Forbidden City

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Her ruins showed no retreat but a bitter Surrender.

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Lost battles on built castles

Her ruins showed no retreat but a bitter


Love gone wrong in the winter of December.

Sweet melodies of a retrospect booming in harmony

The type no money could buy.

Oh how they faded into nothing and no one did something.

One pointless event to another pointless accusation.

Reaching out and tossing love into an abyss .

Replacing hearts with black holes

And souls with vacuums.

Blisters on her lips hid the once paradise of kisses filled with glitters.

As years go by the ruins of the city they once called love falls apart one failed promise at a time

Vultures have replaced doves,

Grasses have replaced flowers,

Sadness has replaced eyes.

Nothing looks the same

And oh what a shame,

They are to blame for breaking towers of emotions

Over lame insinuations.

Hurricane of lies blows through their beautiful city

No one ducks for cover does this show its over?

Everything is falling apart as they watch from afar.

Seeing everything they built from scratch being snatched ,

No repairs there's no fixing this.

So here stands the ruins of a Forbidden city

Which exists somewhere in a distant land of memories.

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