Saved a strangers life with a simple hug

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Hi guys , this happened to me a few weeks ago and wrote it in my phone the following day . Wasnt quiet sure what to do with it so i just left it on my phone . Up until i kept on seeing topics of
people committing suicide on social media . Doesnt matter if you suffer from depression for a day or a month , all it takes is that one day of being overwhelmed with sadness or the struggles of
life , thats all it takes to push a person over the edge . Most are scared or embarrassed to reach out for help so they suffer in silence . This causes their emotions to build up , up until they
cant take no more and basically break a person down. I.basically wanna show people how easy it is to reach out and help get them over the other side . Could be a small act of kindness that takes 5
min out of your day . 5 minutes to prevent a suicide? I think we can all spare that

So last night work was pretty easy , after each load i had an hour to kill . Nice and cruisy job . I was parked up infront of the Job right next to the yarra .i was playing around on my phone
minding my own business when this young ladie walked past my truck balling her eyes out , an absolute mess . She was walking down towards the yarra and kept on walking as if she wasnt gonna stop
till she was in the yarra.  i ran out of the truck and ran after her few meters before the water i grabbed her hand  . Second i grabbed her she just collapsed into my arms and just broke
down . I Kept on telling her just let it all out dont hold nothing back , ill be here as long as she needs . After some time we got  talking . To no suprise this young ladie was struggling
with life and its all become to much for her, nothing seems to be going right for her and shes had enough . Basically shes given up and was gonna attempt to end it in the yarra .shes been
struggling with depression for some time and it had just taken its tole on her .  I was shocked! Out of all the places love the yarra is not where you wanna end up ! Do you know how filthy
this river is ! I knew cracking a joke was either gonna cheer her up or go the other way . Luck was on my side because she started to smile ????????when someone admits to you that they are gonna attempt
to take their own life you cant simply let em walk away . I gave her the option of me ringing the ambos or she can sit with me and talk about everything thats making her doubt life . She chose to
talk ..... now not gonna publish on here what the young ladies issues were but shes had a hard life . Shes a young muslim ladie with very a very strict family . Her family basically didnt support
her with what she wanted to pursue in life .  Ended up talking to eachother for several hours , most importantly i got her to get everything of her chest just so its not weighing her down
anymore . The longer we spoke the more i could see her coming alive in front of me . She was throwing in jokes , she started to smile . Basically she did a complete 180 ! Which was awesome ! End of
my shift we parted ways exchanged details . Just so if she ever gets that bad she knows theres someone she can call that will be there for her . When she was back to her self she turned out to be
one of the most amazing people ive ever met . She was such a beautiful person inside and out , just the kinda person you could sit on your ass all night long and talk about anything and still have
a bloody good time. These days depression affects soooo many people and unfortunately takes way to many lives . Who knows how it would have turned out if i wasnt paying attention to her as she
walked past . Sometimes all a person needs is one random act of kindness and it could be life changing to em .

Soooo guys !

Something as simple as listening to someone or giving them a hug could turn their life around . If you know someone whose affected by depression reach out to em let em know your there for em .
Mental illness is difficult to deal with because it takes away all common sense and all you think about is how to end the pain

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Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



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