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This is a sequel to - a serious conversation between two teenage friends. Trishala Sharma is studying for PhD in sociology in California. Siddhartha Chopra also joins a post graduate program in
engineering leading to PhD in California after completing his engineering. With the passage of time, two good friends become ardent lovers. They decide to get married after completion of their
PhDs. The story rums like this ……….

Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



A sequel to a serious conversation between two teenage friends -

Part 1 -

Siddhartha Chopra gets admission in IIT Rourkee, from where he graduates in computer engineering with flying colors. Trishala Sharma has been successful in convincing her father and grandmother for studying further in USA, which will give her an opportunity to meet her Mom Priscilla as and when she likes. By the grace of the Almighty, Trish gets admission in Department of Sociology, UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) to specialize in sociology leading to a PhD. She successfully completes post-graduate program and continues with PhD. She has always been thankful to the Almighty for benevolence bestowed upon her.

During all these years, Sid and Trish had been in contact with each other, exchanging all information about them. They had also met in person when Trish had come to India. Then they had spent some time together, talking about future plans. Sid found her to be all praises for her Mom Priscilla. She informed that they both met each other often during vacations.  

Trish also informed Sid: “Her Mom had married a local NRI doctor and later they divorced after three years. She has a daughter, named Natasha, from that marriage. She had become my surrogate mother after her divorce. Natasha, who is two years elder to me, is a dentist and lives with her Mom in San Francisco. Natasha and I have formed a loving and trustful relationship of sisters and we often meet each other.”  

A couple of weeks later after Trish leaves for USA from India, Sid informs her that he has got admission into a post-graduate program in engineering in the University of Southern California, after completion of which he will continue with PhD. This is great news for Trish as she will be nearer to one of her best friends.

After a fortnight, Sid joins the program in University of Southern California and then informs Trisha about it. Her happiness knows no bounds on learning that her dear friend has come to California. Next day, they meet at an appointed place and spend a nice time together. They part with each other after having a dinner together, saying good bye and leaving for their residential hostels.

With the passage of time, their friendship has taken up emotional inflection because they begin to miss each other whenever they are not together. Eventually, they become ardent lovers and can’t live without each other. When they realize this, they decide to marry each other but not before finishing their PhDs. They both inform their respective parents, who happily agree to their decision.

Trish arranges for Sid to meet her Mom Pricilla, who also likes Sid and happily consents to their decision. When Trish informs her sister Natasha about this, she jumps with excitement hugging and kissing Trish. Natasha tells Trish that she would like to meet Sid. She arranges for Natasha to meet Sid after a couple of days. Natasha also likes Sid and wishes them a happy future together.

Still there is more than one and a half years to go before they will be able to complete their PhD. Trish and Sid meet as often as possible to keep simmering the embers of their love, which deepens with each passing day.

The families of both meet each other at New Delhi so as to do groundwork for the plan of the marriage of their children though, in all probability, it is likely to be held after the completion of their PhD. The members of both families endorse the decision of their children in this regard.

Pricilla and Natasha have opportunity to meet Sid a couple times. They are quite impressed with his practical astuteness in handling different relationships, which has earned him their admiration.  

They are nearing final stage of completing their PhDs. Final exams are going to be held next month. That is why they both are busy in preparing for this. Albeit the stress that they are experiencing, they are confident of completing it successfully.

They both have fared quite well in the finals and are sure of hitting their jackpot. Shortly after completing their PhDs, Sid gets an appointment in a reputed American IT firm and Trish starts teaching sociology in a college.

Part 2 -

After earning their PhDs and getting job appointments, they inform their parents about their decision to get married within a couple of months. They also decide that marriage will take place in New Delhi with great fanfare in typical Indian style. They are also able to motivate Pricilla and Natasha to accompany them to India for marriage. In fact, it didn’t require any motivation because, being very much attached to Trish, they both readily agree to it. Natasha is very happy as she will visit India for the first time. She decides to enjoy the occasion thoroughly. She also makes up her mind to visit all important Buddhist monuments in North India as she has been greatly influenced by Buddhism.

The date of marriage has been finalized that falls exactly one month from today. All the necessary arrangements have been made by the members of their families so they just have to reach in time for celebrations of various rituals.

All four – Trish, Sid, Pricilla and Natasha leave together. All are received personally by Mr. Sharma and Mr. Chopra at the airport. Trish meets her father after a long gap, whereas Pricilla meets him now since after Trishala was born in California and Natasha meets him for the first time. Similarly, Sid meets his father after a long gap of four years. There are lot of hugging and handshakes to compensate for long absences. Trish and Sid meet each other’s father for the first time. Their respective fathers like them instantly, silently admiring their choices. It has been decided that Pricilla and Natasha will also stay in Sharma Mansion.

Both families hire wedding planners to manage the occasion so that every festivity goes perfectly. Every event is celebrated in style with great elaboration so that guests and others will remember the occasion for a long time to come.

After marriage, Pricilla and Natasha leave to visit Buddhist monuments in North India while Trish and Sid dash off to Dubai to celebrate their honeymoon, from where they will proceed to California. They stay in Atlantis, The Palm and enjoy spectacular undersea views of Arabian Sea with its marine inhabitants, while being immersed in each other’s love. They spend their honeymoon lost in their own world, totally oblivious of the existence of real world. After it is over, they go to California and get busy with their respective jobs. Pricilla and Natasha also reach California after visiting important Buddhist monuments.

Part 3 –

Things keep going normally for Trish and Sid. Their personal understanding as husband and wife is excellent. They also have good rapport with their colleagues at their workplaces. In general, they are quite satisfied with what life has been offering them. But Trish has not been able to conceive even after four years, which has become a cause of concern for them. They both decide that both should get medically examined to find out the reason for not being able to conceive.  

After thorough medical examination and investigations, it is found that both the fallopian tubes of Trish are completely blocked and, therefore, she is advised to undergo IVF. Both agree to do so. She goes through IVF but she develops implantation failure when the embryo is transferred into her uterus. Another attempt is advised but, unfortunately, this also fails. Similarly, three more attempts at implantation fail. Now it is suggested that they should find a suitable surrogate mother, who should voluntarily agree for their embryo to be implanted into her uterus.

Sadness engulfs both Sid and Trish because it is quite difficult to find a suitable surrogate mother. They leave everything to the Almighty as they decide to accept whatever He doles out to them in life.

Once, Trish tells her problem to her Mom and Natasha while they were just chitchatting over a cup of coffee. This also upsets them as they both love her very much. Suddenly, Natasha suggests that she will become surrogate mother to their baby, which comes as a bolt from the blue. This puts them in discomfiture as Natasha is unmarried. They stop further discussion about it. After some days, Natasha herself brings up the topic with Trish in the presence of Sid and offers herself as surrogate mother.

After dilly-dallying, Sid and Trish accept her offer. Pricilla also gives her acceptance now. Again the procedure of IVF is initiated and luckily the embryo is successfully implanted in the uterus of Natasha. This further strengthens the bond between the half-sisters and increases the respect of Natasha in the eyes of Sid. By the grace of the Almighty, the pregnancy proceeds without an untoward event and a boy baby is born to Trish and Sid. They are on the cloud nine, including Natasha and Pricilla. In India, the families of Trish and Sid are also extremely happy to learn about the new arrival.

After a period of nine months, a christening ceremony for the baby boy is held. The parents of Sid and father and grandmother of Trish arrive from India to participate in the ceremony as it is great occasion for all. The grandmother suggests the baby to be named as Aadi, which is happily approved by all.

Once in the presence of all family members, Sid thanks Natasha profusely saying: “You have offered us the most precious gift of Aadi. Trish and I will always be indebted to you for this. We will instill in Aadi’s mind from the beginning that he should always treat you as a mother. He will be lucky to have the love of two mothers in his life. I am sure the love of both of you will mould him into a wonderful personality.”

Natasha is so affected by what Sid has said that she promises she will always consider Aadi as her son.

When Aadi utters the word Mom for the first time, both moms feel so happy that they are on the top of the world. As he grows up, he begins to show that he has inherited the adroitness of social skills from his father. He behaves the same with both Trish and Natasha exhibiting no difference.

Once, Sid overheard him telling Natasha: “Thanks Natasha Mom for helping my parents bring me in this world!”

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