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12 year old Laura is having troubles on this Monday. She goes through many challenges including her and her three friends and a mean old teacher who isn't so mean. Will she survive the Monday?

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



Scene 1

Time: 2016 on a Monday

Place: School


( Bell rings,  everyone runs to class Laura comes late)


 Laura- (wipes brow as she runs in hair wet and unbrushed clothes mismatching) Oh no, oh no, oh no! I'm late... typical Monday. Ummm... first class is…( pulls out schedule, groan) Math...really? (sigh) Whatever, I guess.


Ms. Crosbin-  Where do you think you are going young lady?


Laura-  I- well- you see…


Ms. Crosbin- yes? do you have an explanation? Or are you-


Teacher 1-  Ms. Crosbin, the copy machine broke!


Ms. Crosbin- ( sigh)  you lucked out kid, get to class. oh! And don't be late! ( Walks away)


Laura- typical Monday…( sigh)

( runs to stage left)


Ms. Crosbin- NO RUNNING!


(Laura speedwalks towards stage left)


Ms. Crosbin- We still count that as running!


Laura- Really?


Ms. Crosbin- Yep... don't be late!


(Laura WALKS to left stage. She is offstage but still talking.)


Laura- Sorry I'm late.. I really hate Mondays.


End of Scene 1


Place: Mrs. Rallyntimer's classroom. 


Mrs. Rallyntimer- Okay since we had a little confusion with Miss Late Laura-


(The class erupts in laughter, Laura sinks low in her seat)


Mrs. Rallyntimer- SILENCE!!! Now, you may leave my class or listen to me. Got it?

(Everyone nods, she keeps on teaching silently)


Laura- (Slides up and is mad from Mrs. Rallyntimer's joke. Maria- her friend- tried to cheer her up.)


Maria- Hey don't be a grumpy pants, Laura. She was just kidding, I think. She didn't mean it! (Glances over at the time) Only thirty more minutes of this crisis called first period. Okay?


Laura- Okay. (sigh)


(Maria nods, Laura glances at the clock, stage right, five times. Finally, the bell rings.)


Maria- We go to seperate classes now, so I guess I will see you at lunch, okay?


Laura- Sounds good!


 (Lifts up Laura's chin) Bye!


Laura- (Walks to stage left- her locker- grabs her books and slowly grudges towards stage right and stops right at curtain) You probably don't want to see how this Monday unfolds. I guess I will see you at lunch too! (Heads to class, off stage right)


End of Scene 2


Scene 3


Place: Lunch room


(offstage you can hear people saying please and thank you. Also the clanging of trays. Maria and Cara are already sitting at the lunch table on the right. School boys and school girls sit on the left table.)


Laura- (walks on from stage left and looks at the food disgustingly and makes faces.) Ugh, Monday food: Meatloaf, with a touch of green dots, on a stick! Whatever... (Laura sits down where Cara and Maria are at and they all start talking)


(Crystal and the mean girls come over with their trays and sat at the table behind them, listening to the conversation.)


Maria- (stops the talking) Wait! Let's not talk about gossip. Let's talk about our crushes. (Mean girls lean in) Cara, you go first!


Cara- Umm... I had an eye on Ryan...he's nice! Um-


Maria- EWW! You like him! He's gross. You are kidding, right? (Laura slowly picks at her food)


Cara- Just kidding! I don't like him...he's gross. Totally...(seems sad)


(Laura looks at her questioningly and then picks at her food a little more)


Maria- (Gets into Laura's face) Who do you like, Laura?


Laura- Umm, nobody. Hey look how gross-


Maria- Oh, I see. You want to change the subject-


Laura- Alright! Okay, I said it! Happy-


Maria- Good choice. I heard...(talks at medium level)


Crystal- Hey girls, you thinking what I'm thinking?


(Mean girls nod. Laura and her friends go to stage left to dump trays and then come back on left and walk off right. Mean girls follow, then the rest.)


End of Scene 3


Scene 4


Place: Ms. Crosbin's class


(All students are in class- school girls/boys and mean girls and Laura and her friends. Ms. Crosbin is teaching at a medium level.)


Ms. Crosbin- Okay class. Today we are learning about-


Loudspeaker (Teacher 5)- Students! Today we are having a day when we go outside and get to know each other as classmates. At 1:30 we will meet at the front doors where you will be split into groups. I will now read off the groups. Group 1: Sammy, Cassandra, Tom, and Max. Group 2: Lexi, Mike, Ren, and Josh. Group 3, Laura, Crystal, Andrew, and Mimi. At 1:30 meet me at the front doors.


Laura- Why do I have to be in the group with Mimi and Crystal. I am just full of questions!

(The teacher teaches for about 2 minutes until Mimi raises her hand.)


Mimi- Um, so like it's like 1:30 and like aren't we supposed to like go now?


Ms. Crosbin- Oh! Look at the time, it is! Thank you, Mimi. Let's line up kids. Remember your groups!


(The class lines up with Crystal at the back and Laura right before her. They start to walk off left.)


Laura- (stopping abruptly) This Monday just got worse. (Leaving left)


Crystal-(stopping and talking after Laura leaves.) This Monday just got better!


(The lights darken and curtain closes. Now the scene is outside and in front of the school's front door. The students are standing in their groups)


Laura- (Asking teacher 2) Can I go to the bathroom?


Teacher 2- May I go to the bathroom, and yes you can, but hurry up!


Laura- Okay! (Runs upstage and left)


Crystal- Hey, Mimi. Let's do this!


Mimi- I don't think we should...(Crystal makes a face at her) do it tomorrow let's do it today! Any minute now, Crystal. I'm ready!


Crystal- Okay? Let's go. (she is weirded out by Mimi) Um, Ms. Crosbin? Ms. Crosbin. Hi, i'm, Laura wants you to know that she thinks that you are a snotface and that you should really wear makeup and actually look good for once. She thinks that about you. I am not included in this because I am just a poor messenger. Like, I am innocent.


Ms. Crosbin- (Almost falling over from the news and then standing in a teacher's position) Well, I shall have a talk with Laura! (Runs the way Laura went almost in tears)


Crystal- Nice! (High fives Mimi who looks uneasy) First plan is like done. Moving on to the second plan!


Andrew- Hey Crystal what happened to her? She looked very bad!


Crystal- I just pranked Laura and told Ms. Crosbin that Laura though horrible things about her. She is having a talk with her now.


Andrew- (A little wowed that Crystal would do that and then worried) Um..where can I find Laura?


Crystal- Why? Wait, I don't care. She went that way. Shoo! (Waves away Andrew and he runs in that direction)


Teacher 2- (Whispers to teacher 3 and teacher 3 announces)


Teacher 3- Students. Sorry for the confusion, we will be canceling this event. We had an...incident (Crystal chuckles) and we will not be able to continue. Sorry. You may go to your classes. Each teacher take a group.


(Groups leave with teachers and then the curtains close)


End of Scene 4


Scene 5

Place: Principal's Office

(Before teacher 4 talks loudly, she has a mean look and is fake talking)

Teacher 4- Did you really say those things to

Ms. Crosbin- Yes? What am I?

Teacher 4- Lovely teacher who is standing in this room. 

Mrs. Crosbin- Thank you. So what are we going to-

Laura- (Kind of to herself) I hate Mondays!

Teacher 4/ Ms. Crosbin- What?!?

Laura- (Almost falls out of her seat) I hate Mondays. This morning I came late, then I got laughed at by my class, and now I got in trouble for something I didn't do! That's what- 

Ms. Crosbin- Wait, you said you never said those horrid things about myself-

Andrew- (Comes running in) She didn't do- (Stops because he is panting from running all the way from the front door) She... (Takes a seat)

Ms. Crosbin- Shouldn't you be in class boy, what has gotten into you, child!

Laura- Wait! He wants to say something!

Andrew- Yes, thanks Laura! Okay...whoooo! I am tired. You know how far-

Teacher 4- Get on with it. 

Andrew- Right! Laura didn't say those horrible things! Crystal did-

Ms. Crosbin- Crystal is a nice girl-

Andrew- That's what you think, though. She probably got the idea because she loves getting others into trouble. She was probably jealous of Laura so she got her in trouble. 

Teacher 4- No way! I need to talk to her! (On the loudspeaker) Would Crystal Hemple come to the office. Crystal Hemple, NOW! 

Ms. Crosbin- Okay, thanks for your honesty kids. I always knew you were good kids, now get to class. Oh! Don't be late! (Smiles at Laura)

(Crystal walks in right when Andrew and Laura walk out. She glares at Andrew when the three meet right before curtain. Then they go where they are supposed to go.)

End of Scene 5

Scene 6

Place: After school in the front of the school.

(Andrew and Laura walk out together talking)

Andrew- Yeah, that was funny when she glared at us.

Laura- Yeah! So...

Andrew- want to hang out sometime?

Laura- Sure! I mean...that's cool, I think..

Andrew- Okay see you tomorrow, call me!

Laura- Okay! Bye! 

(Andrew walks left and Laura walks right)

End of Scene 6

Curtain call










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