Dangers of Dabbling in the Occult

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What we seek is wisely sought after, yet with much studied care in preparation.

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



WARNING! Yes, there are indeed many diabolical dangers in dabbling with the occult, the most obvious of which is when a person who is not adept in the labyrinthine tangles of mystical knowledge experiments with invoking spirits or casting spells, an ill-advised pursuit which often brings down disastrous results upon the unwitting head of said non-adept experimenter.

The torch-lit grottoes hidden among the primeval mires of the enigmatic occult are not merely a pastime for those with nothing better to do than light a few candles and chant incantations on a dark and stormy night. Serious injuries occur and lives are even lost when the psychically illiterate dive headlong into the time-steeped practices of the paranormal.

Anyone who desires to experience firsthand the supernatural phenomena of the occult should conduct much research into this obscure metaphysical passion before venturing into cosmic spheres in which lurk ominous places where even demons fear to tread.

Many spells and incantations, for example, are composed of simple enticing catchphrases that, when repeated over and over, can literally brainwash someone into invoking powers which cannot be easily managed. Look at what happened to Adolph Hitler.

There are, shall we say, entities which do not live in our same place of existence - ghoulish beings which, by means of paranormal or psychic experimentation, may inadvertently be released into our world. If an inexperienced practitioner unleashes an unwanted situation or energy that he or she has no knowledge of how to control, what then?

Toying with a Ouija board, for instance, can open portals to the supernatural which might not be easily closed. Such ill-omened behavior (engaged in by those who lack indoctrination into the dark abysses of the occult) are foolhardy acts which can lead to certain agonizing disruption of life as we know it!

Those who lack experience in the Hidden Arts should only venture therein with the guidance of an Adept who is possessed of great transcendental understanding, because interacting with the occult always involves spirits, some aggressively malevolent, who are masters at manipulating people’s assumptions. These marauding spirits are cunning mavens of mind control!

Random channeling of such spirits by the amateur necromancer is to lay ones mind upon the bloody altar of psychic sacrifice. At birth we are endowed with an instinctual fear of the unknown. This fear should not be ignored, for it has the power to save our lives. Death from channeling has been known to occur. When contacting spirits from the Invisible World, it is critical to remember that not all such spirits are benevolent.

The beguiling symbolism of the occult is among its most potent seducers. This powerful subliminal imagery unabashedly seeks to exploit the idea that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Who, for example, doesn’t feel ghostly fingers of unseen hands crawling coldly over their flesh when they see a witch’s pentacle, a werewolf’s pentagram, the ill-omened 666, or even the Ancient Egyptian Ankh?

Why do you suppose Madame Blavatsky applied so much thoughtful care to designing the official emblem of her Theosophical Society? Aleister Crowley did likewise by adopting the unicursal hexagram as the icon for his Thelema.

The occult is a minefield of lethal dangers which are claiming increasing numbers of victims. I urge you to consider with great levity that Walpurgis Night occurs on April 30. It is a woeful time when witches meet on the Brocken to hold revels with the Devil. This prominent mountain of the occult is also noted for the famous Brocken Bow or Brocken Specter, a gargantuan phantom silhouette cast by sun or moonlight into the eerie clouds and mist that surround the legendary peak.

Interesting it is to note that Walpurgisnacht occurs on the eve of the witch sabbat Beltane - the first of May. It is of even further interest to note that a May 2000 (beginning of the new millennium) Zogby America Poll revealed that at the time 57.7 percent of people living in the United States believed in ghosts. Leger Marketing reported in October (another witch sabbat, All Hallows’ Eve) that 57.4 percent of Canadians believe in ghosts.

Astrologers, UFOlogists, soothsayers, parapsychologists - an ever widening field of career choices in the occult are leading increasing numbers of naive to their doom. Conjurers of spells, thaumaturgy, summoning the dead - amateur practitioners of the occult are finding themselves forever lost in the grim quagmire of the fog-shrouded Forbidden Arts. Prophets, dreamers of dreams, signs and wonders which come to pass - the occult is a living force fraught with hazardous pitfalls! So BEWARE! abandon all hope ye who enter here without the protective shield of wise guidance!

There are those who morbidly fear the occult as the Underworld of Wickedness, while others embrace occult powers to augment the pleasures and accomplishments of life. Both are true, yet the latter can only be achieved through years of cautious dedicated study. A prudent person heeds instruction; whereas, a fool scorns wisdom.

As a greater percentage of the global population gobble up increasing doses of movies, television shows, music, and video games with paranormal content, the terrorizing darkness in which the ill-prepared too often find themselves is creeping across the sociocultural landscape with virulent gruesomeness. Once the macabre leap into the occult has been taken, it is too late to turn back.

There are among us, grieving families who, in desperation, reach out to psychic mediums in order to contact deceased loved ones, yet how do the desperate know, among the flickering candles and luminescent crystal balls, to whom they speak? How easy is it to identify somebody who has been transformed by death? Even dearly departed loved ones who were intimately familiar in life can become eerily altered after entering the spirit realm.

Mermaids, sea monsters, St. Elmo’s Fire - on the high seas the occult is known as the Widow-Maker, because it oozes with the haunting maritime miasma of deception. If you were present on a remote island during a primal ritual aimed at summoning spirits from the Invisible World and it happened that one of the spirits laid fifty pieces of silver at your feet, what would you do?

Suggestions for further reading: To delve deeper into the dangers of dabbling in the occult, you may avail yourself of the haunting information contained among the eerie pages of the books I have authored on this most mysteriously enchanting subject.

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