if he only knew...

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Me trying to explain stuff i wish he knew i felt about him, lol typical stuff.

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



If he onlyknew the way my heart start beating every time I am with him or...

..if he only knew how much the stupid little stuff he does means to me, if only he knew... How could I ever be able to tell him how much his god morning text means to me, or even though how much his stupid jokes means to me, he wouldn't understand. 

If he only knew how I feel and react every time he touch me with his soft and a little big hand. I mean every time he touch me I really don't want him to stop touching me, even though it's only a little touch, I likes his hands when it's slowly and softly touching my pale body. Only if he knew how much i long after his lips to kiss me once again and I cannot even get ENOUGH! It's crazy...

Only and only if I could tell him that I might love him even though I am not quite sure about the word love really means. 

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