Last Time...Swear

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We are the new generation

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



Past midnight

We ride

We live 

And make promises to die

We have fun into the night

And close our pact to stay alive

We become younger

We never grow old

Daylight never comes again

Because we drink it all up on our own

We are hungry young adults

We are not kids anymore but still not old enough to understand

Though that dosen't matter

'Cause after midnight

We take it all

We become so red the town paints its self

Others are not allowed to touch but we are

We are invincible

Beautiful, dangerous, theives of life

We remain forever

Entitled to death's name

We are the night

After the clock strikes twelve

We are reckless as H-E-double hockey sticks

We are done for deliquents

We are the abonded souls

We're the ones who take it all the way

But not always home

We are the descision makers

We are the storytellers

We are the kings and queens of everything

We are special

We are honest to ourselves

Yet we lie so much to "them"

How can you tell us to behave

How can you restrict us

How can you strip us of our innocence


We won't make it home before five

The hours will remain ours

It goes one, two, three, four

We have it all

The world is in these palms

I'm telling you 

We are just children

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