Family Dinner

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Family dinners have changed

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



It was always there

For all to share

When night drew the curtains

Then it was certain


The dinner table will be laid

And everyone sat and stayed

Because dinner talk is the most

Cherished family boast


Which came in first, rock

Disco or tech that it took in stock

The young and drew them out

So they passed midnight out and about


From a laugh and solemn promise

To catch the wrongs one would miss

And feel the champion of the world to come

That there is nothing one would succumb


To fingers on the touchpad

To catch the fleeting fad

Or time will run out and there won’t be

Any time to solve the mystery


Or crush the criminal or shoot

The savage or make minced meat hoot hoot

Or send the saved message soon

Or someone will be lost in the swoon


Yes, the dinner table now sits alone

Waiting for friendly faces it’s always known

Funny how it now turns to a boat

Everyone on one side of it while it floats

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