The Rising

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Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



The Rising PT 1



Vladimir was one of the first vampires to ever walk the lands his reign over the people he ruled was a fierce one never feeling sorry for the innocent never backing down on his principles. He lived his life the way he wanted at the age of seventeen he killed his birth mother after she disobeyed him he cut her head off then sat calmly pouring the blood that ran from her body into a tankard still warm from her body ready for the drinking. Year upon year he moved across the lands taking what he wanted  killing and pillaging never thinking of who he was killing or what it meant to those that escaped to lose the only family they had. With no brothers or sisters to confide his personal thoughts in Vladimir kept another vampire close by his side his name was Zarif his duties were to watch Vladimir’s back even if it meant he died protecting his master. Zarif was the only one that knew personal details about Vladimir. Sometimes bitch vampires that wanted to be in Vladimir’s favor would offer Zarif sex just for the pillow talk it brought after their sordid deed was done but more often than not once the pillow talk was over Zarif would feed upon those that had put themselves at risk always being sure nothing he said left his chambers and got back to Vladimir. Zarif had one birth sister her name was Alicia she was small in size but very appealing on the eyes Vladimir always felt different with her around but not once did he take her to his bed he told zarif to make sure she stayed pure with all the filth in his life he wanted to be able to look upon her and know there was at least one pure thing that walked the earth. Alicia didn’t like being told she couldn’t take a man when she wanted and on many occasions she tried but for those unfortunate  vampires that touched her only the feel of Zarifs fangs piercing deep  into their necks was felt leaving them empty and dead. Far away to the north of Vladimir’s domain talk of a growing army was heard of, the army was led by Vampire queen called Capri Vladimir had never heard of her before and over the following months his curiosity grew. He sent scouts out to travel far to the north to gather valuable information about Capri and her army he knew his scouts would take time to travel there and back and the waiting drove him to despair. Each day he waited he grew more impatient taking out his bad temper on all around.


After several weeks of waiting Vladimir’s scouts returned they brought him word of a vampire army so large they covered the lands for as far as their eyes could see they told him of a vampire queen so powerful that no vampire dare disobey her. Capri ruled with an iron fist making it clear if she was disobeyed not only would the individual be tortured and killed but each member of his or her family would also die. The news of this gave Vladimir a rush throughout his whole body in years past all his enemies were conquered so easily never giving him the challenge he lusted after. Even though he knew his own army wasn’t of the same size as Capri’s all he saw ahead was a challenge for the taking if he could win a battle with Capri he could take her army for his own. Combining them with his own army would make him more powerful than ever before. He told Zarif to gather all his army making sure they had enough supplies for  several weeks, what they didn’t have they would take for themselves as they travelled the lands to meet Capri in battle. Zarif told Vladimir even though their army was strong it would be wise to increase their number as they travelled the country to invade Capri’s homeland. Vladimir knew what Zarif was saying made sense so he sent word out to turn as many men and women as possible with each day that passed members of his army invaded the homes of innocent farmers turning them from innocent farmers into blood thirsty vampires. As the weeks went on Vladimir’s army continues to rape the innocent and kill the unneeded their number growing as they travelled on their way until eventually they reached the borders of Capri’s homeland. By this time Capri was already aware of what Vladimir had in mind and was ready for any attack he may make. For days Vladimir and his army camped on the outskirts of Capri’s domain sending scouts out again and again to find a vulnerable point in her defences but alas each time his scouts returned nothing but bad news fell upon his ears.


He decided to wait two more full moons then regardless of the situation he would have his forces storm Capri’s fortress. He told Zarif to make his army ready for battle the night of the attack soon came, the moon was at its highest in the night sky he sent a portion of his army to attack Capri’s main gates. She was ready for this, as Vladimir’s men approached her gates they saw fiery arrows fly over her walls they didn’t realize it but each one of them were standing in a slick of oil as each arrow hit the ground they found themselves in a blaze unable to escape the flames. All Vladimir and his men could hear were the screams of their fellow vampires as the fire beat them to their knees little by little the screams died off and all they could hear was silence. Undeterred by the sight of his men he ordered the rest of his army to storm the fortress now aware of the oil in front of the gates Vladimir’s men attacked every point of Capri’s home until eventually her gates were smashed and Vladimir’s men flooded into the inner grounds. For many hours a fierce battle commenced vampires from both sides fell to their death many losing their heads and limbs before their actual bodies hit the ground lifeless. For hours the battle raged but for Vladimir it was bad news his army was losing their fight and his numbers were becoming less and less Zarif advised him to retreat but his stubborn nature refused to back down and surrender. By the time the second full moon had risen the battle was coming to an end Vladimir’s forces were down to a few hundred vampires still willing to fight but it was no good inside he knew he had lost this was a big blow to Vladimir as in the past he had been the victor over many battles and losing brought a bitter taste.


Capri was well known for her ruthlessness and wasted no time in having Vladimir captured and locked up until she was sure of what to do with him. The rest of Vladimir’s men tried to escape into the forests behind Capri’s fortress but Capri gave orders that each and every one of them were to lose their heads, she wanted all of Vladimir’s army gone from the earth. Safe in the knowledge that Vladimir was chained to a chamber wall Capri took time out for herself she intended on punishing Vladimir the next day but for now she wanted to be pampered so she sent for three of her young vampire pups they were all fresh and knew exactly what their queen desired. They slowly removed Capri’s clothes; after she had laid herself on her bed each of the young vampires took a body part and continued to gently wash her down cleansing her from head to toe. Once she was satisfied they had done a good job she told two of them to stand in the corner of the room the third was to please her each of the young vampires knew if they didn’t please her well their young lives would end abruptly so each was nervous. The first began to touch her  to begin with it felt good but he lacked something in his style he was too gentle and Capri soon tired of him becoming irritated with him she pushed him back then lunged toward him just to take a bite from his shoulder she sent him away in pain but at least he was still living, Seeing this the other two young vampires became very nervous growing impatient she instructed them to take her she didn’t want them to make love to her she wanted to be fucked and fucked good and hard she wanted the hands of a man upon her not  the hands of a trembling coward. It was time to step up to the plate  both young vampires went to work  and several hours later Capri was left laying on her bed feeling well used. She sent them away without a mark upon them and after bathing she retired with the thought of Vladimir in her mind.


By Bunzy 2017




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