Love in the Case of Brothel

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The present work is completely an imaginary. The character used is not to hurt the sentiment or to humiliate those with the same.

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Love in the Case of Brothel

Daimari. G

For not known reason, Rukmini joined Brothel. She is the most favoured for her attractive appearance to every visitor. But the handsomely paid cash could never satisfy her to get rid her broken heart that she carried for almost not known reason other than herself. On unconscious mind, wrong went beyond her imagination. It is the question of her dignity in addition for being sex employee. It is nothing but could realise when her month’s period gone stopped which made her almost every day to think. The passing days led her approach the specialist for consultation concerning her health. The report has shocked her, signalling to become a mother of a child. Going back to brothel place, she was not certain about the decision to take. Often rising at the late night on the bed with her fairy hair splayed starts crying. She was in fact, not in a position whether to go for abortion or to face the challenge about to by the society as regard the perception normally upon the sex workers. Almost hard to think is about to have a child which in the society will be considered illegitimate. She however, determined to deliver the child considering the life of the formed baby in the womb. One late night she took the window of the sex room for street to flee away fearing the possibility of forcibly abortion. To prevent from caught by the employers she managed to hide till the delivery of the baby. The day came when she gave birth to a baby which could have been of such joyous celebration had the child been on the line as the society norms generally do accept. Yes baby was cute and beautiful like her mother but not be a curse for her mother’s guilt. Rukmini felt happy if not for a moment to forget everything that always makes her days gloomy. But with whom to share remains a hurdle. Soon news had spread far and wide.  Households talk to street discussion on her began extensively and the baby with curse as if she is born to carry the character to act as sex worker as like her mother. However nobody has ever questioned or tried to find the reason as regard why she had to join the brothel.

With baby, in every care and love, could consume every saying and the intolerable talks on her personality and character. Years passed but the pointing atmospheres are of no little or say of minus. The lovely girl child who is solely named Riniki by mother grew up. In fact she grew with a heart of love for every surroundings. But the extensive ongoing talks on her mother’s character forced her to look back the same work she had initially. Yes she decided certainly for two reasons, one is being seemed forced by the intolerable talks that made her accept to back for the same. Another reason for her is to support financially her beloved daughter no matter what nature the job is. The work was never made known to Riniki but only what she knows is that her mother supports the every needs she felt necessary. But the going down health day by day of her mother strikes mind the curiosity to know about the hardship she is making for her. One day Riniki to follow her mother’s workplace took the street but not knowing where to find. The time was evening and the weather was not favourable for it was stormy with lightening and thundering, dark clouds in cross flow. Her churny in green blown in wind and the dress in dripping wet made her wait in the bus stoppage. Thundering made her frightened and hand closing her ears and face touching her knee with open spread hair seated on the ground. Suddenly by then car stopped and young gentlemen getting out reached to understand who about she is. Flexibly downing he touched her shoulder positioning from the back. He voiced, “Hey...what is wrong to you” the girl replied “don’t you see me and the frightening weather”. Young men took to say...well, well I do, but, why you are alone and where do you like going. Girl restrained using the soft saying, why should I say everything to a stranger. O pagli, don’t take otherwise; I am here so that I may be helpful. Yes, heart of the girl is going down melting in the soft, sweet and gentle talk of the young gentleman. On his request she took the front seat of the car to follow gentleman’s home. Reaching home he introduced to his parents of the situation she passed on the extremely unbearable weather. When Ronald left her to father for talk in the drawing room she felt nervous to perceptible situation of multiple questions of query. Above all, the physical appearance with big exciting nose and huge moustache further weakened her tone of speaking. Ronald’s father addressing her as daughter asked about where from she is and the purpose of her being out of home.  But coming to her mother’s work since she knows nothing what and where of the working nature and place, she started narrating that her mother use to take the early morning and almost late night for return. Ronald’s father could understand something in quick but not lengthening the conversation called Ronald for making arrangement with driver to make her reach home. Accordingly just after having a cup of tea she took her way back home but with heart for Ronald. Ronald, whose heart too went for her at the first side of seen was however not been disclosed to her. He was none other than the only son of well-known city based businessman and the owner of the Sex industry where Riniki’s mother had once worked. The matter was not known to Ronald and also is yet to be disclosed but father could confirm Riniki’s mother. Riniki reached home late night where her mother was looking and waiting madly not knowing where about. The moment she entered home was hugged and kissed by mother saying my angel, my queen where have you been. Mother tried to understand the reason for going out as did never before. However, Riniki without having straight reply to mother’s query took much happy to inform that ‘Ai I met my dream rajkumar’, handsome, cute kind hearted and what not. Mother replies, ‘Are you going mad, what rajkumar talking about’, do you know our position in society, not at all’ and furtherly added to say that it is curse on us to dream anything or the matter you are dreaming’. Riniki shed tears.

 On Ronald’s side he too confessed his wish to marry Riniki and this further added fuel to the burning fire of his father. Parents tried to divert his emerged love for her. But in vain. Now the only option for them to convince their son is through revealing the fact of Riniki’s mother profession. Ronald shocked on hearing this. This led another grounds of counter conversation between parents and Ronald. They can’t think of any insensitive step against son for the fact he is the only son so only alternative for them is to suggest and point the alternative. The conversation begins with Ronald, questioning father the legal right over someone’s dignity. Ronald says to father, is not the Sex business run by people like you is liable [?] for the dishonoured social status. Who is spoiling the social image of that particular and in general, women working for you to generate income? Why innocent like Riniki is to be blame? Was that her fault? Can there be any justifiable logic to question the legitimacy of Rukmini’s decision to deliver the pregnancy?  All such questions were placed for parents to answer. Mother took husband’s position and says, ‘my son you are right, you have opened our eyes, we are responsible for those we engaged them for just surplus income. In addition she says, we are responsible for the position they are having in the public space and society. Father admitted giving approval to what Ronald’s mother has said. The conversation ended with parents’ words to support Ronald’s marry with none but Riniki alongside promising to give up the sex business.

Next morning Ronald reached Riniki’s home. Riniki was surprised to see and think as if her dream came nearer to reality. Riniki reminded her mother of the day she talked of rajkumar. Rukmini had never the opportunity to see him during her years’ of working in the said industry owned by his father. Therefore knowing him of that family could no longer control her emotions so she started crying. She even requested to leave their home as soon as possible. But Ronald disclosed the fact that his parents agreed his willing to marry Riniki. She now could say nothing but only with broken heart thinking what the society will think. The same evening Ronald tie a knot and provided vermillion took to home as his wife. Rukmini on this very day took firm decision not to footstep again in such health selling activity. But same time decided to flee away from the place where her angel Riniki was given the farewell. Yes, finally she did but surprisingly could reach the lost happiness i.e. her husband that prior her working in Sex industry.

N.B: For the name in character I used is not to hurt anyone’s sentiment if the name of the readers come across goes the same. Accept my apologetic in the end.



© Copyright 2018 G. Daimari. All rights reserved.

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