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Chapter 1

Submitted: October 21, 2017

Kuriyama Tatsuki Total Line, Osaka, Japan

WOLF BOY AND ICE GIRL Okami No Shonen to Kori No On’Nanoko

CHAPTER 1 (Welcome To the World)

It was a cold morning that day. Everyone was waiting in the waiting room. The mother was in the labor room. The father was with her consoling her. All of a sudden, everyone could hear wolves
howling in the air. The siblings of the newborn were surprised. The baby was born with black shinny hair. The baby cried out, “Wooh”, to everyone surprise. The father carried him up and whispered
something into his ears. 2 years later, it was time to name the baby. Everyone in the house couldn’t come up with a name. Then the father entered with a paper in his hand saying it was from the
baby’s grandfather. When the father announced the baby’s name, everyone stood up with surprise even the baby’s mother.

His name was, “SHINORITA WALARIUM” meaning ‘THE DEVILED WOLF’. The mother said she would not allow such a name for her son. Suddenly, the 2 year old boy spoke, “Shinorita, what a nice name” he
smiled. Soon after that the boy and his father use to play the boy and the wolf all the time. The father decorated the boy’s room with wolves’ picture and wolves stuff. One day the boy’s
grandfather came to visit. “Grandfather, grandfather, what did you bring for me?” asked Shinorita. “Yes Shinorita, I brought you a shiny sword” the grandfather said. He took out a long shiny sword
and handed it to the boy. He then called the boy’s father. “Walaruim my son, come here” he called. He and the boy’s father talked for hours.

After the grandfather left, the father called his son and asked him, “Son, do you want a wolf of your own?” he asked. “Dad, how could you ask a three year old kid that kind of question” interrupted
one of Shinorita’s sisters. “I want one, I want one” shouted Shinorita happily. “Father, I want my own wolf” he said. “Sure, I’ll teach how to call one” the father answered. On Shinorita’s fifth
birthday, one of his cousins was among the guest. Her name was Shinorah Takanashi. ”Why, is your name Shinorah? What does it mean?” asked Shinorita. “SHINORAH TAKANASHI means THE MERCILESS WOLF”
answered Shinorah. “How retarded is your father?” asked one Shinorita’s brothers. “Nii-Sama, stop it” shouted Shinorita. He took Shinorah to the balcony.

“Hey Shinorita, can you call wolves?’ asked Shinorah. “Yeah, I can” smiled Shinorita. “Okay then, call yours and I’ll call mine” declared Shinorah standing up. “Come, Wusa!” shouted Shinorita.
“Come, Wuna!” shouted Shinorah. A wolf cub with black and white fur appeared in front of Shinorita. And a wolf cub with white fur appeared in front of Shinorah. “Man, it so adorable” screamed
Shinorita looking at Shinorah’s wolf. “Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves” said Shinorita’s father coming up. “Do you want to see me call my wolf’ asked Shinorita’s father. The kids jumped
up happily. “Come, Wura!” shouted Shinorita’s father. A big grey wolf appeared in front of him. “Wow, it so big” exclaimed the kids.

A lot happened while Shinorita was growing. Shinorah always come and play with Shinorita. When Shinorita turned 8, he was able to call 9 more wolves making all his wolves 10. One day, the police
came to his house and barged in. They started shooting. Shinorita’s mother screamed, “don’t kill my son, don’t kill my son.” She carried Shinorita and took him to the balcony. Has they reached the
balcony, they saw that three polices were already there. They killed his mother instantly. His father appeared with his wolf and attacked the police but unfortunately got killed too. “No, no,
father, mother. Why did you kill them” Shinorita screamed.

Shinorita stood up and called all his wolves. The wolves surrounded the police. “Go now wolves kill them and bring their blood back to me” he ordered. Shinorita appearance completely changed. His
eye was red and glowing. The last police that was not caught by the wolf kneeled and said, “Please don’t kill me” he begged. “After you killed my father, don’t make me laugh. There is no way I
won’t kill you. And I’ll kill you with my own hands” he shouted. He took out the knife his grandfather gave him and said, "I’m killing to revenge my father and mother’s death. My name is Shinorita
Walaruim and today is your end” he screamed and strikes the police to death.

Years after that Shinorita couldn’t enroll in any school because what happened entered the news. The headlines screamed 8 YEAR OLD BOY NAMED SHINORITA WALARUIM KILLED AN INNOCENT POLICE IN THE
SPOT. Everywhere he went people always ran away from him even animals. One day he stopped somewhere near a street. “Boy, don’t go to that street whoever goes never comes back. I know no one likes
but you don’t have to kill yourself” warned a man. Everyone gathered looking at him. “Come, Wusa” said Shinorita. The wolf appeared and everyone backed away. “You want to kill us? We were just
warning you” said a high schooler. Shinorita ignored them and entered the street. After 1 hour he came out his jacket was torn and stained with blood. He limped all the way back home and people
watched him with pity.

They sent him food and message saying, “We are only helping not because we forgive you” it read. Shinorita looked out and said “I am not normal am I? What am I? No one told me what I am” he asked
himself. The next day he sat on his house doorstep and saw two kids from his school coming out their house. They stared at him and didn’t notice a car coming. Shinorita pushed them away and he got
ran over. The kids called their parents and they rushed him to the hospital. He woke up 2 months after that incident. He was allowed to go home and was advised get himself a school to go. “I’ll, I
guess” he smiled. He enrolled himself into a school called Seka Middle School. “I’ll enter a school once I turn twelve” he said to himself.
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