A Daft Husband.

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This woman is always calling her husband ''daft '' but he still goes around and taking no notice shows her that he wasn't daft after all.

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017




Her mother said''My husband,'' the wife told her mother, ''is as daft as they come. He has no brains. I don't know why I married him.''

The mother said: ''He's not doing too bad. You're not in debt, are you?''

The wife said: ''No, not yet!''

The mother said: ''See, you're worrying yourself for nothing. How do you know he's daft?''

''Mum, I'm his wife! I should know.''

Just then, the front door opens and Jimmy walks in. ''Hi mum,'' he said, ''you look splendid!''

The wife stood there amazed.""who are you married to, my mother or me?'

''I was just about to say...''

''Really!'' The wife said. ''What were you going to say to me, 'Hi! Slave, or something like that?''

Jimmy said, ''I was going to wish you a happy 5 year anniversary.''

The wife placed her left hand over her mouth, then took it away, and said, ''My God! I totally forgot!''

Her mother said: ''Who's daft now, not Jimmy, I'm sure!''
The wife hugs hubby. ''Darling, I love you. Happy 5 year anniversary.''

Jimmy leaves his wife and her mother, goes upstairs. The wife said to her mother, ''He's still daft!''

Her mother said, ''Why? Explain!''

The wife said: ''He hasn't bought me a present!''

The mother said, ''I see!''
Jimmy comes back down the stairs. ''Guess what, ''he said to his wife, ''we're going out eating, the table is booked.''

''Ah! Darling, sweet darling, Jimmy, you're the greatest in the world.''

Jimmy said, ''Am I?''

The wife said, ''You're as daft as they come!''

 The mother said: ''Sometimes you can be a bit hard on him.''

The wife said,''He's okay! He likes it that way.''

Jimmy and his wife left her mother and went out eating. Outside the gate, the wife was expecting transport. ''Jimmy,'' she called to him as he walked down the small path. ''Where is the transport?''

''Transport, '' he repeated what his wife had said, and giggled. ''We are walking.''

''I knew it,'' she said, ''daft as ever.''

They walked for about 50 meters and came to the corner where there was a fish and chip shop. Jimmy opened the door and said, ''After you, love!''

The wife stood outside on the sidewalk and said, ''This has to be a joke, Jimmy. I know that you're daft, but not that daft.''

''Don't make a scene now,'' Jimmy begged his wife. ''Leave it for when we get home.''

The wife stepped into the chip shop, not pleased at all. They sat ata window on a bench opposite each other. The man came over to get the order and Jimmy spoke to the man, but his wife didn't hear what he told him. Later the man came back with 5 small chips on the plate, no vinegar,no salt, and no mayonnaise.

''I''ve never met such a daft man as you,'' she told him. ''Are you good in the head. What man would bring his wife to a chip shop for their 5th anniversary? Only this daft one,'' she pointed at him.

The man came over and asked, ''Is everything okay, Ma''am?''

''You're all daft,'' she said. Then she turned to her husband. ''You wait until we get home. I'll show you how daft you are.''

''Okay!'' The husband replied, ''I'm not in a rush. I'll take my time.''

''When we get home, you're not going to take your time. I'm going to hurry up, because your daft. A daft husband.''





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