The Rising Pt 2

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



The Rising pt 2


The next day Vladimir was the first thought in Capri’s head she instructed her most ruthless vampires to meet her in the chamber where Vladimir was being held once there she looked at Vladimir long and hard she could see the evil in his eyes knowing such a vampire was rare. She decided not to kill him instead she was going to torture to the point of death letting him recover then once strong torture him again and again  until she broke his will. Capri lived to cause others pain and during the process she did many things to Vladimir she ran nine inch steel needles through his body until eventually he had many piercing him over his entire body she had him lashed until the skin on his back was hanging then once red raw she had salt rubbed into each wound hearing him scream in pain. Over a period of days he was tortured non stop soon it became apparent he couldn’t take any more so Capri stopped and instructed her men to give him fresh blood for the next few days this would help with the healing process. Once Vladimir was looking strong again and she could see the look of revenge return to his eyes she repeated the whole process making Vladimir pay for all he had done. When Capri was happy she had tortured him enough she ordered him be hung upside down in the public square once there all that lived under Capri stood around watching him, still angry they began to stone him many times he felt the pain of rough stone bounce from his bare body when Capri had seen enough she told her people to stand silent. She told them of the torture Vladimir had endured and what her plan was for him with that she returned indoors leaving Vladimir hanging alone out in the cold. She didn’t know why but she didn’t want him dead, she ordered one of the chambers in her fortress to have a stone tomb built within it once it was complete she had Vladimir drained of all his blood leaving his body looking hollow and dry. This way he would go into a coma sleeping for as long as needed until a time came when he would taste the blood of another to awaken him. Once Vladimir was placed in his tomb it was sealed the door to the chamber was removed and closed and he was left within his own darkness until his time to reign came again.


Sometime after Vladimir was laid in his tomb Capri heard talk that her people were no longer happy with her as queen. Her rain had been a long fierce one but in recent years Capri had mellowed some and her people were worried that the next war lord to pass there way would see this in Capri and try their hand at taking  all they had come to take for granted. One of Capri’s servants brought her word that her people had mentioned the name Vladimir and how a king might be better as ruler than a queen for the days ahead. With this she ordered anyone who had been seen talking of such things to be brought in front of her for some times Capri had let things slide and had not been so strict with her people but when several young vampires were brought to kneel before her she wasted no time in setting an example to those that had begun to think she had gone soft. She took one in hand with anger of there deceitful thoughts in mind she beat him down making him bleed with her own two hands before she finally ripped out his throat in front of all those that looked on, the other young vampires tried to run but she ordered them killed where they stood word of this soon filtered out to all those that thought Capri was getting soft and for a time no more of Vladimir was heard of. Some week’s later Capri began to think of Vladimir she knew as time passed his name would come up again and again so she secretly arranged for another tomb to be built some miles away from her fortress when completed Vladimir would be moved there under the cover of darkness. She knew she would live for many years to come but in case of an up rising against her she wanted thing to go in her favour so moving Vladimir to another location was a wise move. She ordered the new tomb to be built under ground with a secret entrance making it almost impossible for anyone to see unless they knew of its existence. Some months later the new tomb was complete and Vladimir was moved, only a handful of vampires new of what Capri were doing. Once Vladimir was once again laid to rest in his tomb Capri waited until all that helped with moving Vladimir was back within the walls of the fortress and then she ordered each one of them to be slaughtered no one knew why they had to die but Capri’s word was final and her guards set about killing each of them, unknown to the guards two of the vampires wasn’t their when the onslaught took place and once they heard of what had happened  the two vampires decided it would be wise to leave the compounds of the fortress before they themselves were killed.


Safe in the knowledge that Vladimir was no long a threat to her and all that knew of his new resting place was dead Capri lived her life like a queen should getting her pleasures from both the male and females that she allowed around her but also making sure her personal guards found out of any unrest within her people stamping out any signs of betrayal before it had a chance to seed itself. After travelling for several weeks the two vampires that had left there home found them selves in a place that was unknown to them they hadn’t fed in some days and knew they would need to kill soon. They came across a small cabin in the woods and decided who ever lived within would become there next meal but when they burst in although there was signs of someone living there the cabin was empty. They sat for a time getting  the warmth from the fire that was almost burning out suddenly a female walked in the two vampires stood and looked upon her with  hunger in there eyes instantly she knew what they were and told them to sit themselves back down for she wasn’t for the eating . She walked to the other side of the cabin and removed a section of wall  reaching in she pulled her arm out revealing  two water pouches only their wasn’t water inside it was her supply of fresh blood she could see both the vampires needed it more than she. After giving them the blood and seeing them drink it with gratitude on there faces she introduced herself. I’m Alicia she said pulling the pouches away from there mouths they each introduced themselves as Sindre and Morten. After the introductions were over Alicia asked them both what they were doing deep in the woods looking at one another and having a good feeling about Alicia they began to tell her of recent events and  how they ended up in her cabin. Alicia sat with much interest but as soon as she heard the name Vladimir she felt her heart begin to race that was a feeling she hadn’t felt in some time and begin to ask lots of questions of her own. Sindre and Morten asked her why she was so interested in Vladimir Alicia told them many moons ago before Vladimir tried to over throw Capri she lived with her brother under Vladimir’s realm. She told them how her brother Zarif was Vladimir’s closest friend but was killed when the battle commenced. Alicia Asked Morten and Sindre if they still believed in Capri as there queen they both said no with that Alicia asked them if they could show her the secret tomb where Vladimir was moved they both hesitated for a time. As they thought Alicia told them of an old Vampire she knew of that had the knowledge within to raise Vladimir it was a dangerous procedure but she believed if they could show her where he lay then the old vampire would help them bring Vladimir back to the living.

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