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Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017





Hurricanes are one of the most natural disastrous phenomena mother nature can throw at us they start from nothing growing into a massive cyclonic mass that can destroy almost anything it comes in contact with. It can appear in the dead of night with little warning and like the demons in your darkest dreams it comes fast taking no prisoners. In a few minutes it can peel away your life like the skin of your favourite fruit dis guarding the parts it dos not need and swallowing up all that it does.


Its massive force can only compare to a nuclear blast leaving behind death and destruction in its wake. The people lucky enough to survive this dragon of day and night are left to pick up the pieces of there lives some with the terrible duty of berrying there dead others wondering where to go next now their homes , their lives their whole existence has been shattered into oblivion.


Like the hand of god visiting from the heavens above the might of this beast leave all that look upon it amazed by its strength and power knowing their is nothing they can do to calm this beast that is intent on destruction.


Once this might has come and gone the earth is left scarred and broken the crops in the fields are no more and life is left to start over until the next time  natures Fury comes to take all you own leaving your lives lost and broken.



By Bunzy October 20th 2017


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