Confederate Soldier

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I wrote this over a year ago and found it recently, so I thought I'd publish it...see how well, or indeed unwell it was received. I've written from both sides in the Civil War, but this poem is
written in an evident bias towards the Confederate States. It has to be said that I do support them, but I do not support slavery. This poem wasn't supposed to insight hatred - it's just written
from a perspective people rarely ever consider with the constant barrage of abuse the Confederacy faces from inaccurate media and largely uneducated people. A closer look into the Civil War reveals
more than most people will tell you on the surface. Whether you're pro Confederate, Union, or take no side - I urge you, just take this as a piece of poetry. That's all it is. There really is no
reason to be offended.

Deo vindice!

Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



You fought a bloody civil war, that claimed many men.

And you would give your life, for a chance to do it again.

It tore a country apart, split in two.

But I support your cause, I support you


You marched bravely, in defiance of the North,

And you, among others, fell for your cause.

The Confederate States took 300 thousand Yankees down,

And now they lie victorious, rotting in the ground.


But still they came after you, fuelled by corruption,

And at Gettysburg in 1863, corruption finally won.

The denied you freedom, they denied you rights,

But they started the war, and they provoked you to fight.


You flew your flag high, showing those bastards you were free!

But they mowed you down, with their precision accuracy.

You were at such a disadvantage, but you made the war last.

You your legacy is a scar on history, and a forgotten part of the past.


You are now condemned as racist, and your flag is being banned.

But that flag stood for freedom, and it flew over free land.

You stood by your countrymen, against your country,

But you were stopped in your tracks, so very abruptly.


You were crushed and scarred as tyrants, the North stamped on you.

And you are being used as a scapegoat, for the wrong things governments do,

And it was the North that is guilty of your accusations

But now what can you say? You’re a fallen nation…


Lost in history is your real reason why

But still today we hear your freedom cry.

And in so many graves, Confederate soldiers lie…

Those that fought bravely for freedom in life.

© Copyright 2019 Hellraiser. All rights reserved.

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