Casus Abort

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Hospitals are never pleasant. Seldom do these frozen daycares provide relief. But what they do provide is a glimpse into our own frail mortalities.

I'm not one for hospitals. A doctor will always manage to find something wrong with you. That's why I'm over-whelmed with confusion. I can't recall what happened prior to me waking up, it was dark and foggy. There was a cold over tone in the room that I was in, it was so cold that my bones felt brittle and began to ache. There was no way to determine how long I had been bathing in darkness, all I knew was that I had to find a way out. I heard strange moans and cries in unison. It was indiscernible, the bombastic orchestra of agony echoed through out my clandestine prison. The sounds grew louder and louder, I thought my head was going to explode like a gluttonous hog gorging itself on an ever filling trough. Then suddenly, there was silence. I wasn't convinced that a victim could swallow a scream until that moment, but I couldn't be certain of anything, only that I my suffering had just begun. The more that I began to imagine how great the would be, the colder I felt, my teeth started to chatter. As I faded into a winter's hibernation a bright light pierced the thick veil of darkness, I had a way out of this frozen hell..I was saved. Or so I thought, I instantly began to regret how wrong I was. Upon exiting my dreary domicile I found myself at the rear of a corridor, it was just as harrowing as the room that I had been imprisoned. The only discernible contrast in plain sight was the flickering lights and the blood spattered walls. I wasn't sure if the blood belonged to multiple people or a single person. Nor could I determine if they had been killed in one of these rooms walked out here or the gruesome deed had taken place right here. My mind was racing, I became contemplative. Staying in this corridor could ensure my titillating fate but forcing myself back into my prison would do the same. So I walked, I slowly dragged my fear straitened feet. It was like my feet turned to cinder blocks, I felt my descent into insanity, like sweaty flesh to an open flame. So I immediately turned to run back into my chilly paradise, but the door had vanished. No accent, no crack, or even a screw. I couldn't understand what had happened, doors don't just disappear. There was no logic, sense couldn't be made here. I turned around and all the blood was gone. The lights were no longer flickering, in fact every light was new, the walls looked as if they had been wiped and washed clean, there was a glowing sheen to the whitened walls. I clenched my fists so hard that I had broken the skin on my palms, the blood ran from my top of my fingers and then to the floor. When I looked down there was absolutely no blood to be found. I stared for so long that I had lost focus and my vision had become blurry. I looked up and saw this nurse. Her face was covered with a surgical mask, I rubbed my eyes to make sure that she was real and not some psycho-sexual figment. I could see that her lips were moving under the mask, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. Just as I was about to approach her she pointed to the door on my left, I looked through the door, the only the thing I saw was an unmade bed with a white blanket and pillow. I needed to know more, I looked behind me to see if the nurse was still there, she was gone. I turned back to look for some sort of hint or sign, the bed was now occupied by a pregnant woman, her hair was crimson and she had the most angelic blue eyes. She smiled and waved at me, so I waved back. She started talking but I couldn't hear anything that she had been saying, I grabbed the door knob to walk inside, but the door was locked. I looked back up at the door and she had pulled a rusty jagged knife from under the blanket, her lips began to move, alas there was still silence. I started to yank and pull at the door but it just wouldn't budge. She forcefully drove the knife into her big belly. She pulled it out and began to drive the bloody blade into her belly once more. She maintained her smile, but it wasn't warm and welcoming, it was now manical, she just wouldn't stop smiling. She repeatedly stabbed her pregnant belly, blood stained the white walls, bed sheets, and floor. Then she stopped, she threw the now drenched knife at the door, a few drops of blood slowly rolled down the glass. And even then her smile didn't fade, she hadn't blinked, either. For a moment it looked like her smile was cracking. Then she point at the wall to my right, I looked down the corridor and there were multiple doorknobs I wasn't sure which door she wanted me to choose, all I knew was that I couldn't look into that room again. So I walked to the next room, this time the room was draped in an adolescent decor brightly coloured trains, planes, stuffed bears, and automobiles. There was another mother to be on a bed in the left corner of the room, but her bed had floral printed bed sheets, and a quilt with finely knit flowers, they too were brightly coloured, pinks, reds, and purples were her pattern. And there was a big bouquet inside of a glass vase next to her bed. Her hair was dark brown with auburn highlights, and her eyes were hazel. She had more of a somber tone. Though, there nine other children in the room with her, the children were blissfully cavorting amongst themselves. No matter how much fun they seemed to be having the mother's facial expression didn't change. I pressed my palms against the glass on the door as a sign of empathy, the mother looked at me, then she began to cry. But the tears only came from the left side of her face. The children noticed their mother's tears and stopped dancing and playing, they stared at the door and began to cry, too. The sight of them crying frightened me as well, because their tears only rolled down the left side of their pale faces. Each and every tear hit the floor with a calming intensity, but each tear sizzled and turned to steam when it touched the floor. The crowd of adolescence looked at their mother, then looked back at me, then they waved at me. I wasn't sure what was going on until I saw the flowers in the glass vase start to wither and die, each petal blackened when it hit the floor. Each and every child started to sweat profusely, they removed their clothing one by one until they were all at their most vulnerable. They held hands as the room was shrouded in a devilish red tint, the hair of each broke of one after another until they were completely hairless, their skin boiled then it popped. Their eyes rolled out of their heads and onto the floor and stuck because of the trapped heat. The remaining husk sagged and slowly feel off of their bodies until nothing but a frail skeletal formation was left. I was so enamored by the agony of these youth's that I hadn't noticed the smell of cooking flesh, my palms were stuck to the scolding hot glass, with all my might I pulled my hands off the door, my hands felt like they had been bathing in the infernos of hell it self. And through all of this the mother to be remained in her bed, she had stopped crying. But that cold dismal expression hadn't faded. She stood up walked over to the door, she started to speak and to my dismay I couldn't make out a single word, she stopped just before she reach the door, she waved at me one last time then revealed her supple, alluring breast to me. Pink circular protuberance. She gazed into my eyes like she had fallen in love with me for the first time, she even smiled for a moment. Then she took both of her hands and jammed them into her ribcage forced it apart, reached far enough in that she was able to grab her heart. She then revealed it to me, it may have been the blackest thing I'd ever seen, somehow reminiscent of the abyss I hadn't disappeared into. Then she turned and pointed to the wall leading to the next room just like the previous woman did. I once more looked down the corridor, it seemed to stretch on and on, I began to wonder was this someones idea of eternity, or a psychological plague, because even in my worst nightmares I hadn't seen anything this terrifying. I decided that I had seen enough, I wanted out and I was willing to do anything, even if it meant going back to the darkened tundra. So I approached the third and final door, but this time the door was open. I walked in, the bed was unmade just like the first, this room had a very unusual scent. It smelled like something had perished, but it also smelled like ripened fruits. The room was as tidy as the first two, but I was still baffled over why no one is in sight. I turned around to walk out, right behind me was the nurse, she was still talking under her surgical mask. I couldn't deal with the lunacy any longer, I grabbed her by her shoulders and violently shook her, it was still impossible to make out her words. So I threw her onto the bed then snatched the dingy surgical off of her face. I was over come by sheer terror. The nurses mouth was gone. I ran out out of the room back into the corridor, and to my surprise everything had returned to normal. The lights flickered ominously, the walls and floors were once again coated in blood and everything else looked dilapidated. I dropped to my knees tightly grasped my head and screamed so loud that my chest and throat ached. There was no logic, there was no sense to be made. I looked up, all the doors had swung open with enough force to crack the bricks they were attached to, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Nine ghoulish infants crawled from different doors. The smell of rotten flesh had entered my nostrils, I had nearly vomited. They had a green and gray over tone to their bodies. The had horrible wounds, some cried, others fought to keep themselves from falling apart. Each of them oozed some sort of foul smelling, syrup coloured discharge. The only thing the undead youth's had in common was that each of them had their umbilical cord was still attached to their stomaches. In the begining I thought they were after me, but the more that i observed their behavior I noticed that they were spelling something as they dragged the fleshy cords across the. Suddenly the light flickered out, the hellish infants screamed in a high pitched furry, the corridor shook, the walls cracked and crumbled and my ears bled. And just when I felt the urge to concede, everything stopped. The lights came back on, I been in the hallway of a hospital. People were  being normal, it was as if the terror was never there. I stood up walked over to the spot where the infants were, and there was only one word: echec.

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Wow. What to say? Very well written; grotesque at times, horrific at times but I had to keep reading to find out where the story was going!

Sat, October 28th, 2017 4:27pm


Thank you, my next piece will be better.

Sat, October 28th, 2017 12:12pm


Not a real fan of horror, but you did such a great job depicting the scene that it held my attention to the end. I hope you don't mind some constructive feedback. You don't have to agree. It sometimes felt like your character was just walking through the scenes, meaning, he lacked the normal reactions one would expect seeing a pregnant woman brutally stabs herself in the stomach or another ripping her heart out of her chest. As a reader, I am seeing the scene through his eyes and feel the emotions he is experiencing. Example, 'He gasped in shock at the horrific sight before him.' Like I said, just my opinion, you don't have to agree.

Mon, October 30th, 2017 10:21pm


I agree. I'd actually be honoured if you would critique some more of my work.

Mon, October 30th, 2017 3:45pm

Amy F. Turner

I felt as if I numbly drifted through a horrid nightmare. So vivid were the scenes. Each more shocking than the last. Failed was the word written and our frail morality and mortality can very well look like something in a horror. We can also be quite numb to or own existence. Fascinating writing. Really has me thinking long after I read it.

Fri, December 8th, 2017 5:48pm

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