“We’re Twenty One Pilots And So Are You”

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Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



“I know where you stand, silent in the trees…”, the lead singer, Tyler, said while pausing for a few simple seconds.
“I can feel your breath, I can feel my death.” Tyler sang, his voice echoing through the speakers of the quiet arena. 
I could feel all the emotion in the room from my fellow Twenty One Pilots fans who were also following along with the lyrics. The music slowly but surely sped up as green, blue, black, and white lights began lighting up the entire room to every corner. I eventually tasted a series of wet tears that fell from my eyes from how happy I was to be alive and at the show. I knew I wasn’t the only one crying in that moment; lots of other big fans like myself had all been emotional from seeing such an unbelievably amazing performance. 
Not too long into the song, I could hear it switch into an electronic version as I clenched my fists together, realizing what was coming up. The eagerness in the voices coming from the large crowds of people as the security guards set two single bass drums down into the hands of the crowd echoed. My body begin to tense up because of how anxious I was but I didn't bother to pay it any attention to the tenseness. They gave the crowd closest to the stage flat surfaces to hold up. Nothing but excitement filled the room as Tyler and the drummer, Josh, climbed onto the surface boards with their drum sticks. They stood straight up on the boards, relying on the crowd to hold them up. The surfaces of their drums were filled with water as we all sat in anticipation. 
Suddenly, the crowd began to roar with loud screams as Tyler and Josh began pounding their drums while standing steadily on the surfaces with water splashing around. I could feel the loud sounds coming from the speakers, bouncing right off of my body. The lights rapidly, one after another, switched to red, black, and white. It then began raining blood red confetti, each and every piece falling straight down. While Tyler and Josh continued pounding their drums, each two seconds they’d throw their arms for us to yell as loud as possible. I still tried joining in with the rest of the crowd despite how hoarse my voice was getting from yelling along to their previously played songs. Each time they’d raise their arm, a thick white smoke pyro would go off. From where I was sitting I could feel the impactful jumping and stomping at my feet from everyone being so excitable about what was going on. 
As soon as I knew it the song was over and screaming was echoing in the large but filled arena. I was shook and as emotional as everyone else in the room. Tyler and Josh climbed back on stage, visibly smiling with smiles that made it obvious that they were proud of themselves and what they created. I felt the inside of my right palm burning from how deep I had accidentally dug my nails into it without noticing. The crowd continued yelling and screaming in an almost deafening way. 
“We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you.”, Tyler said in a soft but also stern tone, which immediately flooded me with joy. 
The simplest words gave me a sense of hope and made me feel at peace with my inner self as I seen the two boys take one final bow. The entire show, more specifically that one song, gave me some type of purpose. Ever since that experience I have been more optimistic towards life all together and have connected to their music in a way I can’t even explain. The entire experience changed me as a person and shaped me into who I am today.

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