Chapter 1: Young and Bold

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Part 1
The Affliction








(Author Note: I realize there is going to be a lot of errors with this writing, but this is a copy and paste of something i wrote when i was younger. I may go back and fix this in the future. The story is something very much worth the read, leave your feed back below :)
Chapter 1 - Young and Bold

“Logan look at the stars,” said Dawson. Logan did as Dawson instructed and looked to the sky. He saw the little white specks that mapped it. “They’re bright tonight”

Logan took another sip from his bottle. The warmth came to his cheeks. He put the drink to his side and leaned forward closer to the fire. It was an autumn night, the locus where buzzing and the leaves were rustling against the force of the wind. Logan and Dawson loved these nights. Whenever they decide to stay out late and drink a little they would gather their friends and party, or just have a bonfire at the river bank.

Logan heard a different sound beginning to approach him, other than the sound of leaves rustling and the locus buzzing. He looked over his shoulder to see the silhouette of a girl moving in. The figure was becoming more visible with the red glow of the fire. It was Maddie, a cute brunette girl who happened to be Dawson’s girlfriend.

“Hey guys.”

She walked past Logan and over to Dawson sitting down on his lap giving him a kiss. They were starting to get into it. The awkwardness of the situation got Logan anxious to change the subject. “So where were you at?”

Maddie took her lips off Dawson and looked to Logan. “I just came from the woods, after checking up on Sammy and Ben.”

Logan reached down to find his cold drink and took a sip from it. “Well what were they doing?”

She got a grin on her face. “Oh you know… things.”

Logan didn’t want to think much of it, but the idea of Sammy aroused him. Dawson squeezed Maddie on the side and she squealed. They continued their session. Logan didn’t want to stare so he laid back on the earth and put his hands under his head and listened to the sounds of the night.

Logans was in a relaxed state. Then he felt a sharp pain come from his stomach and a sound of laughter. He felt the force of another on his gut knocking the wind out of him. He pushed the intrusion off him. He opened his eyes to see another friend, Chris.

The best way to describe Chris was that he’s a punk. He had long, greasy black hair. A piercing on his lip and brow. He always had a beanie on too.

“What the hell man!” Logan thumped Chris on the back of his head. Chris continued to laugh as he was adjusting his beanie back to its normal position.

“I saw the opportunity and I took it. Don’t be a little bitch about it.” The beanie was now back to its place.

“Touch me again and I’ll throw you into the river.”

“Boys come on, lets be adults here,” said Maddie.

Chris shrugged his shoulders and crawled around to find a place to sit. “Don’t be looking at my ass now Logan,” Chris laughed.

He now found a place and took out a bag of green. He began to softly shake the bag and all of the other’s were looking at him in a dissatisfied way.

“What. Do you guys want some?” He put some of the green on a piece of paper and began roll it.

“Take that shit back into the woods. I don’t wanna smell like a skunk,” said Dawson.

“Hostile are we?”

The frustration with Chris was beginning to rise.

“Now!” yelled Logan. 


He rose from his place on the ground and moved back into the darkness of the woods. He was a safe distance away so the group could talk negatively of him.

“God, I can’t stand him,” said Logan.

“Who invited him?” asked Maddie.

“I know you guys may not see eye to eye with him, but overall he isn’t that bad of a guy. He can be annoying but without him we wouldn’t know many people to buy for us,” explained Dawson.

It was true in a small town like theres, there isn’t many people who would risk buying a case for a bunch of high schoolers. It was all about having the right connections. Logan never asked someone to buy for him that was usually Dawson’s job.

“I suppose he can be with us. But baby, I don’t want to be interrogated when I go home. If they found out I smoked weed or was friends with someone who did, I would be dead,” said Maddie.

Her talking about parents got Logan curious about his mom. He was hesitant about laying back down, but he continued. He reached down into his pocket to grab his phone. He took it out and clicked the button on the side. Logan was always checking his phone so notifications couldn’t pile up. He had two missed text’s.

One was from a chubby girl, Rachel. She was always texting him. He has twenty-three messages from her and not a single one he has replied to. Logan would never be one to shoot his standards that low. He just closed her message.

The other was from Megan, a girl that Dawson and Maddie were trying to set up with Logan. She was fairly attractive and she shared two classes with Logan. He never wanted to be in a committed relationship like his friend. He tried to get close with many girls as he could and whenever any of the girls wanted to fool around he would. Logan did see a faint chance with Megan, odds being that it would only last till they hooked up.

Logan was at the peak of his life. Everything was going so smooth from him. He had the looks and the fame. Living at the top of the world.

Logan finished looking at his phone. It was convenient to the moment when Chris yelled out. “Hey guys come check this shit out.”

Maddie took her hands off Dawson’s face and he rolled his eyes. Logan sat back up. “Go check out what he wants,” asked Dawson. Logan brushed his hair over his eyes and sprang up. He walked away from the warmth of the fire and into the cold embrace of the night. Darkness began to shroud him as he moved closer into the forest. He was squinting try to find Chris. His vision was still trying to adjust from the light of the fire to the pitch darkness.

“Over here,” said Chris. He followed to voice. He saw Chris there staring at something.

“What is it?” asked Logan. He then looked carefully at the object. It was a dead carcass of a dear. “Look at it. It’s like Wolverine got to it.”

Logan scanned the remains of what was left of the deer. This sent a chill down Logan’s spine and rose the hairs on his arms. He took out his phone and turned on the light to get a better look. The internals and gore was every where. He got spooked and shined his light into the foliage of the forest. He saw nothing but the shadows of the trees and bushes.
Logan was beginning to scared. Logan spoke up, “doesn’t this just make you…”

“Hungry,” interrupted Chris. He took a drag from his joint and exhaled a cloud. Food was the last thing on Logan’s mind but the first for a stoner.

“You’re sick. You know that?”

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “Just saying.”

What ever got to this animal got in Logan’s mind. His imagination was beginning to get the better of him. Instead of being rational and assuming another animal did this he thought of monsters.

The mood of the scene changed. The breathing of the forest got stronger. This wasn’t Logan’s imagination he actually began to hear the sounds of hard breathing approaching. Twigs crackled behind Logan and Chris. Causing both of them to look back. Chris accidently dropped his joint and Logan had a rush of adrenaline. It wasn’t a monster or a stranger approaching, it was Sammy. There was a moment of relief.

“Jeeze Sam, you made me waste my weed,” said Chris as he stomped and grinded his boot on his joint.

“There is other things to worry about,” said Sammy. She was hitching up her jeans and adjusting her blouse. It looks like her time with Ben got interrupted, thought Logan.

“What’s that?” asked Chris with a tone.

“We got Cops!”

Logan’s took a deep swallow. He never once had been caught. He didn’t want the streak to end tonight. “We have to warn Dawson,” said Logan.

“What a minute. Where is Ben, huh Sam?” asked Chris. Logan too was beginning to wander. Sammy stopped in her tracks and faced them.

“Uh screw him. We were doing stuff…”

“More like each other,” laughed Chris.

“Shut up, anyways. We were minding our own business then we heard this ‘moaning sound’. My first thought, was that it was you Chris. So we stopped then Ben got up and checked it out. He saw something run off and he chased after it. Seeing your here I assume it wasn’t you. He just left me there alone bear-naked. So I got dressed and it wasn’t until I saw a cop cruiser head down the path heading your guys direction.”

“Oh shit,” Logan said. They were all beginning to run back to the fire.

The three made it to Dawson and Maddie. They were just sitting there looking at the fire holding cuddling.
“Oh hey guys,” said Maddie.

“We got cops Dawson,” said Logan.

Maddie and Dawson both sprang from the ground. Dawson picked up the beer. Logan went over to the fire to try and kick some dirt into the fire but was stopped. “No leave it, it will distract them as we can escape,” said Dawson.
Logan went over to his bottle and cast it into the river.

“Wait, where is Ben?” asked Maddie. Ben had his car tucked in a open spot in the forest. “He will catch up later,” said Sam. She was still upset with Ben.

“Ok here is the plan. I’ll take Sam and Maddie. Logan you take Chris and we catch up later. If either one of us gets caught don’t rat out the other ok.”

Logan nodded and then signaled Chris. The group divided. Logan raced over to his truck that was hidden well in the foliage. “Lets go.” Chris opened the passenger door.

“No, you get in the bed. Not in the cab. Your smell will take forever to come out.”

“What am I? A freaking dog?”

“Today you are.”

Chris didn’t have time to argue he vaulted over the side and laid down in the back. Logan got in. He was thinking about starting the engine but thought if he did the cops could hear the truck.

“What are you waiting for start it.”

“No Sammy said they were heading on the path that means we would run into each other. Just wait for them to pass.”

“Oh my god man. I’m on probation.”

“Just shut up and trust me.”

Chris nodded and laid down in the bed. The wait was the hardest part for Logan. He sat there motionless and cold like his truck. He saw a streak of lights coming through the woods. His heart began to beat. They were moving in closer. The cruiser took a hard right in the direction of the fire. The light quickly shined past Logan’s truck. Logan for sure thought it was over. Then the cruiser drove past his truck and parked by the fire. Two officers got out. He could faintly hear them.

“Looks like a group of kids were just here,” said the plump officer.

“Drinking?” asked the other.

The big guy shined his light around the fire for any traces. “Most likely.” He turned his light off and looked around. He was starting to stare in Logan’s direction. Logans was now becoming more anxious than ever. Each step closer made Logan think of his punishment.

The officer heard a howl come from the woods and looked away. “Anyone out there.” He moved in the direction of the sound. His partner followed him. They were out of Logan’s sight so he took this as an opportunity. The time was now he had to move.

He put the key into the ignition and gave it a twist. The rumble of the engine hummed. He pulled forward and followed the path out of the woods.

“Thats the way you do it bro!” Chris was happy to see everything alright. He wouldn’t be caught violating his probation and Logan’s streak would continue. Logan flipped a switch and the beams of his truck shined across the road. In the distance he could see the outline of his town. His home. A small town right in the center of Nebraska.
Logan was a small distance out of his hometown.

“So what do you think happened to Ben?” asked Chris.

Logan didn't have time to even think about Ben. Ben could still be in the woods for all he knew.

“I don't know. Ben is a big guy he can handle himself if there is trouble.”

“Do you think something went wrong, maybe there was something in the woods. Remember the deer?”

Logan drove over a bridge that crossed the interstate he was now at the entrance of his town.

“I don't know, but we might see him at school tomorrow.”

“I'm telling you, shit is getting weird. There has been a lot of disappearances and less people at school lately. Whatever I guess. Just drop me off home,” added Chris.

Logan looked at the time. It read 11:53. He was surely going to get home late. He was hoping his mom would be in bed and he might sneak in.

Before he knew it he was approaching Chris' neighborhood. “Pull under the bridge so my dad doesn't hear your truck.” Chris lived in the trashy part of town. This section consisted of rundown houses, trailer courts, and mechanic shops. Logan didn't know much of Chris' parents. All he was told is that Chris was very distant from them.

Logan pulled in under the darkness of the bridge. Chris hoped over the side and onto the pavement. He walked up to Logan's window.

“Thanks man for the ride and not getting me in more trouble. I'll see you tomorrow 'kay.”
Logan nodded. They bumped fists and then Logan rolled up his window and headed home.

Chris could see Logan turn the corner and head north. He look forward again and pulled another blunt from his pocket. He was trying to light it but the wind was too strong. He stopped in the middle of the lonely street. He kept flicking away at his lighter, but the wind was too strong. He got frustrated and put the joint back in his pocket. He looked up to see a figure in the shadows.

“Who the hell are you.”

The figure was still and all Chris could see was its head moving slowly left to right. The figure was scanning Chris. Chris still couldn't see what the figure was. Chris looked back to the way Logan had turned to see if he could see him, but he was left alone. The figure was beginning to growl.

“Take a picture bitch, it will last longer.”

The figure came out of the shadows in a fast stride towards Chris.
Logan was now over the train tracks and nearly home. He was on the north side of town. This part consisted of the middle and upper class residents.

He finally arrived to his destination. He pulled in the driveway and over to his side. He turned the lights to his truck off and then his engine. He looked at his house, not a single light is on. He got out of his truck and walked up the steps to his front door. He put his key into the door and unlocked it. He stepped inside to pitch darkness. He knew the layout to his house so he moved from the lobby and into the kitchen. He put his keys on a rack and stepped over to a fridge.

He was thirsty for some water after his two beers he had. He put a plastic cup into the slot of the fridge and let the water run down into it. He took a sip of the cold water. The lights to kitchen turned on and there was a woman standing in the entrance of the kitchen. It was Carrie, Logan's mother.

“You're late.”

Logan took the last sip from the glass. He put it into the sink and was thinking of some scheme to get past a lecture. “I was out with some friends.”

“Alright... You said you would be back by nine. Its a school night.”

Logan was use to staying up late anyway. “Yea, I know and I'm sorry for being late. I lost track of time and my phone died.”

“Enough with the excuses. I get it. You're young, and you wanna have fun. Trust me I was just the same at your age... but I didn't make it my life. Your a senior and next year you're going to be out on your own. The parties are either going to ruin you or your going to have to take up some responsibility.”

Logan was beginning to get upset. Carrie had a way of using her words to get in his mind and make him think about the things he was doing. She didn't have to raise her voice, she used a pleasant tone. Logan didn't want to admit he is naive.

“What should I do, huh mom? Go to college for something I will never be able to find a job in. Waist my money in school, pile up debt, and then find a dead end job, that's barely enough to pay for my life.”

“Is that what you think of me. I have had a good life. I was blessed with you Logan. I don't regret a single thing. Sure I was younger when I got pregnant with you and college didn't pan out, but this is the hand I have been dealt and I haven't complained yet. I'm trying to give you a better life.”

Logan tossed the cup into the sink and walked passed her.

“Well stop trying.” Logan headed to his room.

Carrie stood there in the frame of the door. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

He kicked his shoes off into his closet and flopped down on his bed. He slowly began to fade into a slumber.

“Wake up... Wake up Logan!” yelled Amanda.

Logan's eyes slowly began to open. He was in the middle of a lecture in physics. It was his last class of the day and his brain was still burning from last night.

“The hell is it to you anyway?”

The lecture was interrupted and Mr. Morrison’s attention was diverted over to them. “Is there a problem over there?”

“Logan was sleeping Mr. Morrison.”

What a little bitch, Logan thought. Amanda was always trying to find ways for Logan to get in trouble. Every since the first day of his senior year, he was assigned to sit by the teachers pet.

“Is that right Mr. Abrams?” asked Mr. Morrison.

“I just thought a little rest would do me good,” Logan replied.

Now the whole entire class was tuned in on their conversation.

“This class is no place for slackers, you got that Log’s.” Mr. Morrison had a snickering tone. Logan hated that name, “Log’s”. He was never well at school and often didn’t hand in assignments. So he got the name Log’s because he is as lazy a log. It was also a play off his name.

“I suggest you sleep on you own time... Log’s,” added Mr. Morrison.

“Yeah and I suggest you lose a few pounds. You’re just killing that chair of yours.”
The whole class laughed at his joke.

“What do you just say?” asked Mr. Morrison.

“Oh. Umm, that I will get to bed early tonight and I will be fully rested.” Logan was trying to play it off. The last thing he wanted was a detention.

“Thats what I thought,” said Mr. Morrison. He went back to his desk and sat down. The chair squeaked in pain. He took a sip from his pop. Logan gave him a quick glare. Then the teacher continued his lecture.

Logan was paying attention and looked around the classroom day dreaming. He saw Megan, the girl he had a date with this upcoming weekend. She had a smile on her face and was eyeing Logan down. He got a smirk on his face and gave her a wink. She wants me so bad, and I’m gonna give it to her this weekend. Megan took the wink and her cheeks began to blush.

He opened his notebook and drew in it.

Before he knew it the bell had rang, and it was time for him to go home. He put his notebook and textbook in his bag and threw it over his shoulder. Amanda was glaring at him and he replied by scratching under his left eye with his middle finger. She was offended. He ignored her and head to the back of the class.

In the classroom there was two doors the main one that lead to the main staircase, and the back door that lead to some back hallways. On his way to back he passed some lab tables and some glass cases that had beakers and flasks in them. He put his shoulder to the door and opened it. When he exited to the hall something was out of the normal. The lights were twitching on and off. He looked up, maybe someone is coming to work on them. He turned around to look behind him. No one was coming his way, everyone was moving in the opposite direction down the main stairs. He lost interest in the flashing light. He passed a few classrooms and headed to a corridor which held the western stairs. Only a few people out of the day actually used these stairs. Logan was one of the few, they were never cluttered with people and he could get to his classes more efficiently.

As he stepped into the corridor he saw a person in a corner. He stopped to this sight. Why is he just standing there in the corner? The kid was of similar height. This reminded Logan of a kid in time out. He was slumped over and his head was aimed at the ground.

“Hey man, are you ok?” Logan didn’t receive any response. No verbal or physical. The kid was still as a statue. Logan hated to be ignored.

“Do you even hear me? Just say something?”

There was no movement.

Logan was frustrated now he wanted to leave, but his curiosity got the better of him. He moved over to the kid. Is this kid on drugs, is he sleeping. Why is he being so weird? Each step he got closer his heart began to speed up. He reached out his hand for the kids shoulder.

“Answer me!”

The kid sprang up in a single action. He threw his arms back and aimed his head to the sky. He was gasping for air. Then he turned to face Logan.

“Sorry, I must have been miles away,” said the kid.

He looked sick, his face was pale and his eyes bloodshot. A small stream of red ran down from his nostril. “Hey are you ok?”

The kid wiped the blood with sleeve. “Yeah, I'm just really tired.” The kid was swaying back and forth. It looked like could pass out any moment. Logan added, “I would go home and get some rest.” The kid nodded and walk passed Logan. He went off in a sprint down the hall Logan came. A part of him wanted to follow the kid, but he has been at the school way too long.

Logan found his truck at the end the parking lot. He parked on the outer lane that connected to the street. Each day there would be less and less cars in the lot. Logan didn’t care much for it. It just left more spots for him to park.
He was about to leave when he heard a familiar voice call him out. “Hey Logan, can i get a ride?” Logan turned to the voice. It was Dawson. He nodded his head and Dawson got in.

“So, I assuming you didn’t get caught last night,” said Dawson.

Logan replied, “Yep, we were able to sneak past them.”

“We took the back roads out of there. Sure it was a longer path, but it worked.” Dawson put the seat back and relaxed. He pulled out his phone.

“What happened to you car.”

“Oh I had to run it over to the mechanic this morning to get it worked on. I wont be able to drive it for a few days.”
Logan nodded then backed out of the lot and headed to Dawson’s home. “So how’s your mom doing?” asked Dawson.

Logan turned the corner and passed many kids walking home.

“She’s doing good. She’s wasn’t happy about last night. So I can go out for a while.”

“Oh that sucks. Does she still work at Benson’s?” Bensons is short for ‘The Benson Family Restaurant.’ The story behind that place is, Old man Benson grew up in this town and passed away. So his son being rich, and decided to open a restaurant in honor of his father. The Benson’s live out in California, and visit in the summer to check up on things. Carrie was appointed the manager and head chef. Logan had only meet the Benson’s once. He had a crush on Mrs. Benson, she was the son’s trophy wife.

“Yea she still does. Its good I suppose, but she could find a better paying job. The plus-side is if she is running late she will often bring food home,” Logan added. His favorite thing from Benson’s was there chicken alfredo. Dawson said, “That’s nice.”

“So how about your dad, how has he been since the accident?” asked Logan. Mr. Baker, Dawson’s dad worked for a John Deer tractor company branch. His leg got smashed by a tractor tire. and had a hard time walking since.

“He’s a dick now. To me and my mom. All he does is drink and watch t.v now. Collecting his workers comp,” explained Dawson. Dawson was trying to hold back emotions.

“I’m sorry man. I-I didn’t know.”

He shook his head and Logan left it at that. They drove by downtown. They were near Benson’s. There was a car in parking slot. Looks like mom will be busy tonight.

As Logan moved on he looked up at the sky. It was darker than before. “Do you think it’ll rain?” he asked Dawson. Dawson shrugged his shoulders. He could care less, he was hooked on his phone.
Logan pulled to the curb of the street and parked. “Thanks for the ride, I will see you tomorrow. Dawson shut the door and ran up to his door. Logan drove off.

“Mom I’m home!” Dawson shouted. His mother spoke out, “I’m in here ‘hun.” He followed the voice to the kitchen. His mom was eating some soup and reading the paper. He threw his bag on the floor. His mother’s face was covered by the paper. Dawson pulled the paper down to see fresh bruises on her face.

“Oh mom,” he cried. “Did he do that to you?”

She ignored his question and a tear rolled down her cheek. A sudden noise of a bottle falling down in the trash got his attention. He turned to see his father stumbling into the kitchen.

“Why did you do that to her!”

The father wiped his mouth. “She let you take that damn car to mechanic, when I could’ve worked on it. Now we have to pay for it.” Dawson walked up to his father and grabbed him by the shirt. Dawson pushed him into the wall. “You touch her again and I’ll beat the living fuck out of you.” The father puffed out air. His  breath stung Dawson’s nose. He let go of him and his dad stumble back to the sofa.

His mother got up and walked over to Dawson. “Thank you, but it was a mistake. Your father would never want to hurt me intentionally. I have to get heading up to the hospital they called me in.” Dawson’s mother gave him a kiss on the cheek, grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

He looked over at his dad but he was dead asleep. Dawson walked over to the fridge and looked for a beer. He was hesitant at grabbing one. He slammed the fridge shut and walked upstairs to his room. This would be the last day he would drinks, he saw what alcohol could do to the good hearted.

He laid on his bed and called Maddie. The only light Dawson had in his dark world.
The clouds were dark and the wind was wicked. Logan pulled up to his spot. He quickly ran to shelter. He was inside, all alone. His mother would be most likely working tonight. The first thing Logan did when he got home is get a drink of water, and he followed through the routine. He looked out the window that lay above the sink. The backyard shed door was open. He sat his glass down and ran outside to shut it.

The tools rattled against the wall. Logan was not surprised to see any on the ground he shut the door and headed back to shelter. On his way he could see in the distance a man sprinting, not jogging, but sprinting. He looked at him till he was out of sight.

A clapped of thunder roared from the heavens above singling Logan to head inside.

Logan made his way to the living room and got into a recliner. He grabbed a remote and pressed a button. The T.V. made it’s jingle and the screen faded on. The last channel he left it on was sports center. He flipped through, nothing caught his interest. No cartoon, but the news was almost on every channel. He tuned into one of them.

“Hospitals keeping filling up with more and more patients. A flu-like bug is going around leaving many people gone from work and school. No other reports of the outbreak seem to be showing in neighbor states. Guess Nebraska is the lucky one.”

There is laughing amongst the news team.

“Officials of the CDC advise keeping away from anyone who shows symptoms. These include: bloodshot eyes, paleness, bleeding from open orifices, and a lack of motor functions. We’ll keep you updated when further knowledge arise. Stay right here, we’ll be right back. Upcoming story, a man turns to cann-”

A loud bang of thunder startled Logan. The power in the house had turned off and he was left in the dark. He took out his phone and used it as a light to maneuver around.

Logan knew it was unwise to take a shower with lighting around but he had no choice it had been a day since he took one. The power way off but the water wasn’t. There was always something relaxing about taking a shower in the dark the Logan loved. Nothing but the warmth and the tapping of the water as it hits his body.

He dried off and flopped on his bed. It was already 8:57 pm. Logan rolled over on his back and took out his phone. He had two missed messages from his mother.

First. Hey Logan, We are hosting tonight’s banquet for the methodist church. So I’ll be a while. If you get hungry microwave some leftovers. Love you :). Sent 4:56 pm.

Second. The power got turned off so we have to move food around to prevent spoiling. I’ll be back by eleven. Stay safe and If you're still up when I get home see you then. Sent 8:34 pm.

He replied telling her he is fine and he would be going to bed early. He put his phone into his sleeping shorts and laid on his side. He slowly faded to the sound of the rain tapping on his window.
(End of Chapter/ Last Updated 10-20-14, 2:32 pm)

Submitted: October 20, 2017

© Copyright 2021 A. J. Bluefield. All rights reserved.


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The way of expressing the characters couldn't be more perfect. It feels authentic and I am drawn into this story.
Can't wait to see more!!

Sat, October 21st, 2017 11:36pm

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