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Sometimes the mind takes one places they'd rather not go

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Can my mind be embarrassed

From running its repetitive frames?

Sometimes a picture from the past

Sometimes an image without a name


So my mind was shaped years ago

It took longer to know what to keep

And what to let go. Awake, I control it

But I can’t help what visits in my sleep.


It’s taken the innocent and maimed

Their image in memory into playthings

It’s toyed with what makes them human

And created curses out of their blessings


A wild beast I’ve tried to tame for years

Yet both betray me and I’m back in a forest

It’s night time and vision doesn’t allow

Me to see the turbulence in others I offset


My mind gets what all humans get: capsules of ideas

It tries to make sense of what it all means

It changes what needs to change when needed

Sometimes it requires changing actual scenes


And make humans more motion picture like

It may fancy romance or revenge

There’s always a present it can’t change

There’s always a past it must avenge


At times my mind sees them and wants to apologize

It can see the regret filling their eyeballs

Can they see me as I question my mind

Can they know that I know how grace falls?

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