How to understand the human psychology

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I have seen and attended so many psychologists; this is what I have learned from them,

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



When someone is smiling and cheerful they might be hiding their pain through their mask,

When someone is happy keep in mind that they are hoping that nothing bad will happen, when usually something always destroys their happiness, they know it is  only for a short amount of time,

When someone is aggressive they might be holding too much grudge or hatred in their hearts for someone,

When someone is always upset with low mood and crying, it means they have been strong for too long, they need to break down for a while,

When someone has pain in their throat or chest, find it hard to swallow it is because of the things that were kept inside and couldn’t or haven’t been said,

If someone is silent they are secretive and usually the ones with bad intentions,

Or just has allot inward and talks inside themselves through the heart,

If someone talks too much it means they have kept hold onto things that weren’t said.





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