All about my fall

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this is a peon about how i fall in love at first sight

Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



I was late for my class that day,

As i enterned the class , her leg tangled with me and we felt.

My head took a step back and then came to its position.

I colapsed.

She was beautiful, the most beautiful girl that i ever see.

Her light green eyes with her shinny brown hair ,make my heart pound as fast as it was going to came out.

I don't ever felt things in that way ,everything was looking beautiful ever the teachers shouting to stand up also ,

Suddenly my gaze turned towards her lips , they were cremson and looking so soft.

"please stand up " she said , but i don't understood , her voice was so heavenly .

She pushed me but her hair tangled with that of mine and this action gave a reaction .

Our lips coincide , it was so soft that i don't want to let them goes from mine .

Then a sound from blue came " hey wake up " .

the beautiful girl face turns into my moms and took a roll towards the left and my body ached .

Then i got to know that it was just a dream but i was really going to late for my class .

My mom was still shouting from blue .

than i thinked hope today i meet her in real?

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