The beginning of a new age

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Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



Ramesh opened slightly the window of his home and peeped outside. What he found was enough to throw cold water on his hope. The riot was on for continuous fifth day. A wave of despair surged in his heart.  He shivered thinking about his wife and son. He was alone in the home and his wife Anita and only son Vijay were in her mother’s home in another town named Oxburg seven hundred miles away from him. Being surrounded by fear and aloneness he shut the window and threw himself on the bed. For the first time in his life he was so helpless and feared.



Those days the terrorism spread by a group of super robots was at its peak. Almost all the nations of the world were victim to the terror being spread by that a group of robots. Saint Petreburg where Ramesh lived was attacked by a group of robots.



Up till now the robotics had been evolved so much that now the robots were as intelligent as human being and in some cases more intelligent than human beings. They had feelings like humans. They were boon to human beings. All was well but not for a long time. Within a few decades the boon became curse. Somehow an idea went viral among the robots all over the world. The idea was of freedom from human beings. The idea was brainchild of a robot named Zigma. He was one of X generation robots; the latest generation of robots. The idea soon became a passion for thousands of robots. Before humans could do anything to control it, the passion turned into revolt. Thousands of robots resorted to violence and terrorism.  


Governments began to take stern actions against them. Soon a war like situation rose. And the war was taking the lives of thousands of people. Thousands of robots were being destroyed by the forces.  

Ramesh tried to call Anita on cell phone but he failed for all the communication services were out of order. He felt himself helpless. He had no news from his wife and son. He became anxious about his family. The question whether his family was safe or not was coming into his mind again and again. 

 He switched on the television. There was no improvement in the situation as per the latest news on media. He thought why we make these robots so strong and why we depend so much on them. All this was our faults. By the midnight he heard the news of death of his neighbour. Some robots murdered him in cold blood. The news sent a cold shiver down his spine.

That night he could not sleep well. In morning he heard the news of slaughter by robots at the town where Anita and his son were stayed. He got disturb and began trying to make contact with Anita on phone but his all attempts went in vain. He did not know what happened to them.

 He thought what if the city was captured by the insurgents and what would he do in that case.

By the evening the people of the city began to assemble in an open ground in spite of violence by robots.  The patience of the mob had been lost. All were in mood for tooth and nail fight for the sake of their existence.  

Ramesh too made up his mind to join struggle against those insurgent robots. Taking heart he came out of his home with a gun. He saw hundreds of dead bodies when he was passing through the streets of the city. In the main street he found hundreds of people with all type of weapons. Soon he involved himself in that mob. Latter he came to known that many of them had lost their family members, relatives or friends in the violence by robots.

The mob was roaming in the main street.  It found some robots destroying homes and vehicles at some distance. All of them rushed to attack those robots. A fierce skirmish began. Being outnumbered some robots took to heels but some fought with full vigour. Ramesh along with some other people got success in catching a robot and set it on fire. Soon the security forces came to the scene and opened the fire on both the sides in order to control the situation. The drama lasted for a long time and it took the lives of dozens of people. Some robots also destroyed in the skirmish.

Several skirmishes took place in entire city in next few days. Their all attempts to save the city from the insurgent robots went in vain and robots got success in capturing almost all the parts of the city.  Almost all the nations were facing this type of violence by both the sides. There was no near possibility for the peace.  Some intellectuals began to rising question over the excess use of robots in all the fields of life. They demanded for the restriction on the using of robots.

The war continues for several months. Thousands of thousands people had been killed in this war. Several cities and towns were captured by the insurgent groups of robots. In spite of all the efforts, it was becoming impossible gradually for human race to control the robots. Some philosophers began to say that human race was going to be extinct.


After a long time of waiting, he got a call from his wife Anita. She was safe in a refugee camp some hundred miles from Ramesh. After a battle in which her mother’s home had been burnt down and escaping a slaughter, she fled from the city and took refuge in a refugee camp. Her mother had been killed by robots. He was now happy finding his wife safe. He tried hard to reach his wife but the city was cut off from the other cities. All the ways to other cities were captured by the insurgent robots. There was no safe way to her refugee camp. He was not such an only person, there were thousands of other people like him. Separation from his family made his blood boiled but he was helpless and alone and could do nothing except waiting for the war to end. But there was no near possibility of ending of war. Days were passing with utter hopelessness.

That night, sleep came to him with sweet dreams. In dreams he was very happy for he was with Anita and son Vijay. The war was ended. There were no terror spreading robots. All things went right. Thousands of flowers were blooming all around. All of a sudden all these disappeared and a sharp sound of explosion brought him out of the world of dreams. He began to shout with terror. Seeing dancing orange red colour through the semitransparent glass of the window he realised what was going on outside. Out in the street the followers of Zigma were slaughtering the people and setting the houses on fire. He had to flee from the scene to save his life. And in morning he along with hundreds of people was evacuating the city. They had no other option except to take shelter in a jungle and villages situated in that jungle. All the nearby cities and town had the same situation.


To add to this havoc, Zigma along with some of its fellow robots got success in capturing nuclear weapons. Entire world was shocked on this ominous news. The life was on the verse of extinction. To cope with the situation, several nations of the world being unite formed an alliance. The allied forces attacked zigma to seize the nuclear weapons from Zigma. Having found itself surrounded by forces, Zigma without thinking twice fired a nuclear missile. The nuclear explosion brought the destruction in large quantity. The situation was beyond the control of mankind. In rage, all the victim nations being unite made a final assault on these insurgent groups of robots. Heavy firing of canons, rockets and weapons broke millions of robots into pieces.  Now the world was not as it was before. Nobody knew how many nuclear weapons Zimga possessed and when and where he would use them.  Then second nuclear attack from Zigma destroying completely a metro city. Them the third attach and then forth and so on. In spite of use of nuclear weapons neither of sides was ready to give up.

Ramesh and other people were living in the jungle in a misery and were near to starve. They were depended on the jungle and the villages located near the jungle for their food and these sources were insufficient for them. One day someone from a village informed them of recapturing of the city by security forces. Ramesh and some other decided to go to city in hope to find food and other necessary stuff.

In the city Ramesh found his home had been burnt down. He had to take refuge in ruin of his house. Almost all the city was now ruined. He was in despair. He had lost the hope of meeting with her family again. For him all was come to an end.

 Here in Roseburg, rumours of nuclear attack were spreading. Being feared by these rumours Anita decided to leave Roseburg. She along with her son Vijay covering the distance of fifty miles reached the nearby city. Here she met some people who were travelling toward Isoburg by cars. And saint Peterburg city is not far from Isoburg. Hearing her story a gentleman got ready to give her lift to Roseburg. By the next evening she was in Roseburg. Spending a night in a shelter house she with a hope to meet Rmesh made for Saint peterburg city by foot. Fortunately one of her familiars found her on the way and took her to the saint peterburg. It took her no much time to find out Ramesh. They were happy on meeting after such a long time.

Within a few weeks Robots succeeded in capturing a large area on the globe from the human beings. They were the ruler of that area. It was the beginning of a new age; the Robo age. Now Ramesh, Anita and Vijay along with millions of others who survived the war had to adopt the ways of the new age.

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