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I let my mind wander a bit and this is what it came to

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



Soft & gentle like the clouds

Is the impression that I give off

Shifting eyes among the crowds

I hid my face as I give a huff;

The air exudes, I raise my palms

Ignoring stares, I kept my calm

Slowly but carefully

I place my hands on my neck

Caressing it ever so gently

And with a tight squeeze I hunched my back

I let my hands grip tighter

My throat felt like it was on fire

But what a surprise, I felt no fear

Only calm, peace and tranquil

Even though I am about to kill


The only thing I was blessed with

This life of mine that was a gift


As the urge to cough and vomit

Started to bubble up

I wondered if I'll regret it

But i had no intention to stop


Tears came bursting out

As intense pain filled my body

I looked up one last time at the clouds

And managed to whisper "I'm sorry;"


My legs gave out

I fell to the ground, writhing in pain

I start to hear shouts

But i didn't care as the outcome is the same


My eyelids closed

My consciousness drifts

Im falling into an eternal sleep


I got my wish, my ultimate goal

But why am I feeling sadness and sorrow?

With a last glimpse into my mind

Searching for a reason to live but there was nothing to find


I smiled one last time in my mind

Cried in my heart

It's time




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