Swingers Delight

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I am in love with comic books and writing so I decided to combine the two. Enjoy this spicy short about Darren and Elizabeth's journey to the comic book shop and back.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Just a Tease

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



Darren and Elizabeth had just left the comic book shop where they basically spent their entire paychecks. This seemed to be the monthly ritual for them.

“I think I bought most of his Catwoman collection, oops,” Elizabeth said, getting into the car.

“I don’t believe he had an issue with it,” Darren said, joining her in the car.

“These excursions are always so much fun,” she said, setting her bag in the backseat, grabbing her water bottle.  She took a sip and set in the back again.

“So where to from here,” Darren asked, it was her turn to be the tour guide since they were in her neck of the woods.

“Hmmm…,” she was contemplating searching for an abandoned area where she could have her way with him, but she didn’t know Madison all that well, “we can just head back to my place.”

“Ok, sounds good,” he said, wondering what she was thinking about in that beautiful head of hers.

They talked off and on for most of the car ride; it was getting a little darker out when Elizabeth decided to be a little tease…she put her hand on Darren’s knee; right on the edge of his shorts.  He looked at her quickly and smiled; then went back to driving.

“Hmmm,” she thought, “better up my ante a little bit.  She took her pointer finger and gently traced her nail on his bare knee; still no huge reaction.

“Damn control,” she thought to herself, “ahh I know.” She let her hand slide to his inner thigh, and then ran it up towards his manhood, coming within centimeters but not actually touching.

Darren let out a slight gasp…he wasn’t expecting that.  Granted he should have figured on something with how much of a tease Elizabeth is.

“Quite the tease tonight,” he teased back.

“Maybe…,” Elizabeth said, with a cheesy grin.

“Just maybe, huh,” he said, wondering where this was going to lead.

“Maybe a bit more,” she said, her hand running the same path but coming even closer to him but still not quite touching the warm mound.

“Mm mm…,” he gasped.

“You want me to touch your cock, don’t you?” Elizabeth teased.

“Yes, I do,” he said, willing her to…

“I don’t know,” she said, running her hand up towards him one more time.  She came within a thread of him; by the quick intake of breath she knew he could feel the warmth of her hand.

“Just a tease aren’t you,” he said.

“Thought you figured that out by now,” she said, with a huge grin.

“Just a bit,” he said, continuing to drive.

“I wonder…,” she said, thinking about his rock hard cock.  She was wondering what he would do if she started sucking on his cock while he was driving.  She unbuckled her seat belt and slide around into her seat so that she was facing him. Reaching her arm under his, she placed her hand on his member and rubbed him through his shorts.  There was already a slight stirring happening, and increased with each stroke of her hand. Her body was reacting as she realized he was getting turned on; she could feel her peaks tightening, her heart rate increasing, her pussy was getting very warm.  Elizabeth leaned forward and whispered a breath into his ear; she felt his muscles tighten up. Moving her hand up towards his stomach, she slides her hand into his pants. Coming into contact with his hot and rock hard cock…she wrapped her hand around it playing with the tip for a second and then sliding her hand down to the base; tightening her grip the slightest bit.

“Oh my, we are hard tonight…,” Elizabeth said, enjoying the soft velvety skin over hardness, seems like she had rendered him a little speechless. She brought her knees up onto the seat so that she could move towards him a little more.  Pulling his cock out of his pants, she stroked it a couple more times with her hand. Scooting under his arm, she took him into her mouth, sliding down the length of him slowly making sure she played with each millimeter of him with her tongue on the way down.

A moan escaped him and he readjusted just slightly so that she had access to his entirety.  She continued a slower rhythm to make sure that he could still pay attention to the road; but quick enough that she had his attention.  She continued an up and down motion, but would twist her head just the slightest bit on the downward journey. She quickened her pace just the slightest bit bobbing her and only taking in the tip and a bit of him.

“Mm mmm,” Darren was losing control just the tiniest bit; her warm wet mouth on his cock was mind blowing.  He was just wondering where the nearest Rest Stop was when a sign for one came into view. Just got to get there and then I will blow her mind.

Elizabeth continued bobbing her head, she pressed her tongue up against the bottom of his member as she quickened up just a tad bit more.  She felt him shift slightly beneath her; she took him deep into her mouth; she gagged slightly and felt him lose just a bit more control. She came back up to the tip; quickening her pace again.

Darren turned the car gently into the rest stop, as to not disturb Elizabeth.  Hoping she wouldn’t realize they had transitioned until he wanted her to. Eureka the rest stop was completely empty!  He drove into a parking spot that was at the farthest area of the lot. Gently put the car in park just as she deep throated him again; he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold off.  She made his blood boil and body tingle; she knew just what to do to get him right on the edge of exploding into her mouth.

Elizabeth had not realized that the vehicle had stopped; she was kind of preoccupied.  She came up to the tip, and slide her tongue down the side, back up, down the other side, and back up again.  On the downward trip this time she took him as deep as she could.

He couldn’t take it anymore; he reached his hand out and slides his fingers along the exposed part of her back.  He knew that she decided to wear a jean skirt on purpose and wondered what she had underneath; if anything. He pulled the bottom of the skirt up quickly, finding a bare bottom; which he smacked good and hard.  Elizabeth popped up, with a pleasurable moan, trying to figure out when he parked the car.

“Where are we,” she asked.

“Abandoned rest stop,” he said, “and now it’s my turn, my little tease.” He pulled her into his lap.  He knew that she would be as wet as a slip n slide, but he had some plans for her before he gave her what she wanted.  He made sure that she was straddling him, and could feel his warm hardness under her, but instead of sliding inside of her.  He slid his hand down under her skirt seeking her jewel. Finding it with his fingers he started slow little circles, just teasing her.  She was going to have to plead for him to fuck her before she was going to get it! Darren changed his circles to counter clockwise. Her breath quickened.

“Ahh,” a moaned escaped her lips and he caught it with her mouth, he had missed the taste of her mouth.  It had been a while since they had seen each other; their lives were always busy with their families and children.  He continued to rub her little jewel, quickening his circles he could feel her starting to tighten up. He wanted to feel her warmth so bad, it was pushing his control; but he knew the minute he went in it was going to be over.  He settled with sliding a finger into her warm velvety core.

Elizabeth cried out as he slid his finger inside of her; her body automatically wanting to ride it to the finish; her pleasure came even harder as he slide two fingers into her, his thumb pressing against her pleasure button.  She couldn’t resist the urge anymore; she rode his fingers, every slide forward his thumb hitting just the right spot. She could feel everything from her toes to her stomach, clear to her core tightening; wanting that release.

Darren could feel her starting to tighten around his fingers; he started meeting her slides with thrusts of his own. She hunched over him slightly her grip on the back of his seat tightening pulling her into him; making her movement quicker and shorter.  She was about to come and it made him lose control. He pulled his fingers out of her gently but quickly and slides his rock hard cock into her super wet pussy.

She cried out in pleasure as he filled her up and she climaxed; it was super intense, she saw stars flashing behind her eyelids and her body felt like it burst into a million pieces.  She was surprised she could think enough to anchor her feet enough to start rocking back n forth to ride out the pleasure.

Darren felt her clenching and couldn’t resist helping her to ride out her climax; his hands on her hips he rocked her.  The pleasure on her face was a little too much for him paired with being inside of her. He already felt his own body starting towards the end.  The tingling started at the base of his cock, every rock of her hips plus the tightness of her pussy was just too much in that moment.

Elizabeth felt the starting throbs and started a brand new pace; quick and short bounces.  Her nerves were already sensitive from her climax that she was probably going to have multiple when he finished. She kissed him; quickening the pace to the limit that her body could do and pulled on his lip. She felt his warm hot liquid fill her and she moaned with pleasure and kept sliding back and forth so he would get the most pleasure she could give him.

Darren leaned his head against the headrest.  He pulled Elizabeth to him for a second just to enjoy the ride down from euphoria to bliss; he could feel his heart racing and knew hers was as well.  She was quite the tease; but she never disappointed. 

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