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5 question ( 3 times ) . An interview with the writer jaylisbeth.

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



Some live by the ocean, never going to the beach, some go to the ocean, never searching for answers well within their reach.

 There lived a lady, who could talk to the ocean, she would go the shoreline, wrtitng her stories in sand with such emotion. When the tide washed up, pulling her words back out to sea, it would instead send back to her questions, asking her what was to be. Hello Ocean, how are you today, she would say, but as the questioned flowed out, the ocean ebbed back, writing in the sand: 

 Question 1: Who inspires you and how do you translate this inspiration through you're writing?   

It may sound cliche but when it comes to poetry I truly admire Elizabeth Barret Browning and her romantic sonnets to her husband. I tend to be a fool for romance. And i write romantic pieces to my husband all the time :) 


 Do have a favorite Elizabeth Barret Browning poem or a favorite sonnet/poem by another author/poet? 

My favorite sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is "Consolation".


Dear Ocean, she tried to ask once more, how are you, as she watched her sand scrolled words dissapear from the shore.

The ocean only replied:


Question 2: What is your favorite word ?  

My favorite word is: Broken. It's such a powerful word, in my opinion. Even the way it rolls out of your tongue, it sounds strong.


 I see you have a poem with your favorite word as the title, "broken"..does this piece have a counter point ( a companion piece expressing the beautiful side of what you learned from such pain ? )  

I can't think of a poem that I have written to counter point what I have learned from such pain. My poem "Broken" is very personal to me and a piece I wrote in the heat of the moment. Things did get better, however. 


She picked up a shell, instead of writing with a branch, and carved into the sand, asking the ocean for a dance, her words disappearing away, giving it another chance.

Still it only replied with a question.


 Question 3: When did you discover your passion for poetry? 


I discovered my passion for poetry when I was roughly 11 years old. I started free-writing and I found it quite therapeutic.


Have you ever re written any pieces you wrote, from when you were younger ? and what are your thoughts on rewriting poetry, since they carry with them an emotion from a certain time ?

Yes, I have rewritten poems from when I was younger. Only because some of them were way too personal and naive that I delete some lines that aren't meant to be seen by someone other than me. And to also polish the rhyming a bit.


Why won't you answer, her questions still pursued, I always answer back to you; feeling the water move under her toes, the beach tickling through.

Instead the tide inquired:


Question 4: Where is your favorite place to write? 


I like to write at my desk at my job. There's a tall glass window and I just love looking outside at the trees and the people walking by. It serves as motivation.


 How would you describe your writing technique? ( do you keep a journal of ideas? Just pour out your emotions and write in one sitting, or work gradually on a piece ? etc )

I love writing beyond anything on this earth...but poetry is the hobby side of my writing, if that makes sense. What I really love is writing novels. I do outline my stories to the T. Poetry, however, sometimes it comes naturally; like those poems you feel just write themselves. Other times, it's a challenge.


The ocean ever more intrigued, waiting for no more questions,  sent up onto the sand, its own words out from the sea.


Novel Question 1 : What novels are you working on currently ?


My current novel is called "Golden Tears". It's the novel that I have gotten so attached to and sadly, I have not written in it for quite a few months now. I barely have the time and I am nearing the end so I am stuck. It may sound very strange but I have fallen in love with my main characters. "Golden Tears" means so much to me. But I am very much in love with Shakespeare's love sonnets. Especially Sonnet 41.


Novel Question 2 : What genre do you prefer when writing a novel? and What genre do you prefer when reading a novel  ?


I prefer Mystery/Crime and of course Thrillers. I enjoy creating the suspense to keep readers engaged. But I also include romance. I can't help being romantic and cheesy.


Novel Question 3:  Can you describe some of the methods you tend to use, when outlining a chapter or a novel?  


Well to outline the novel before I begin,I already have my general idea of what the book will be about. So I jot down my characters' names and a little bio for each of them so I won't forget details. And then I outline the content of at least the first two chapters. I keep a journal for each story. I also choose my setting and if it's a place I've never lived in, I research heavily. Even looking at maps.


Novel Question 4: Do you find that writing a novel, for lack of a better term, can be liberating ( cathartic, freeing ) in the same ways as writing poetry or even short stories ?


I very much think that writing a novel is both challenging and liberating. I can be anyone I want and give voice to my characters. I can unleash all my ideas :) poetry is therapeutic and writing short stories serves as practice.



 Novel Question 5: If you had some encouraging words of advice for a someone who might like to write a novel but feel hesitant for whatever reason, what might you suggest? 


It's all about finding your voice and following your intuition. Some people will like your writing and some people won't. Embrace your passion for writing wholeheartedly no matter what :) .


She threw the sea shell out into the waves, yelling at the ocean, don't you have anything more to say?

now understanding she would get no reply, she begins to write with her hands, my tears are salty enough, for myself no longer shall I cry.

The ocean pulling away at no more words, a final question washes up, once more to learn:


Question 5 : Why did you ( what made you ) decide to share your poetry/writings with other people?


When I was younger, I was very insecure about my writing. I only wrote for myself until a good teacher of mine actually pushed me to share my writing. It was because of that teacher of mine that I began to take my writing seriously. I even wrote skits for my Middle school's drama club.


 Can you describe one of the skits you wrote for the drama club?

One of the skits that I wrote for the drama club, was one that was very difficult to write and to watch being performed by my fellow classmates; it was about a Jewish family getting snatched by the Nazis from a hiding place. At the time, we were reading about Anne Frank's diary and my teacher asked me to write something for the students to act out. It was quite powerful. Everyone in the audience cried.




She picks up the returned sea shell, admiring it with beauty, finally yelling out to the sea, show me your love, please send it to me.

Just then the shell sparkled turquoise as she held it in her hand, it spoke words in her eyes, like the voice of a brave woman.

The ocean hasn't been speaking, in her mind she thinks: I have been finding my own answers, sending them back to me; in this sand I won't sink. I danced with the water, pulling away underneath my feet, surrendering to the current, when I had looked for love, I now know it is myself I was supposed to meet, I earned it.



Thank you jaylisbeth. 

For everything.


As long as the ocean rises with water, the beach will never run out of sand. 

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