a thousand clocks and their lifeless bliss will give her peace

She's too weak for another long week .

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