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Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017





If you could look into his eyes and read the story of his life what wonders would they reveal everything seen through out his life soaked deep into his mind ready for a time for him to share his story. His life was lived thinking of others this gave him a purpose to carry on from one day to the next, always preying someone special would walk into his life to walk his chosen path.


The lines on his face reveal a life long map each one appearing over time to decorate his face like a painted tribesman. As I sit and stare I see a life time of wisdom staring  back at me and I wonder what this man was thinking was he happy with the life he had lived or sad because he failed to obtain the partner he longed to love but never could.


When judgment day comes and he breaths his last breath will god look down from heaven above and welcome him through the gates of St. Peter will he allow him to rest in peace or will he be denied his rightful place to rest eternal with those from his past. No one can no what happens when we close are eyes for the last time and take are last breath does are souls leave us lying dead an empty shell or does it move on to another plain of existence   Only a life time of wisdom can give an answer to these questions only you can decide if the answers you hear are true or false all I no for now is he’s locked in time in a picture staring back for ever more.  


By Bunzy October 20th 2017


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