The Escape

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Brave and Joe Tate have to face against the elven government that is bent on destroying their family and their hopes for a better future.

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017




Chapter 1


Falling. That's all I felt. Falling. The light above me was fading into a soft black. My brother was beside me. My blue, waist length hair was flowing behind me. My favorite blue T-shirt and jeans were pressed against me. All because I decided to jump off the top of a building to surprise Joe. In that moment I was thinking several things, but the only thing that was coming out of my mouth was: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” because honestly, falling from 80 ft up is terrifying. My thoughts were rotating between “AHHHHHHHH I'm going to die!” and, “Oh great I forgot to feed the cat.” And yet I still found a reason to smile. Mostly because the g-force of the fall was causing my mouth to turn up. The other reason was because I was insanely brave, and things normally worked out for me. After all my name is Brave. My brother Joe however was not insanely brave and generally he turned everything into a fiasco. But that's just my opinion.

“BRAVE!” he screamed.

“ WHAT?” I yelled back



Then we hit the ground. Now we're dead. The end.

Just kidding.

Chapter 2


Got you didn't I? Like I said I am insanely brave. I grabbed a near-by vine and then Joe, then swung until I landed softly on the ground. Joe was a little less graceful. He landed with a dull thud, and rolled to a stop.


“Joe calm down, they'll hear you!

“Who?” Joe said, suddenly interested.

“counselors, Flyer!”

“Hey! Don't call me Flyer!”

“But you are a Flyer.”

“Please don’t call me Flyer.”

“Fine I won't call you Flyer. Now listen. Flyer.” I muttered that last bit.

I’ll explain what Flyer means: Flyer is basically a word that is used to describe people who are weird or unnatural. Like Joe.

The counsellors stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Their words flowed into my ears.

“Be patient counselor Jennings. We must not rush into this decision.”

“The giants are rushing, so must we. War is coming, we can not prevent that,” Said who I took to be Jennings.

“Yes, but we may be able to delay war.”

“May I ask how?”

“With the you-know-what.”

“Do you mean Project Alfa?” Jennings had a smile on his face. Not because he was happy. His look was full of mischief and trickery.

“Quiet!” The counselors face was turning a bright shade of red. “There are ears everywhere,” he looked around like he was afraid of someone overhearing him.

That someone just so happened to be me.

“Now, about Joe and Brave…” said Jennings

My brothers face paled with his words.

“Ahh… Yes. Tonight the twins will be transported to the Punishment Building. Then they will be separated. They have been caught one too many times.”

“I say take them straight to the Imprisonment Building. They have been moved more than anyone can count. Born from a Symbol, I had expected more from them.”

I froze. My parents weren't even on the board. They definitely weren't Symbols.

“Removed in childhood, they never grew up with the advise of the Symbol authority,”

“What are Symbols?” whispered Joe.

“Later.” I replied. “Listen.”

Soon, more counsellors filled-up the courtyard and their voices became one of many. Voices mixed and soon it became too difficult to follow.

Me and Joe headed back home.

“So, what are Symbols?” asked Joe

“An elite group of the most brave and daring and righteous Elves of the kingdom.”

“That doesn't really sound like our current Mom and Dad.”

We’re foster kids. So far we have had 8 families. Our current family was nothing more than a group of cowards.

“They must have been talking about our original parents.”

“But our original parents weren't even on the board.”

We were both silent, lost in thought.

It was then that I realized how much trouble we were going to be in. First we skipped school. Then we climbed to the top of the Heist building and jumped off of the roof. Finally we listened in on a top secret discussion between two counselors. At least no one will ever know about the last one.

“Hey Joe?” I said


“Out of the frying pan into the fire. I’m sorry.”


Chapter 3


Total chaos broke out when we walked through the door. Then all was silent. I looked over the heads of my 13 foster brothers and sisters. Finally I spotted the head of the house. I walked over to where she stood and I said: “Hello.”

Then came the storm.


By that time Joe had come forward. Me and Joe nodded.

“GO UP TO YOUR ROOMS!” She bellowed

“At least we won't be here tomorrow. They always come at midnight.” said Joe

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

Chapter 4

The Punishment Building

“BRAVE!” I screamed.

I was on the floor screaming as they attempted to pull me out of the room. Finally they whispered in my ear: “Your sister is already gone.”

Then I stoped. The rest of the boys that I share a room with were crowded up against the wall. Many of them had their eyes closed.

I breathed.

In. Out. In. Out.

“Help me.” I croaked.

None of the boys looked at me.


That was the last word I said as they picked me up and carried me outside and into a waiting van.

I saw the rest of the boys from my room pile into a different van

In my van there was three boys other than me. Two of them I recognized from the soccer team. One of them, I did not. The two that I recognized were named Liam and James. Liam was small and had a mop of scraggly blond hair on top of his head. James was (as the girls considered) cute. He was a full head taller than me, had brown short curly hair and was a member of the EYBL (Elven Youth Basketball League). The boy that I didn't know had black short hair. His skin was so pale that it would probably start burning if he stepped outside. I was tired and soon I fell asleep. Two rough hands shook me awake just as the van lurched to a stop.

My captors told us to get out of the van and then escorted me and the other three boys into a building I had always been afraid to go in.

The Punishment Building.

As we walked through the hallways Liam asked, “Where are you taking us?”

“Don’t talk!” barked one of the burly captors.

Liam was silenced immediately.

I rubbed the bruises on my arms, wondering what was going to happen.

Finally we entered a room that I was very familiar with.

The Banishment Room.

Suddenly I am 10 years old watching my best friends Caleb, Stephanie, and Everett step into one of the doorways and disappear from view. They were banished for being part of a group that tried to sabotage a classroom lesson that was promoting the unfair treatment of fairies. Me and Brave were part of the group too but they never caught us. I couldn't believe it had been a full year since I had seen them.

I felt sick.

Then the girls stepped into view.

My heart stumbled and took a fall as I caught sight of my sister. She was in bad shape: her hair looked as if someone cut it with a chainsaw and she was sporting a black eye. Apparently she chose to fight back.

I didn't remember deciding to run, but suddenly I was struggling. I somehow managed to break-free of my captors. Then I was running. Running towards my sister. I grabbed her hands and we ran through the maze of hallways, trying to find an exit. Guards emerged from doorways on either sides of the walls, cornering me and Brave. One of the guards stepped out and looked at the paper in her hand and says, “Brave and Joe Tate, you are hereby banished from the elven lands. A transport door will take you to the Great Desert.”

That was when I recognized her.

Cassandra Pondlilly.

My sister's best friend.

“Cassie, please.” said Brave

“I’m cutting ties with you Brave.”


Brave started crying.

I stared at her, surprised. Brave has never once in her life cried. Hence the name “Brave”.

Anyone who could make my sister cry was an enemy.

“Back off,” I said.

“Don’t talk,” she replied.

“How could you?” Brave said, “We were friends.”

“I was never your friend. How do you think you were caught so many times? How do you think the council knew of your plans before they happened?”

“No…” Brave whisperd.

“Yes. It was me. But I do have to admire you jumping off the roof of the Heist building. Very brave.”

Brave didn't say a single word as we walked back to The Banishment Room.


Chapter 5


Before, I didn't have time to look around and appreciate how big the banishment room was. Then when I looked around I finally noticed the seats rising up to the ceiling, and who was in them. Jake, Ryan, Lee, Alissa, and Sage. All of my friends from my foster family, looking down with grim faces. It looked like the whole country had come to watch. I saw Brave's famous smile and knew she had a way to escape.

I had read in my textbooks that sometimes twins were born with telepathic links so they could talk to each other without saying a word. I had never tried this, but now is as good as ever.


I waited for a moment to see if she could hear me.

“This is an interesting moment to try to telepathically speak to me.”

“Yes! It worked!”

“Of course it worked.”

“You mean you've known that were able to speak to each other with our minds, and you never told me!?!”

“I thought you knew.”

“Well anyway, how will we escape?”

“We'll escape to the fairie country, Neráida.”  


I took out the map that I always carried with me. Neráida was not close to us. To get there we had to sail across an ocean full of pirates and smugglers.

A short, gray haired man interrupted our conversation, “The elves that stand here today are all accused of trouble-making and have been caught more times than anyone can count. They were all charged guilty and have been sentenced to banishment. James Erin, age 11, Please step up to door number three.”

James moved to his place.

“Do you have a map?” says the little old man.

“Yes sir,” says James.

“Caddie Delta, age 14 please step up to door number seven.”

A short girl with platinum blonde hair moved to door seven.

“Do you have a map?”

“Yes sir.” Caddie said with a small shiver.

It went on until I heard a “Brave Tate, age 11,” called to door ten. She moved without a sound, showing no weakness. But I knew that she was burning with hate and fury on the inside.

“Do you have a map?”

Brave gave a terse nod. Some grumbles began in the crowd.

“I said, Do you have a map?” his voice growed with anger.  

 Brave gave another terse little nod. The grumblings grew.

“Are you unable of speech?” said the little man, knowing very well that Brave could talk.


“Then tell me,” he said sharply, “Do you have a map? I need a verbal answer.”

Brave doesn't make a sound.

“It would be easier if you cooperate.”

“It would be easier if you just left me alone.”

“Do-you-have-a-map?” he said through gritted teeth.

“According to Elven-Fairie law 526, each person gets a map, a gallon of clean water, a basket of good food, and a healthy chicken.” I said.

"We don't follow Fíditígri’s laws anymore.”

“Only because she was a fairie!” Brave shouted, “she introduced a fair and just law system and you dismissed her idea all because she was a fairie!”

“We had a system that worked. Then she barged in and introduced a unstable and risky system.”

“And then about 5 years later your system comes crashing down because of unfair punishments!” I burst out.

More grumbling from the crowd.

“Cassandra Pondlilly.” At her name, Cassie gave a little jump of surprise. “Please escort Joe Tate and Brave Tate to cell 329 to await further judgment,” said the old man.

“With pleasure,” said Cassie.

Chapter 6


How could such a normal night turn into such a disaster?

I couldn't believe that only yesterday me and my sister were fighting over who should get the last spoonful of chocolate pudding.

“So,” said Cassie, "that was quite a performance.”

As we walked through the halls I tried to think of ways we could escape. If there was a vent in our cell then we could crawl through that.

I tried to convey my thoughts to Brave.



“Any ideas?”

“A vent?”  

“That's what I was thinking.”

I could see Brave's smile, playing about on her lips as she pondered the idea. “We are going to escape through a vent”

Chapter 7


We got to our cell which was a lot bigger than I had expected.

And fortunately, there was a vent.

Joe looked at me with concern.

“Are you okay?” he said


Joe climbed on my shoulders and got inside the vent.

“My turn.” I thought.

“They’re escaping!” someone yelled from the hallway.

“Hurry!” said Joe.

I jumped up and grabbed the vent. I was just about to pull myself in when guards appeared behind me and grabbed me by the ankles.

Joe tried to pull me in but the guards were too strong.

“It’s okay.” I said “Let go.”

“No.” replied Joe, “I won’t give up my sister.”

Then I let go and jumped into the fray.

Chapter 8


Caching the guards by surprise, I was able to get to the doorway and cast a confusion spell.

Then I swing myself up into the vent and collapsed, exhausted from all the energy I had used on the spell.

Joe was on me in a second, hugging and yelling at me for being an idiot.

Chapter 9


After that I was a robot.

You couldn't make me feel anything.

I was cold as steel and dark as night.

I kept thinking: Whats wrong with me? Shouldn't I be crying my eyes out? Shouldn’t I be sad about leaving the only home I've ever known?

We had been crawling through the metal vent for more than an hour when cool air hit my face.

“I think we’re there,” said Brave.

The vent widened and opened out onto the roof of the building.

“Wow,” was all I said.

The roof was an obstacle course of heaters and air conditioners. Even though it was the middle of summer all of the heaters were on.

“Come on," said Joe shaking me from my amazement.

We climbed over and under, occasionally stopping to rest or put a bandaid on our ever-growing collection of cuts and bruises.

Finally, we reached the edge of the roof.

“We can jump and I’ll cast a cushion spell.” said Brave.

“No. They will be expecting that,” I said, “I will cast a teleport spell.”

“But that spell uses so much energy…. No one has ever cast that spell and been found!” said Brave. “You'll die!”

“Be Brave.” I said as I wiped my tears away.

Chapter 10

Good Bye

“Smile,” I said, “Please.”

“I can’t,” replied Brave, “Not when you could die.”

“I love you Joe. Good Bye.”

“Metaforá Mas Spíti! Metaforá Mas Spíti! Metaforá Mas Spíti!”

I yelled the spell as loud as I could. I could feel the spell sucking away my energy, but I pressed on, keeping the spell from devouring me entirely.

“Metaforá Mas Spíti! Metaforá Mas Spíti! Metaforá Mas Spíti!” I said one final time.

I could feel the spell working, feeding on my energy.

I felt the spell falter as something on the outside of my little bubble of energy, crashed into it.

“Brave!” I yelled as my last bit of energy faded away into darkness.


Chapter 11

Green Stars

I woke up in an unfimiliar plaza with a beautifuly tiled floor and curving arches that reached into the sky.

I smiled. I had made it.

Suddenly, I remembered Brave. I twisted and spun around, looking for her in my frazzled state.

"Brave!" I yelled, "BRAVE!"

I looked down and saw a soft green glow, eminating from one of the tiles. I causiously tapped it with my foot. Dazzling green stars burst from the tile and danced in the air, performing twirles and jumps.

The green stars formed a ball in the center of the plaza, and spun wildly until it popped and formed into my sister.

"BRAVE!" I tackled her and huged her as if I hadn't seen her in years.

"Calm down Joe," Brave looked proudly into my eyes, "We made it."

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