In a Better World...

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What is required to end the many divisions in this country and the world?

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



In a better world….

In a better world everyone would respect each other. Respect, not love. It is possible to love someone without respecting him or her. If you respected a person you wouldn’t think about him being somehow inferior to you, because you would have to believe that you were also somehow inferior. In a better world teaching people to be respectful would be the highest priority of education instead of being mostly non-existent.  If you respected someone you wouldn’t care about their race, religion or politics. You wouldn’t hate them. You wouldn’t kill them.  Love is an emotion that can come and go, respect is a logical evaluation that elevates someone’s worth in your estimation.  

In a better world “harmful speech” wouldn’t be banned and we wouldn’t need “protected areas" and “safe spaces”. Because you don’t say something doesn’t that mean that you don’t think it and act on it. If you think that some group is inferior you will treat them that way whether you say something degrading about them or not. The only thing that will change your attitude is if they earn your respect, so how does a group earn your respect? They do it by showing their willingness to openly discuss their views and debate them with those that disagree with them.  They do not do it by ridiculing and slandering those they disagree with.  That only leads to the divisions we now have in our nation and in the world in general.

In a better world we would have much less meaningless chatter. “Talk is cheap” is an old expression, with good reason. We can’t escape it, it is everywhere. It is in the United Nations, on television, twitter, facebook, blogs and radio. It is useless and accomplishes nothing, it is thunder without lightening or rain, just a lot of wind. Hypocrisy is rampant. Everyone wants to tell you what to do, but they do not do it themselves. Politicians are overwhelming guilty of this. There is only one way that groups with strongly diverse opinions can learn to respect each other, they have to learn the opposing groups history and beliefs and compare it with their own. They have to have meaningful debates. They have to find out where their beliefs overlap and where they collide. Then they have a chance to peacefully resolve their differences.

In a better world we would know the history of those we oppose or scorn.  What have they actually done? We would ignore the caricatures and the accusations we have seen and heard, and find out for ourselves.  Many groups will never earn the respect of most of us (the KKK and Nazi party come to mind), but if you don’t know their history you will not know why. Why are some people Democrats and others Republicans or Independents? What do we know about them that we learned on our own and not from the media? Did we form our own opinions or did someone else form them for us?

In a better world we would face reality logically, not emotionally. We would not do things because it “feels good”, we would do them because it made sense to do it. We would have thought about it. Only by thinking things through can we resolve the differences dividing us by race, religion, and politics. This would not create a “perfect world”, but it would create a better world.


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