Swingers Delight

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Selene has her first solo play!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Spontaneous Combustion

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



Selene sat watching TV.  Her son was already in bed for the night; so she was having some quiet time. Her husband, Zach, had gone out for the night with the guys to the strip club. He worked so much that he really needed a night out. Selene was switching the channel when someone knocked on her door.  She was curious of who would be coming over this late since she was not expecting anyone and went to the door.  Turning the porch light on, she was able to look out the window.  Terrance was on her porch; he and his wife Katie were friends of theirs from a local club they attended.  They had enjoyed a couple of full swaps that made fires seem cold.  Hoping everything was okay, she opened the door, her whole body waking up. Terrance had very strong, sexy dominant features that most people tended to interpret as Italian; granted, this was not the case. 

“Hey, Terrance is everything okay?” she asked, as she pushed the screen door open so he could come in.  They had become very close friends as well as enjoyed a sensual night together.

“Hey, Selene, everything is good.  Just thought I would stop by for a little while.  Katie is out at her sister’s bachelorette party and I was out this way for a work run.  Hope it is okay that I stopped?”

“You guys can stop anytime, you know that.  I was just watching an episode; come sit down,” Selene said. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Water is fine, thanks,” he said. “How is Jason doing?”

“Jason is doing fine - cannot believe he is starting kindergarten in just a couple of months,” Selene said, grabbing water from the refrigerator, “Time goes by too fast.”

“I know what you mean. Lance is going into second grade this year, and Kenna preschool,” he said, sitting on the couch.

Selene came into the living room, the sight of Terrance sitting there brought memories of past swaps and her stomach got tense and jittery.  She could feel the tension in the room and wondered if it was just her.  She always had a hard time reading Terrance.  Tonight she needed to keep her head because Katie and Zach were not present.  The four of them had never discussed situations where they were at different locations.

“So, how is Lance doing these days? Last we saw him there was only a week or so left on the crutches.”

“He is not required to use the crutches anymore,” he said. “Now, it’s trying to get him to do the strength training.”

“Glad that it was only a sprained ankle and not a break,” she said, sitting down on the couch. “How is Katie doing?  I know she was about to murder her sister before her wedding with all the surprise details Marlene was throwing at her.”

“Well it’s t-minus two weeks and everything seems to be going smoothly now,” Terrance said, reaching over to run his fingers over her bare leg. Each finger left a trail of heat and tingles.  She looked at him and saw a need that wanted fulfilled, and she wanted to fulfill it.

“I do not know, Terrance... the four of us have never talked about this type of situation,” she said. Though her desire was already building, she would never do anything to wreck the amazing thing they all had.  Their families had become close and their kids enjoyed playing together.  Katie and Selene enjoyed going shopping together and taking the kids on play dates.  Terrance and Zach usually could be found going through Metal music or playing Grand Theft Auto 5 late at night.  They were such good friends because there had always been honesty and trust in the two years they had been swinging.  That was always number one.

“Well, I talked to Katie about taking this new step and she is okay with it,” he said, continuing to run his fingers over her leg, becoming closer and closer to the edge of her shorts.  Each stroke of his fingers cause thrills of excitement to shoot straight to her flower.

"I have not talked to Zach about it, though,” she said, putting her hand on his. She knew he would not do anything she did not want to.

“Well, Katie asked if I wanted her to bring it up with Zach to maybe surprise you with something new,” he said, gently pulling her to slide over next to him.  He put his arm around her shoulders. “He had no issues with it. So, now the only consent needed is yours.”

She sat there for a second, speechless…she had fantasized about this type of situation most of her adult life.  Butterflies bounced around in her stomach.  She knew she wanted it, but it felt like the first time she had swung all over again. She did not want Terrance to think she was’t in the mood because damn was she. She wanted that rock hard cock inside her more than she wanted air at the moment.  So, she decided to start small. She put her hand on his knee, gently caressing her way back and forth.

“I take that as a yes?” he teased.  He ran his hand up and down her arm. “But I have to hear you say it.”

“Yes,” she whispered desperately, as her hand came up his leg again. She moved and laid her head in his lap, looking up into his eyes.  He put his hand on her shoulder, his arm lying across her bosom. As he continued moving his hand up and down her arm, his arm rubbed ever so gently across her braless peeks. Her shirt was in between, but she could feel the friction of the two cloths rubbing against one another. A sigh left her lips as she felt them get hard.  Terrance smiled, enjoying her laying there, her eyes closed. He reached down and let his hand glide over her forehead, pushing hair to the side, then down her cheek to her neck. She lifted her face to give him full access. He continued the journey to her collarbone and across her shoulder.  She shuddered as he hit a sensitive spot in her neck region. She opened her eyes, looked up into his sexy face. She saw the passion that would lead them to hours of fun at times. He cupped her cheek and she rubbed her face into it. As her head moved, it rubbed against his pants.  He gasped a little, not expecting the pleasurable touch.  She smiled, knowing she caught him off guard. She attempted to sit up and he laid an arm across her so she could. not 

She relaxed back down, putting her one arm above her head and the other across her stomach.  Terrance pulled his arm backwards, running his fingers across her chest then slid his hand down her shirt to cup a teat. She sighed in pleasure.  In the next moment, she almost cried out when he took her between his thumb and finger, slightly rolling it. This motion caused a slight moan to escape her lips. As he continued to play with both of her mounds, she writhed in pleasure.  Her head rubbed against his pants and underlying manhood. He fought the urge to pull her into his lap and take her right then. She was so sexy and hot that it always kept him sexually on edge around her. However, he was a gentleman and her pleasure always came first. He trailed his fingers among her bumps and then down to her belly button. The lightning that shot down to Selene’s lady parts, she arched slightly off the couch. Terrance pulled his hand from her shirt, lifting it up to expose her torso and glide his fingers gently from her neck, down the valley between the mountains, continuing to her belly button. He was pleased to get another slight arch out of her. He started sliding his finger across the top of her shorts that sat four inches below her belly button. A new sensation of desire started running through Selene’s head. She absolutely loved when Terrance played with her clit.  His fingers had just enough roughness that it added to her pleasure, on top of the fact that he has an amazing technique. She wanted to beg for his hand to be on her, but she knew he would not do anything until he felt it was the proper moment.  Terrance could see the impatience starting on Selene’s face; this was one of her favorite parts of foreplay. So, he slid a finger just under the edge of her shorts and  he felt her stomach muscles tense up with anticipation. He smiled and slid the opposite direction to tease her. She knew what he was doing… such a tease!  She looked up at him, giving him the famous eyebrow. He laughed when he saw it. With zero to 60 speeds, he swept his fingers down to the center, to her core.  The moment his fingers found her flower bud, she moaned in pleasure. He had amazing hands!  His rhythm was slow and sensual, gently rubbing in little circles counterclockwise. She wanted to move her hips with the rhythm, but she was caught up in the pleasure. He quickened his rhythm just the slightest bit and started going clockwise. Selene did not expect it and she jumped with excitement. He took that moment to insert a finger into her velvet hole to bring some of her wetness to her button. Her flower was so wet already it made blood flow quickly to his growing member. Selene felt the change under her and took that moment to rub the crotch of his pants with her knuckles. He gasped gently at the slight touch and took his fingers back to her again; this time he had an endgame. 

He knew her sweet spot well and found it quickly. She cried out when he caught the left part of her canal. The pleasure was instantaneous; she fought to control her hips. He started going a little faster with shorter strokes. Her pleasure heightened and the pressure started. She was moaning, waiting, wanting it so badly. He slid his finger down to her wetness and brought back warmth. She stopped trying to control her hips; she arched up as she knew what was coming. He quickened his pace.

“Please… oh my God. Ahhh!” She felt it start, a small tease at first and then it spread to her being. The pleasure mounted, tightening her whole body. She could not take it anymore.  He went to the final speed; short, fast, and to the point… she climaxed. Tingling filled her whole body, toes curled, and she cried out in pleasure. Behind her eyes, she could see a million stars bursting like fireworks. All her senses cried out in pleasure. Terrance slowed his rhythm as she finished, but rode through it so she got as much pleasure as possible. Seeing her finish made him rock hard and barely holding on to control. She had such a beauty to her when she was in pleasure heaven. Selene moved his arm so she could sit in his lap. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She stroked his tongue with hers, their mouths played a tango that they only knew; with every situation, their kiss was always unique to them. She moved her hands down his back, bringing them back up as she dug her nails into clothe, just enough to feel his breath catch. He brought his hands down, gliding his fingers down her back. He felt her shiver and was pleased. His hands moved down to her supple back side. He gripped her butt slightly, pulling her body a little closer to him. She rocked her hips so that their pants rubbed together; causing a fire in their loins. He lost control for a slight moment, putting his arms around her and grinding her across his shaft. This made her cry out in such pleasure she almost lost herself.

He reciprocated the reward by standing up, never loosing the position they were in. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him in close. He kissed her neck, lips - anything he could get his mouth on - as he twirled them around, placing her on her back. He pulled her shorts off as fast as humanly possible. She tried sitting up to start removing clothes from him, but he stopped her hands; holding them as he knelt down in front of the couch, placing himself between her legs.  He leans foreword, his lips connecting with hers, their mouths opened. He slid he tongue into her mouth, caressing; waking every nerve in her mouth. He leans back, teasing her a little by gliding his fingers over different areas of skin. He bends down, putting himself further down and took her with such speed. She arched as his marvelous mouth flicked the core of her pleasure, his tongue hitting every nerve in the most incredulous way. This slowly starts a forest fire in Selene.  He picks up the momentum, his fingers digging into her legs, spiking her pleasure. She moans in ecstasy, writhing beneath him.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, Terrance, please…” she said, running her hands through his hair.

“Okay,” was all he said.

She brought herself up to sitting position and stood up.  He grabbed her hand and walked with her for a moment, but the need to be touching her body overtook him. He stopped her and turned her to face him. He gently put his hands on her cheeks and claimed her lips again with such ferocity. Her arms went around his waist, their mouths never leaving one another he pushed her up against the wall. She had to giggle for the slightest second. His body completely pressed against hers, every curve and nerve touching.  He pulled his body away slightly and she reached down rubbing her hands down the front of his pants. He gasped into her mouth; the pulsating in his pants was almost unbearable. She started undoing pants and pushing them down.  She gripped him, her hands gentle; he was hot and full of blood. He loved the cool touch of her hands, it is exhilarating. She started stroking him slowly, almost teasing.  He put his head on her shoulder for a second to just enjoy the experience. He nibbled her neck and kissed her collarbone. She stroked fast, putting a little twist as she was going towards the base. Every stroke brought him closer and closer; he was in a moment of pure bliss. He scooted his pants the rest of the way down, put his hands under her rump and boosted her up the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her there for a second and then he thrust into her wet center. Every nerve screamed in celebration as she wrapped around his swollen member.  He had to steady himself for a moment or he would have released right there.

The full feeling was just as pleasurable as the act itself.  Selene was having a hard time just sitting there. So, she teased a bit by squeezing muscles only he could feel.  He looked at her, seeing all the times they had been together in her eyes.  They all had a remarkable friendship -relationship - whatever you wanted to call it; knowing that made the passion of the act, whether they switched partners or played together, that much hotter. He started pushing up into her slowly, making sure she felt every rib protruding.  She had never been a loud person, more on the quieter side; her body language spoke novels. He picked up the momentum, changing the rhythm in the smallest way.

“Oh my, ahh,” Selene cried out. Her arms started getting tighter around his neck.  He tilted her just gently and hit her sweet spot. The slight tilt sent her into an instant, intense climb.  The pressure built quickly, her whole body was tightening with every plunge. She felt like a fire; getting bigger and more intense with every ounce of accelerant that hit the flames. It had been  small at first, a tease almost; spreading through her forest, making every nerve light up. As she peeked; it was so intense; she felt as if she was going to spontaneously combust.  She clung to Terrance in desperation. Her moan turned into a cry as Terrance kept plunging into her, picking up speed. Feeling the throb of her finishing pushed him into his. He felt the beginnings of it at the base of his shaft; he plunged into Selene as deep as possible, filling her.  She cried out a little as his warm fluid filled her. They slumped against the wall as he gave her one final kiss to seal the night.  There were never any words after sex; only thoughts and reminiscing.  Terrance got dressed and left to go home, wondering how drunken Katie would be after the party. Selene got up, showered, checked her son, and went to bed.

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