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Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



My fall from grace is a long one. The bottom looks so close now. I shut my eyes and reminisce. Every day I lived for the next paycheck because nothing else mattered. My days were long and filled with relentless boredom. All I could do was watch but whenever action was needed I lacked the capability of fixing the situation directly.

There was a tower I would go to every morning. To reach the top you needed take the elevator all the way to the 85th floor. Once you got there a man named John would greet you and ask for your badge. He knew me so well that all I would do when I walk out the elevator was ask, “Any coffee John?” Never did he tell me no, there was always a fresh pot waiting there for me. Then I would grab my equipment from my locker and proceed to the balcony to begin my shift. On the railing of the balcony there was a huge piece of machinery for a human to wear on their head. I sat in the chair provided and strapped myself in. The holes where your eyes were would suddenly light up and everything was illuminated. Thermal vision along with the capability of seeing through structures gave me a great view of the people.

I am obligated to keep all data I collect confidential from people outside the organization. There was always something I saw that I wished I hadn’t. Eventually it became more of a job and I was able to look past all the guilt.

The chair below me would move on a track that would take me around the whole balcony so I could see everything. However there were only certain things that I looked for, crimes in progress. Murder, rape, drunk driving, you name it and I saw it. After witnessing the crime I would immediately notify authorities in the area to take action. People around the building gave me a name, “Sentinel” due to my keen observation and ability to protect the common good. I was never sure I agreed with that nickname but I went along with it anyway. All I did was watch through the binoculars of a multi-billion dollar organization. I would hand off the information so the real heros could take care of it. I just wanted to do more.

One day I decided to do exactly that. Wednesday, around noon, I was spying on some mobsters up to no good. These mobsters were very much aware of the tower and avoided doing any business within my sight. However they found a way to conduct business by putting up reflectors around a small building on a sunny day so I couldn’t  see what was going on. I knew what they were doing so I decided to abandon my post and take matters into my own hands. These mobsters were conducting a child-prostitution ring and I was sure of it. I manage to make out a couple kids following the men into the building but never did they come out again.

There were a lot of guns in my basement due to my job and paranoia. I gathered them all up and got in my car to make my way to their hideout. Once I reached the front door I took one long exhale. Then bashed in the door and opened fire on the surprised mobsters. All of them were sitting at a table piled with cash. They stood no match for my automatic weapons. I snagged a key off one of the mobsters that I believed was the ring leader. Looking, desperately for a door I finally find one in the floor. I quickly fumbled for the key, adrenaline rushing my veins. The door swung open and what I saw will never leave my memories. These kids were in tears and shocked but I was able to save them from a darker future. I couldn’t stop thinking about what the future had in store, I only wish I had been here sooner. There were 2 girls and a boy around 5 years old. I reach in the glove compartment to get my issued voice-masker then dial 911.

“911, what’s your emergency?” said the dispatcher.

“Yes I heard gunshots around the power station on Wintango lane”.

“And where are you sir?”

I hang up immediately, they never had enough time to trace it.  They only have one piece of information so they are most likely on their way to my position. I grab some blankets out of the trunk and cover them up.

“Listen you guys are gonna be ok, the good guys are coming to save you now so just stay here”, I tell them.

“Aunt you the good guy?” The boy asks me.

I pat him on his shoulder and get into my car once again. As I drive off I look at them in the rearview mirror. The boy had his thumb in his mouth while the girls hug each other, pretty sure they were sisters.


I could not stop thinking about what I had done the night before. It felt like it was all a dream but I remember it happening. I also remember going into work the next day and hearing all about it. People couldn’t stop talking about the mysterious vigilante who took down an entire roomful of gangsters and saving three kids. All I did was try to stay low and continue with my usual work day, I didn’t want to be involved in all the commotion.

Everyday for a week I lived in fear. I would sweat uncontrollably in my own bed because I feared that any moment my door would be kicked down by a swat team. Running it over and over in head, thinking if I had left a single trace at the scene. I used the binoculars to my advantage, trying to find anything that linked to the incident. The city was actually more quiet than usual, maybe a few drunk drivers and robberies but nothing real serious. Except one night everything turned for the absolute worst.

It had been one week and few days since the incident and I was out on the balcony one evening. Suddenly I heard a pop but brush it off as nothing. Two hands grab my shoulders and yank from the machine. The man brings my face to his and our eyes lock. His breath reeks of cigar and rum and his mustache had bits of cocaine on the edges. He was a mobster and a very unhappy one at that.

“We know it was you. The only one that could have possibly known what was going on. Mr. Rozzi wishes you a nice trip and asked me to escort you to your next destination, those streets below us.”

Without warning, the man hurls me over the balcony railing and fall towards the ground. My life flashes before my eyes as I realize this is it. Here I fly towards the concrete and think about the last couple weeks that made it all worth it. For a short time I was a real hero and did something for the good of humanity. I had earned the name, Guardian.

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