Bunny of Horrors: A Compilation

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Bunny Returns

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017





“Aw, man! It’s raining again,” I exclaimed, as the thunderous downpour drenched the house in pelting drops of water. The whole day had been ruined. The rain was never going to stop and it was already going into the evening hours. I had wanted to go out today and do some shopping for a new game or maybe find a decent book to read, but the idea of being soaked to the bone in the process didn’t appeal to me.

So here I was, sitting in the house awaiting the return of my parental units. It was only 5:03 P.M. but the dark countenance of the sky made it seem like 8 ‘0’ clock. My mind was drowning in boredom. As I was in desperate need of stimulation, I went to my room, turned on the PC, and donned my headphones.

Surfing through the vast arena of the internet, I decided to land myself upon my current favorite anime website “Horriblesubs.” After downloading several episodes of Gintama, I preceded to watch the anime with the hope of some stimulating entertainment.

Yeah, the first episode went through with no problem as the battle was seriously funny, due to the Toilet Paper Stand Off during the outhouse segment. Thankfully, no one was in the house, because I laughed so hard I thought I would have awakened the dead had they been able to hear me.

Unfortunately, the next episode didn’t provide the same level of entertainment and due to the dreary conditions outside and the constant rhythmic pelting I could hear through my headphones, my mind began to drift into the aether of sleep. Interestingly, though, I hadn’t realized I had nodded off, as when I began to dream I dreamed I was doing the exact thing I had been doing before falling to sleep.

It was still raining outside, as I could hear the thundering in the background and upon glancing at the window of my room I could see the wash of water flowing over the glass. Wondering if my parents had gotten home yet, I rose from the bed and plodded into the living room.

Dimly lit from the light of my bedroom, the living room showed no signs of my parents. I checked the computer room, where my mom goes to enjoy her puzzle games and looked into the utility room for my father, who goes there to read his bible on occasion.

Nothing appeared wrong in the house. It seemed the same as when I first roamed through earlier that day, but for some reason, a strange eerie feeling fell on my mind. It was like I was being watched, but I knew no one was here so what could be watching me. And, even if it was so, why?

But, then, the strangeness got even stranger. As I came back through the kitchen into the living room, I noticed the light from my room had gone dark, except for the flickering of my television that projected on the wall of the hallway. I knew I had left the room light on when I left out, so now I was getting creeped out thinking who was in the house with me.

My mind ran through a multitude of thoughts, but nothing prepared me for this experience. I crept slowly through the living room towards the hall. As I got to the opening, I peered both ways down into each end. Staring into the darkness of the opposing bedrooms, I made sure nothing was present within them, making sure to check for any out of place shadows.

The eerie feeling in my mind got stronger, as I thought even harder about what lurked in the house with me. I, quickly, looked behind me in the living room, as the sensation of being watched intensified. Nothing. I stepped toward my parent’s room, grabbed the bedroom door, and pulled it shut.

Edging down the hallway, the feeling worsened, until I could see into my room toward the foot of my bed. My heart almost leapt out of my chest, as I heard something in the utility room fall over. I ran back to look, flipping on the light switch, but nothing had fallen. Everything was just as it had been moments ago.

I raced back to the hallway, back to the spot I was before, and slowly peered into my room. There on my bed, facing the tv, was a stuffed bunny. It was about two-foot tall, both ears flopped over halfway, greyish fur with a white belly and ruby red eyes. It sat there, peering at the television that only flickered with light from the static black and white screen that appears after the cable has gone out.

I could see a baseball bat, leaning against the wall, just inside my door on the right. I didn’t recall it being there, but at least it gave me a sense of hope. I looked back up at the bunny. It still sat there facing the television. I eased closer to the door, reaching into the room for the bat, all the while keeping a close eye on this bunny I knew wasn’t part of any stuffed collection in the house. Just as I about had a grip on the bat, the bunny slowly turned its head my way. I froze.

The bunny continued to stare at me for a moment. Its eyes slowly pulsing red like it was gauging my intentions. Then, it stood up. The eyes gleamed like a laser coming on. I grabbed the bat and rushed into the room. Once I passed the threshold fully, the door behind me slammed shut. The bunny, eyes all aglow and teeth bared, sprang at me.



The End.



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