The Glen

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Prison

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



  In the far reaches of upstate New York, there stood a quiet town. A town that, unfortunately, was on the verge of being a ghost town. It didn't seem like the ones in the movies, however. Instead of being in a dried up desert, it laced between the trees of a giant forest. Rather than little water, a deep blue lake sat frozen over in the cold winter. No, it didn't have any of the problems you'd assume it would. Its problem was its lack of residents.
  This small town didn't bring people to it; why would they want to go somewhere like that? Everyone in the town had a reason of their own for being there. They might've had family there, or wanted someplace where everyone knew everyone.
  Kory Heartfield knew his reason for being there. It was as mundane as the town was, the most generic reason he could think of. He had been born there years and years ago, 15, in fact, and he couldn't wait to leave. There wasn't much to do, no TV, no WIFI, no way to connect to civilization. The stock of books was little to none as publishers and bookstores often overlooked the quaint area. The nearest place to get goods was over an hour away, so even the food they had here was bad. Kory wondered why anyone wanted to stay in this dump. So he eagerly awaited the day they moved, or for college. He highly doubted he'd get there, though.
  To occupy their antsy child, Mr. and Mrs. Heartfield forced Kory to be in Boy Scouts. It was a nice way to pass time, sure, but he didn't really learn anything new. Most of what they did was training on how to survive the forest; cooking, making shelter, hunting, and so on. All of which his parents already taught him to do if he got lost in the dense woods surrounding him.
  But today… Today was the big day, camping in the woods far away from home. Needless to say, Kory was ready for it. It wasn't exactly a change of scenery, but with what he had learned, he had a plan to leave for good.
  Run away and start anew. It was a good plan to him, he had everything he needed to do it. It didn't matter how long he had to walk through the trees and shrubs, he knew everything about how to survive. Then he'd find somewhere he could be happy, somewhere to have fun and occupy himself properly. The plan was perfect, he couldn't wait to put it in action. He could only imagine what his parents would do, so as he walked out the door with everything needed for the trip, he dropped a neat envelope on the table next to the door. He just hoped they wouldn't see it too early.
  He kissed goodbye the wretched town and walked towards the building where the three of them in Scouts had met for the past four years. He had always thought about doing this on the various trips they had gone on,  up only had mustered the courage to do it now. He was done waiting to leave. He was doing it now.
  The ivy-ridden house of the Scout Leader smelled musty, like simply walking into it would be toxic. It was small, but Otis had said he enjoyed the tiny living space. Made it ‘cozy’. Kory disagreed, the house was just a painful reminder of how remote the place was. 
  Three figures sat at the table when he walked in. Perfect, he was late. Grumbling a small “hey” to Otis, he dumped his backpack on the floor and sat next to the other two. Interesting folk, surprisingly to him. On his right was a small, scrawny boy with wild black hair. His clothes sat baggily on him in hopes that he would grow into them. Kory doubted it, but there was some hope. His small name matched his small demeanor. Juane, short and sweet, he said.
  To Juane’s right was Garnet, who was not nearly as pretty as her name. Her rattyy and knotted brown hair looked as if it had never seen a hairbrush in all of its short existence. It wasn't tied back, it was too short to be, as only a few strands even popped out of the bottom of her old baseball cap. Big, nerdy glasses protruded from her face. Despite her looks, Garnet wasn't a bad person, but if she caught you even remotely harming her brother Juane, you can bet you won’t be able to leave in one piece.
  And then there was Otis, the young adult that looked like he belonged on the big screen. His hair looked as it had been styled by.. well, a hair stylist. He never looked tired, but you could always see a cup of coffee in his hand. It was unnerving how posh he looked that most people tried to avoid the bad vibes they were getting from him. He didn't look like he was almost thirty, to say the least.
  To the untrained eye, this group seemed like they wouldn’t get along too well. An overprotected tomboy of a sister, a timid brother, a kid over with this place, and… Well, Otis, but they actually got along fairly well. It was like another family, they got into fights and all sometimes, but for the most part   got along and cracked jokes with each other constantly. 
  Kory began to debate his decision, as just sitting around his friends made him feel guilty, but the ball was already rolling. There was no stopping this now.
  “I shall now call this meeting to order, now that our late member is here.” Otis joked, pretending to give Kory the stink eye. “We will now go through the checklist of what to have, please open your bags”
  “Fine, mom.” Garnet remarked sarcastically, tearing open her green duffle bag. Juane did the same, and Kory kicked his extra bag under his chair. He put his backpack on the table, unhooking the bag straps.
  “Clothes, pajamas, sleeping bag, rope, tarp, etc. etc.” Otis looked up from the checklist to see if they were following. Each had the supplies. He slammed the notebook closed and stood up. “We’re good to go, kiddos, let’s get out into nature.”
  Kory ‘accidentally’ dropped the bag off the table, his contents spilling out. He calmly kneeled down, scooping the contents back in, as well as the extra bag he had hidden under his chair. Smiling, he stood up and followed the other out the door.
  Otis led the march through the forest, Kory bringing up the end of the trail. Everything seemed so routine, the same trip, the same order, the same people. They would all be learning the same lessons, telling the same stories, pitching the same tents, all the same! But it wouldn’t be the same, it was time to add a twist to the telltale story.
  They hiked about an hour into the woods, searching for a new clearing to use as a campsite this time around. They did all the regular stuff, clearing all the debris and tying up items up in trees, making a fire pit, pitching the tent. After all that, a fire was created for roasting dinner, namely sausages and marshmallows. Cicadas filled the air with white noise, ringing in the ears of the group. “Do you think it’s time yet?” Garnet asked eagerly
  “For…?” Kory responded, focusing on not catching a marshmallow on fire.
  “Scary stories! Duh”
  “I-Isn’t it a bit early for that?” Juane stuttered as he bit into his sausage. He was right, though, the forest wasn’t quite dark enough for it.
  “Oh, you just want an excuse to put it off for longer. I’m tired of awkward conversation! Story! Story! Story!” How childish, Kory thought. Garnet was like, a year younger than him, she should know better. Oh well, it kinda was just how she acted, so he guessed it was fine. 
  “Did anyone think of any new stories? I’m tired of the same ones over and over.” He complained. Jaune looked down, outvoted for waiting until later. No one spoke for a while, the sun setting rapidly. Kory looked at their faces, then turned to Otis, throwing a stick a the sleeping guy. 
  “Otis, wake up man. Stop being a lazy ass.”
  “Wha???” Otis jolted awake at the yelling and getting hit in the head.
  “Seriously, man, you’d think the scout leader would be awake for things. You know, make sure nothing happens.”
  “Hey, we all know you can defend yourselves. This trip is practically just moving to a less populated part of town, we all know that. I wouldn’t be too worried about you guys out here, I’m honestly more scared for the wildlife.”
  “Hah, true.” Garnet laughed, stabbing a marshmallow with her stick.
  “Got any scary stories, old man?”
  “Since when did you get so vulgar, Kory?” Otis questioned
  “Since I realized what hell truly was. Short answer, living the same day of your life over and over for ten years.” Everyone stared at Kory. He stared back. “That was a joke.”
  “OH.” Jaune said, slightly relieved. It would be bad if that Jaune meant what Jaune thought it meant.   Honestly, Kory just was worried his cover had been blown. Nice moves, doofus. He stuck his fully roasted marshmallow into his mouth, eating the gooey sugar quietly. They exchanged the same old stories, some trying to be new, for the rest of the night, going to sleep in different tents shortly after.

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