There's Love Between 5,648 Miles

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The most beautiful word youve ever said :)

Thanks to Allah :) Alzhira, will you be my wife? :)

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



It was started when Alzhira became a group member of World Young Muslim Community on Facebook. but she didnt know she'll find her fate there :)

Alzhira Medina is Turkish teenager and young muslim girl and she's trying to be good muslim thats why she joined on WYMC group on facebook couple months ago :) but Alzhira isnt like other teenagers who still wanna hang out with friends and feeling first love :D she's such good thinker who love thinking about new things. she spends her days to think about the latest issue such as politic situation in her country etc.

Alzhira was checking her facebook account and she scrolled her screen down. Suddenly she saw a post in group by a man who has account name Muhammad Alfa.

Apparently Alzhira is interested in Alfa's post then she tries to comment there but there's no reply finally for the first time she tries to message him on messenger but there's still no reply :'( Alzhira feel kinda resentful but she cant hide her feeling that she adores him at first sight ;) she started stalking him by seeing his profile on Facebook she said to herself"oh he's Indonesian and he's young muslim motivator, he's cute" Oh God why did i say this ? she slaps her forehead while smiling :)

After finishing fajr worshiping she checks her messenger she expects there will be a reply from him but still no :( Finally she decides to read Al Quran like usual :) there she finds comfort.

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