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How does being shy affect someone's life

Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



It’s funny how why

As a boy they said I was shy

No one ever did try

To take that away from my self


I was me and no one else

I saw the world as a frame of fear

Everyone a giant and not so dear

They were just there and I was here

And no one patted my shoulder


To make a really big world smaller

As I grew bigger I found love in a red head

I was crazy for what she did and said

But shy as I was I lost her instead

and now that we’re older, she thinks I’m a stalker


When all I think of is talk to her

Over a coffee, catch a glimpse of what I lost

Because of me being shy, I simply tossed

What would’ve been the best part of my life


Then the shy bit cut my life like a knife

Because in business shy is exchanged for bold

Just like the young enters and out with the old

I speak and my eyes freeze because my blood runs cold

So many years I’m used to just being told

And I can’t escape a past that’s in loop holes


Why does shy such a doubt let dole

Why is it not a double light saber that kills

The bullies who take this as permit to impose their will

Or digs up the dreams and helps be fulfilled

I, for one, have had my fill



On to my old age I travel

And I carry shy on my saddle

I still look for the one who can straddle

This blessed curse of mine and do battle

Side by side smiling to friends or foes

I need someone to understand how it rose

How it goes, how it slows,

Who won’t propose to see a thorn

In that Rose.

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