The Marble of Alkae

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The story of a boy and his search for something lost

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



The Marble of Alkae 

If one heads South from the hidden town of Pravus that lies on the South Carolina coast and crosses the river and moves East, you will find the skeleton of a one long dead kingdom. For most, this decaying remains of a civilization lost is a tremendous eyesore. But, for the curious few, this place is a calling. Those rooted in the inquisitive mind-set find it difficult to ignore the dilapidated fortress that was once the seat of the world. Unfortunately for those inclined with questions of the un-earthly sect, there is no exit from the clutches of this curious place. It is common to hear of an entire group of people never returning from this place and with the strange nature of it all, no one has sent a search party to inquire about these odd disappearances. However, one boy will childishly ignore the warnings beset throughout all the stories told of the lost kingdom of Alkae. 

At the threshold of the half standing stone archway and atop the overgrown road that once connected Alkae to the world was a young boy, aged ten years. He was not, by any means, your normal human being. Where humans shuddered and fled from the unobservable unknown, the child would make attempts to understand. Why would a child be granted the curiosity needed to seek such blasphemous things? Well, he was in possession of a certain book. A volume of the darkest things. Page after page of manic-inducing monstrosities that could have only been dreamed by things most deranged. Whether or not the book was a reproduction or an original could not be ascertained, but it was the Necronomicon. The boy whipped his bookbag from around his shoulder and pulled the dusty old brown volume from inside. Such a jarring thing to witness, this ancient product of outermost evil. The boy ran his pointer finger down the spine of the volume, much like one would do to a distressed pet. He almost did this in an apologetic manner, as if he was forewarning the book that he wished it opened. The boy has spent the past 2 years of his life studying the forgotten alphabet used by things unbeknownst and the insane descriptiveness of the hand drawn caricatures of eldritch life. The boy pulled open the book and began flipping through pages until he stopped at the page marked "202". He began to recite a certain incantation that filled the page, top to bottom. The language used was not known to humankind, save for the boy, in this day. Eons ago, there was a sentient race of "things" that once used this guttural and sloppy sounding vocabulary. However, they no longer walk among this earth. The boy reached the end of the page and let the final syllable ring out before slamming the book closed. There was a dense blanket of fog that paranomally, and indefinitely, shrouded Alkae in mystery. When the boy slammed the Necronomicon closed, the book was possessed by a force that caused him to drop it. The boy seemed un-affected by this, as if he was prepared for it. The book continued to randomly flip and vibrate, while the misty evil began to disperse from the visage of the kingdom. 

The way forward was clear and the boy peered down the road past the archway. The road stopped at a tall and oddly undamaged structure that the boy marked as his destination. Looking at this ancient building, one could assume what the vista of the Kingdom might had looked like in its prime. Mainly, the building was white stone with golden accents around its profile. It was not a decorative building, but the masonry work was noteworthy and impressive. Without further speculation, the boy trodded on through the archway and down the empty street. When he was freshly clear of the archway, the boy was hit with nervosity. The hairs on his arms stood straight up and he felt the precursor to panic beginning its rise in his heart. Something was watching the boy, it had its attention trained on him the moment the fog lifted. The boys pace quickened and moments after, something had dislodged and crashed onto the ground a certain distance off. The sound only went to confirm the fact he was not alone and further increased his speed. The boy did not even care to stop and analyze the interesting inscriptions that ran alongside the doorway of the tall building. He ran inside the building and immediately cowered behind the wall next to the doorway and peeked his head outside. His eyelids threw open like curtains drawn too tight at what his eyes beheld. 

The Necronomicon, too a certain degree, prepared the boy for the possible cosmic entities he may come across the best that it could. Simply put, these things were not meant to be viewed by eyes of any nature. The minds of organics do not have the perception to view these Godless things. The mind will struggle to fill in the blanks, but it can only fill in with what it already knows and what we know about these things is almost nothing. The depictions within the volume did nothing to help the human brain conceive these monstrosities. 

Out beyond the doorway and down the street, a silhouette appeared. The boy opened his eyes as wide as possible in order to let the maximum amount of dim light fill his vision. It was round, whatever this thing was, and it was large. The darkness did not reveal any textures or details upon its surface, but the boy could definitely tell that this thing was mostly round. Its method of movement was what had the boys freight severely realized. It did not roll, nor did it walk. As the thing inched towards the boy and the structure the sound of something wet hitting the ground, then followed by the sound of something equally wet sliding across the dirt, faintly filled the boys ears. He wanted to run, but what happened moments before he regained control of himself stayed his legs. 

A female voice rang out, "It's okay, sweetheart. Mother is here, and so is your father." 

"Yes, son. We can all be together again.", A male voice followed. 

The boy instantly began to sob in elated joy, for his prize was not some olden trinket from a dead civilization. He had journeyed to Alkae in search of his missing family. It was years past that the boy's parents decided to delve into the mystery of the kingdom and were lost to it. The boy was in such an emotional state, he did not perceive the monotonous and strangely calm demeanor of the voices. Without hesitation, the boy jumped out from behind the wall and ran outside with arms opened. His eyes were blurred by his own crying and had they weren't, he may had been saved from his predicament 

A few short steps outside the doorway and the boy was met with the faces of his long lost parents. "Mom! Dad! I have finally found you!", the boy exhumed with the greatest of relief and the happiest of tears. Had his vision not been obscured, he surely would have noticed the large ball of darkness that held his parents within. The boy became disheartened at the un-enthuzed faces of his newly found kin. "Would you not embrace me?", a confused and hurt voice escaped from the throat of the child. 

"Oh, do not fret child of men. I shall embrace you fully!", The voices of the parents told in unison. This jarring behavior gave the child reason to clear his eyesight, for he no longer trusted the visage of his mother and father. As vision returned to its acute normality, what was actually there became apparent; Its height doubled that of any man and its circumference could have been filled with at least five. Emitting from the circular surface was a black ether that acted like smoke as it rose into the air and dispersed. The child's parents weren't the only beings sucked into this eldritch monstrosity, as there were body parts and faces aplenty poking through the dark and gaseous ichor. Its' way of moving about was also revealed to be nothing but a long, hook-like appendage that was fashioned from limbs of those it captured. It must have used this to anchor the ground and drag across it. 

Most that would behold this abomination with their God given eyes would have succumbed to the inevitable fear of the most powerful intensity. However, in the curious case of this young boy, this was not the reality he experienced. Instead of shrieking a shrill scream and instead of losing his mind to the Outer Gods, he simple bent down and wept. For the boy, the fact that he had lost his family once again was universes stronger than the fear he felt. "Do what you will, I know that you must. I will not to live in this reality any longer. Please, take me from it! I no longer have anything.", the boy pleaded to the monstrosity.  

The curious become curiouser. The blaspheming circle of bleeding evil raised its singular hook of human flesh and gave pause, as if it had been affected by the boys request. The nature of these cosmic horrors disallow them from feeling empathy, but in this singular instance something changed within the base beast. It paused for such an amount of time that many observers would had believed it to be thinking. However, one would do well to remember that these things exist outside our own reality. They very well may not have, or need, the human emotion of empathy. It could also had been said that the beast had noticed the boys great sadness and despair, and it may had spared the young boy due to its own wickedness. For, a life lived in despair is much more horrific than any alien or eldritch or bubbling Godless thing.  

The damnable abomination of black gas and mixed human parts layed its weapon down. "Not on this day", the many voices of soulless faces rang out. Within a moment a swirling motion was noticed by the young boy as the dark ichor of the beast began to recede within the circular body of the beast. As this continued, the circumference of the elder thing began to shrink and the collected body parts of curious delvers began to drop onto the ground. The boy looked on in awe, not in horror. For, it was not the action the perplexed him, it was what hid inside the black gas and tangled human appendages 

The darkness emitting from the cosmic entity lifted into the air and faded like any natural smoke that exists in our own world. As the rotten and fresh body parts hit the ground, so did something small and made of glass. The young boy blindly swept his hands over the ground in search of the final remnant of his pursuer. So he did. To the astonishment of child, what laid on the ground was nought but a single marble.  

The boy would return the next day to bury what remains of his family, but with relief. For, as he knew it, the souls of his family, and of the others enslaved, were still entrapped in the Marble of Alkae 

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