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can our thoughts determine our matter.

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



Can a man dream his life into existence? Are our thoughts somehow connected to the thing, the person or even the ideal that created the blue print for life? Is waht a man thinketh really what he becomes, is man just the totality of what ideas consume him? Are thoughts matter? Ideas are considered a product, so why would our thoughts not be considered an asset, a tangible one at that. One that if invested into yields unthinkable profit. If we would daily choose to pour into our mind, our spirit, really our being as we do into our portfolio or our closet, is it possible that the latter two would grow as a result naturally? Can thoughts be translated into something that is tangible? I would like to take your hand and walk you thorugh, rather with you, on this journey to discover whether or not there are actual limits on what we can produce with our thinking, our speaking, and our believing. 


Close your eyes for a second, imagine there are no limits. I'm not speaking of limits where morality is concerned, i'm speaking of impossibility and possibility. I'm trying to touch on whether or not man has a limitation on his capabilities. Think of what your life would be like if you asked and you received, you thought intensely and that thought became, you believed you would see and it came [and you saw]. What if you believed for a car and you got a phone call from an aquaintance that he or she wanted to give you a gift, or if you believed for $20,000 and a business opportunity came along the next day? What if you believed for happiness while depressed and you became eternally blissful, or if you believed for repair in your relationship and some sort of immense grace came and attached itself to you and your partner. 


Now, I would certainly be assuming that if you were at this point where you could think things into existence, even speak things into existence; that you have done an immense amount of soul searching and questioning in order to solidify yourself in the quick sand of wisdom. i would assume that you are so grounded in your morality, or sense of, that you would not be pulled away from righteousness in pursuit of riches. I would assume that love, relationship, wisdom, peace, health and then wealth would be the order in which you would organize the portfolio of your being. I would assume that you would understand that wealth is merely a boost to an already loving, wise, happy, and healthy individual. I would assume that you have an understanding that wealth will not make you a better person. 


So given that you are a responsible, fulfilled human-being you are prepared to be able to speak wahtever it is you desire into existence. Well, you would certainly stop worrying about your credit card debt that has been dragging you down recently, wouldn't you? You would certainly stop panicking over the mortgage or which one of your kids is going to add to the medical bill this month. Of course you wouldn't worry! Anthing that would try and come against you, you would have within you the arsenal to conquer it. 


You would begin to think about what the possibilities are as opposed to how to navigate "life's inevitable circumstances." Your mind could finally be filled with what you really want your life to look like. The greatest motivation you can give someone is to live the life you dream about when you're falling asleep. 

Now, just like anyone who would win the lottery, you wouldn't keep this gift to yourself and for yourself. You would begin to think about how your thoughts will help somebody else if they need help. You can begin to stretch your thinking in order to cover the needs of somebody else, even the desires of somebody else. This life would begin to be far less about you striving to be able to stay afloat and much more about how you can think your grandest ideas into existence while also bringing to life other people's dreams and desires while teaching them how to do it themselves. The old saying goes, "You can give someone a fish and they will be satisfied for a day, or you can teach them how to fish and they will be able to satisfy themselves for a lifetime." Well I will take it one step further, "Teach them how to fish and they will be able to help countless amounts of other people how to fish for themselves as well." You see, this gift is not about you; in fact, this gift takes the focus off of yourself and throws it onto those around you. Gaining your own needs and desires should be simple and quick, it is helping others with this gift that will bring purpose and duration to this beautiful journey called life. 




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