Green Turned Gold

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Well, lets just say this story starts and ends in a court. A court of royals, blood, and fury. Melissa tries to escape, but many obstacles stand in her way...

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



The palace was dark, like the sort of darkness one would only see in their nightmares. Queen Anabeth sat on her throne, pondering what to do about the darkness. It had not reached the entire palace, the throne room being the only one untouched. Many thought it a miracle and sought refuge in the throne room. Most never made it in before they were shattered by the looming dark cloud that had gathered throughout the kingdom. 

The queen was still thinking about what to do, as many servants and workers, and even the teenage prince was worried about what to do about the darkness. If such a thing were to consume the whole kingdom, then all would be doomed who lived in it. So Queen Anabeth made up her mind and sent message to another kingdom ruled by King Adam V. There was legend about his daughter, Melissa, that said she could defeat anything and everything.


But you see, the King had started that rumor so Melissa could just creatively solve whatever problem others were having and collect the money. It had worked and King Adam soon became the richest man on the Earth.

"My, Melissa!" called the King as he was reading the request from Queen Anabeth.

"What is it father?" asked Melissa. She was curious about whatever adventure her father was to send her on this time.

"There is a darkness in the Haknin Kingdom. Queen Anabeth has asked if you would be so kind as to help them." The King sounded concerned, but deep in his heart, he only wanted money. And he didn't realize that this want for money was the source of the darkness. His need for little green paper dollars outweighed the need for sympathy and love. 

"Father, what sort of darkness could possibly exist? What sort of monstrous thing has fallen apon this kingdom?"

"It seems there is a cloud of darkness spreading across it. Though I have gotten several letters from others saying that something has also fallen apon them."

"Shouldn't that mean we should protect our own? Our people need safety." Melissa states as she pondered on the subject. She believed that even though the darkness was spreading, and others needed help, that her own kingdom was always going to be her first priority.

"We will be fine. Now go help the others." 

"No." Melissa stated proudly as she stood before her father. 

"No? I suggest you not speak with me in that sort of tone, young lady. It could be the last thing you ever say..."

"I won't do it. We need to build something around our kingdom. Father, you are the richest man, the King, and I advise you greatly to do something with such wealth."

"And I advise you to do as you're told!" The King shouted as many of his advisors stepped away and ran to other rooms. They knew that King Adam had a short temper, and when challenged, it could get ugly.

"Why must I do such a thing? Their people for ours. It makes no sense. We have a kingdom, one that needs to be protected if we are to ever grow. So please, for once in your life, stop caring about money! You won't have any if the darkness reaches us! We will all die!"

The Kind thought on this for a moment. His daughter was right, that many had seen the darkness on his lands. He also though about what Melissa had said about there being no money left for him if his whole kingdom were to die.

While the King thought this over, Melissa was doing her own thinking. The darkness appeared on the farmlands of her home in early December. That was about the time that her father had become Kind Adam due to marriage. It was also about the time he became detached and careless, well except for his riches. And many thought that he had become so obsessed with money that he had started a storm in early April. But storms were always common in April.

The darkness has been spreading since into other kingdoms, never getting too close to her own, where it originated. So if the King built his palace in the very center, and the throne sitting in the center spot, then wouldn't it mean that he...


King Adam chuckled, Melissa was thinking for so long that her father had started a talk with his advisors, and seemed to think everything they said was funny. "What is it, Melissa?" The King said with drunkeness. He also was drinking a lot of wine.

"It's coming from you."

King Adam V then turned to face his daughter, eyes bulging. "What did you just say?"

"The darkness, you are the cause."

"You really wanna push your luck with me today, huh?" The King said, knowing what his daughter would say, he brought out his sword.

"You must stop yearning for money."

"And you must stop telling me what to do!" The King ran down the steps leading to the throne and at his daughter with his sword.

Now you see, Melissa knew what she was doing and brought out no weapon. All she had to do was touch her father, and he would be turned to gold.

But the King forgot this as he ran down those steps and tried to drunkenly swing at her daughter with a sword. In turn, she ducked, took off her glove, and touched her father's back in an instant.

So, slowly painfully, The King turned to Gold. 


Next thing everyone knows, Melissa is getting letters from everywhere thanking her for destroying the darkness. How they know it was her, Melissa did not know.  She did not have time to ponder this as she became known as the Queen, Savior of all realms.

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