Evening's dusk to dawn

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Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Evening’s dusk to dawn

Am not what I am? These past years like immigrant, I have shifted and changed the place of my residence. I was what I was seven year earlier, a young energetic lad. Our home was near to Masjid and Graveyard. The days of joys; running bicycle, swimming in the river, evening hiding game, doing crossing on the walls and much more. Every day was the day of Eid, Diwali or Christmas. People were to come each other homes to bring food, ask for health and to have a hand in difficult works. I was so innocent then, I did remember the time when anytime the elder or older would join the company, we would have to leave. Nay! These Memories make you alive while still an approach to death.

Sameeeer….! Sameeeeeeer…! My friend was shouting from far away. He was out of breath,”Huuun..! Sameer do you know what?” I looked him, “ What the devil is on earth now”. He laughed while laugh he finished the sentence “My U…c…l…e brought me I-Phone 7”. I said wow that amazing. ”You aren’t look happy at all”, he uttered. He had a wish to go to America while my one is to save the country. My country is on the season of Autumn in the time of spring. “No! Kareem, I am really really Happy. Mubarak ho”, I replied. He said then, let’s have a treat. What you gonna have, Biryani, Fish, hamburger, what say nah..! it was past afternoon and the Azaan was being delivered. I told him I have to offer my prayer. He said, “Oh Mullah! Nasreddin, in the time of technology, you still chasing Taveez and Karamat”, laughingly. I don’t give ear to him, I said,” I am on my way; Allah Talah is waiting for me, Allah Hafiz”. “Oh good bye dude! See ya”, He said.

After the prayer, I straight forward went to the graveyard for the pray of my grandfather and two innocent brothers of 5 and 3 years. They were killed in drone attack in Peshawar. Peshawar was a city of lights then become darken of the cities. I cried so much it’s stuck and stick the heart, these memories!. We have lost thousands of precious lives doing unwanted war on war. War is a terror, the person who is spreading the terror is called terrorist. These terrors I mean terrorism was in the hand of a Monster, having fifty hands, thirteen eyes, red and white in color and having blue nick. The monsters on that day eat “Sequoia sempervirens”, the tallest and largest tree like a Twin towers and started destruction and reconstruction on the whole world.

Tablighi Jammat was approaching to me. There was kaka Saleem Gul, who is a farmer and even cannot recite a word of Ayah. He started preaching to me. Well, all those words I have learnt in my childhood there is no space for repetition. Allah has created the universal and He bless us with Kalma and the last Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). Religion is not so simple like a pond or lake it is something beyond like Ocean, seas or skies. You cannot reach, cannot cover and cannot call it your own. Religion is humanity, to serve the human being is a religion. God created Adam first and religion then. ”Oay Khuda! Its finish”, I said.Saleem Gul kaka, said something correctly while most incorrectly.

When I was living the shrine of St Rahman  baba was on my way, I did pray for his soul and blessing and ask God to have mercy on me as He has on his bestowed and blessed persons. I did remember, one of my friend Ali said, “He is dead and dead cannot give you anything, pray to Allah he will give you”. I told him I am not worshipping him, I have the duty or rather philosophy to pray for the died people in the graveyard. Maybe or maybe not God have mercy on them and bless them Heaven. While my religion is something far behind the clouds, I hate sectarianism. My religion says worship to God and God says serve my human being, be kind and mankind to them.

The evening’s dust and the downward going sun tell us,” You have lost oYours faith, yourself and your home”. But I am not hopeless I am waiting for the dawn to come which will bring a new spring. The spring of joy; where every flower and plant will grow prolifically. Where everyone would sing the song of spring, where every lad would have desire to live not to die. Once again I would take my sword and I will kill that Monster, which harm us, harm innocent human being. Once again I would become Khalid bin Waleed. Once again I would save my country and I would save my people.



D Wisal ahmad ansaar

© Copyright 2018 Wisal Ahmad (Dwaa Mady). All rights reserved.

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