Stella Quirks, The Beginning

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Stella Quirks, The Beginning

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



The night we brought Stella home we knew she was going to be a handful. We got her home and the first thing she did was pee right on the carpet next to the hardwood flooring. After we had cleaned up the mess she yelped from Case stepping on her. We reprimanded him and they went back to playing gently. She managed to sleep through the night fully next to me on the couch which was a blessing. 
The next day, we drove to St. Cloud area for some supplies and we found out she gets car sick. (She has still not outgrown this) She also cried the entire 2.5 hours there and back for the most part. That night friends came over for a bonfire and she was doing very good. She was already for the most part potty trained and behaving well. She yelped when Case was near her and we all witnessed he brushed her with his tail then, she sat down holding up her paw looking at us with a look that said, "Isn't he going to get in trouble now?" We knew then she had been playing us on when we thought he had been hurting her. 

She was constantly underfoot and my husband turned around, pivoting his foot around not even putting it down and he touched her foot. Just like that she started yelping like he had just broken her entire leg, ran up the stairs and to the water dish placing her paw in it that he had supposedly stepped on and looked at us all with the most saddened expression. After a few seconds she was back up and running causing more trouble. 

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