Shadow of the Vampire

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Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



Shadow of the vampire



In the shadow land the vampire is king he is the master over all that lives under the realm of darkness. He seeks out his prey with out redemption and hunts the unsuspecting, never knowing when he will strike just knowing when he dos there will be unmentionable pain before death finally calls.


In that moment his fangs Pierce there skin they see the gates of hell before them. Watching there lost souls walk away into the never ending fires of hell before they finally close there eyes and exist.


The blood that runs within your veins is already his for the taking when he comes the taste of your blood will fill him with a new life force that will drive him on to kill more innocent humans with out regret or remorse.


He is the one constant that lives in the darkness walking into your nightmares night after night until a time comes when he is all that fills your thoughts through the day and night. A time will come where he is all you think of and will welcome him coming for you in the dead of night you will give yourself to him body and soul leaving the life you have lived giving yourself willingly to the darkness forever more.


By Bunzy Oct 2017

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