Enemy in the Trenches: Further Chronicles of a Workplace

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Sometimes people at work give you insincere advice

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Still the age walks by

And lessons learned stay or fly

You’d think once you knew, that knowledge

Would still brew. Little did I know.


So, at work, you have the plain

And the pretty. Pretty nice. And the ones with advice.

You have the philosopher and practitioner. Sometime both.

And the young and the old. The bland and the bold.

Then you’re told the advice of gold.


That really glitters in your face. Let’s face it.

A lot of them like the easy out. No doubt.

And some like to tell you just what you want to hear.

When they study what you face to fear. So dear.

They get you near. And tell you the way out is here.


So simple a plan. But you don’t understand.

Love is short on supply, heavy on demand.

So they give you the best thing any human can give:

A smile. A layer that covers layers of things you can’t forgive.

Work’s motto. Live and don’t let others live.

It’s a sieve.


And we’ll make sure you believe. Before you leave.

That we loved you beyond belief. But you’re deceived.

We didn’t hurt you. It’s what you perceived

That led you to be bereaved.


And so on this fine day, something from me was taken away

That may lead to some sort of shaky stay

Because of the one advice that gave me away

The pretty, joyful, youthful, smile-full, philosophical, practical one

Gave me advice. I though it through thrice.

Shame on me for rolling the dice.

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