The Amending

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When a country known as The United States was ruined by war, the city of Pearlwater Shores rose from the ashes. Born into a respected and wealthy family, 17-year-old Callie Hudson knows exactly
what’s in store for her. Once she turns 18, her life would finally be safe as she gets The Amending, the cure against the destructive feelings of hate. Born behind the looming city walls,
17-year-old rebel -ancestor Kara Pierce hates Pearlwater Shores for exiling the rebels to live a life in the unknown. She is surrounded by starved and sick people, and she anticipates the day when
she can finally get revenge. From very different worlds, a rebel and a righteous citizen have no reason to meet each other, until they uncover dark secrets that entwine both of their lives. The
exiled rebels are not as independent as they seem, and The Amending might have a different motive than just “curing” everyone. As Callie races to bring out the truth about the Pearlwater before The
Amending takes hold of her mentality, Kara is determined to save the rebels and fight for her survival one last time. Both girls are fighting against the clock, and it is only a matter of time
until the timer stops.

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1 Kara

Submitted: October 20, 2017

I screamed. I hadn’t intended to, after all I was sleeping when the nightmares hit me again, filling every inch of my body in fea... Read Chapter

2 Callie

Submitted: October 20, 2017

I heard the bell ring and I instantly dashed for the door before any of the students had even started gathering up their textbooks. ... Read Chapter

3 Kara

Submitted: November 05, 2017

    “Hello there, young lady! Care for this lovely trinket to cheer you up?” I rolled my eyes as Skipper bounce... Read Chapter

4 Callie

Submitted: November 05, 2017

I ran down the stairs two at a time. What was my father doing in my school, talking to Mayor Higgs? I ran out the parking lot doo... Read Chapter