My Hands are not Dainty...

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Finally love me for me...

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



My hands are not dainty, Or soft. They have worked hard, And become rough. They have stroked, they have pounded, They wipe away tears, And held other hands.

My nails are not painted, Or even. They have dirt under them, And can be found covered in food. They have tied tomatoes, And picked stickers.

My body is not perfect, Or even close to symmetrical. Its scarred and curvy; Sometimes pained. But it gives pleasure in many ways. It is perfect for bear hugs, And cuddles, And my shoulders are perfect to lean on.

Some people may only see, The imperfections; But me.... I wear every scar with pride, I think my curves are sexy, I love my hands because they're my dads, And I love me, because he loves me!

It has taken years, But I love me, For me!

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