Creative Thinking

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A description of my new mode of creative thinking used for art projects, business and life in general.

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



Creative Thinking


My past creative model used in writing, composing and artwork creation is a model I have tested for years and it has worked very well. This model is described in the last part of “My New Spiritual System” I presented on the internet around a year ago. 

Since then I have found way to a deeper interest of intellectual matters. Being grounded in the will, in deep held illusions described in metaphorical ways. But I have realized the importance of definition. To define the visions in more descriptive terms. Giving great attention to critical analysis.

I have also found out a new method of creating new ideas. That is a lateral thinking model that is a method of negation of initial ideas. And a method of provocation of new ideas, induced chance and conscious selection. Putting forward random thoughts for later analysis. Working with these ideas, to investigate the relative importance of them. Negating “bad” thoughts and affirming “good” thoughts in process of creative flow.

Refining the ideas and never absorbing them for presentation until the results come to the surface.

Yes, it is really chance that drives my creations nowadays. But a chance building on inner illusions consciously investigated and built upon by a lateral thinking model. Described by intellectuals such as Edward De Bono many years ago.

I use this model not just for art projects but for business too. It has worked beyond initial assumptions. Chance is really order if investigated in a conscious way.

What I have seen though is that creativity is more about a mind-set (And lack of dependence) than the mechanical production of ideas. What has been of most importance to me is finding the way to inner freedom and creative space. Attained by good sleep, good nutrition, walking exercises, relaxation, meditation and black magic. Black magic can fool the mind to make the leap into the unknown. Illusions are a necessary tool to pull against the thoughts: “I can’t create.”, “I am not good enough.”, “I have no inner drive.”, “I hate this!”

To work against the mechanical repetition of negativity and old ideas. To find the way to fluidity is essential. Maybe working with a lateral thinking model as me to later build new ideas. But making use of the faculties of the right side of the brain to integrate the obvious with the hidden.

“The hidden” can be found by creating new ideas and letting the subconscious mind work upon these ideas. To later give room for creative leaps.

Consciously creating as a dark deviant.

I have said it countless times before but I say it again: The ego is vital for any progress in life and creativity in particular. And with the ego I mean true will. A deep yearning for creative power, fulfillment and drive for transcendence.

The sad fact is that the society we live in is very superficial. It is a mechanical production facility of lies, deceptions and superficial illusions that shuts down creative powers. Therefore the true artist has to work against these blocked states of mind.

Maybe using travels, sex and drugs to actually fool the mind into another sphere of existence.

What I have learnt the hard way is that true creativity knows no traditional boundaries. A good intellect, structure and discipline can make one go very far but the “transcendent” ideas seldom emerge from ordinary states of consciousness.

One needs hate, spiritual death and countless pleasures to divert oneself from traditional influences. Building upon dark influences to transcend the mechanical structure of the mind.

Creating for personal enjoyment.

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