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Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Trapped in darkness Damien walks his shadow land alone looking for prey to feast upon not caring who falls at his feet his only goal in life is to feast upon the innocent leaving them behind either dead or half dead turning into something only seen in a person’s nightmares. They walk the land soulless beings waiting for there master to return and serve him no matter what the deed. Damien is a being not of this world he neither lives in day or night he is the shadow that passes you in the dead of night only reappearing when the need to feast is upon him. One thing Damien has longed for is a mistress to walk by his side never knowing what it is like to share ones self with another the idea of a mistress has become more and more appealing as each year pass by. For a long time Damien has been watching a woman from afar her name was Melissa she lived alone on the out skirts of town always singing through out her evenings and walking with a spring in her step, watching her made Damien think of what it must be like to reach out and touch someone to feel the warmth of there skin to here the tenderness of there voices as they sat and wasted the hours away in conversation.


Damien has never been one for waiting for what he desired and the more he watched Melissa the more he wanted her. He could kill her prey upon her and become her master but then she would become something else and not be the Melissa he had enjoyed watching for so long. Damien remembered a story he had heard long ago it was about a being like  him according to legend the being had made himself mortal on the eve of Halloween  for twenty four hours he walked the earth just like any other experiencing life as a mortal. The longer his obsession with Melissa went on the more people he slain night after night he hunted the innocent trying to get her out of his head but no matter how vicious he became no matter how many he slaughtered his thoughts always returned to Melissa and how much he wanted her to be by his side. Damien decided to visit Melissa in her dreams waiting till the dead of night he entered her home standing over her as she slept he whispered his name over and over again talking to her telling her how much he wanted them to be together night after night he did this in the hope she would start thinking about him during her day without even knowing who he really was. One night ’one of Damien s followers appeared before him with a large black book in hand opening the book to a marked page he showed Damien that the legend he had heard of from the past was not false and it was indeed possible for Damien to become mortal but only from the beginning to the end of Halloween. As he read the book Damien saw nothing within the words that would help him bring Melissa back into his own realm unharmed and he knew if he followed what was written he would  only be around her for a few short hours before having to return to being alone in his shadow land once more. With Halloween getting closer each night Damien watched Melissa imagining her by his side wanting her more and more. Finally Halloween was upon them and Damien decided he had nothing to lose he gathered what he needed for the spell to work and also sent for one of his followers as he needed the help of another to make the spell work he told the follower exactly what to do all Damien had to do was lay back and be still and once the spell was complete he would wake up a mortal. Suddenly Damien did wake up the first thing he noticed was the cold air hitting him something he had never felt before. He was dressed in different clothes and everything him seemed different.


He knew he had no time to waste so he made his way to  town it was the day Melissa went to the market for supplies suddenly there she was in front of him  as she turned she looked at him straight in the eye and smiled. Luckily for him she dropped one half of her supplies so using this as an excuse he walked over to help her offering to carry  them for her. Not something Melissa would let a stranger do but some how she knew it would be ok and they began to walk back to Melissa’s home. Melissa wasn’t usually a forward person but as she walked back with Damien she felt a strong connection toward him something  inside told her she could trust him she had a feeling of deja vu a feeling she had seen him some place before even though that wasn’t possible as he was new in town. Once they were back at her home she asked him in for some refreshments he accepted and for a time they sat talking such a connection was felt between them both. It had been a long time since Melissa had even felt this close to any one she told herself to trust in what she felt and go with it so as the day turned into night and they both became closer she decided to kiss Damien he was surprised and never imagined such a simple act could feel so good. As is got later in the day Damien new his time was short, the weather had turned bad outside a thunder storm raged over head as the rain came down hard on the roof above Melissa took Damien by the hand and led him to her bedroom sitting him down on her bed she began to undress him, Damien was nervous and tense maybe a little scared all emotions he had never had before, Melissa could see this and put his fears to rest with the tone of her gentle voice. Melissa laid Damien back and made love to him for the longest time hearing the thunder crash over head as Melissa rode Damien feeling him deep inside her pushing back again and again until they both climaxed with the crashing of the thunder outside the window. Soon midnight would be up on him and Damien knew he would have to leave or Melissa would see him in his true form, he told her he would have to be going soon something she couldn’t understand considering it was late into the night and the weather was so bad outside. As he looked at the clock he realized it was only a couple minutes to midnight with that he turned and told Melissa she would be seeing him in her dreams and walked out closing the door as he walked away from the house on the exact stroke of midnight Damien was hit my lightening  he fell to the ground, when he woke up he saw Melissa standing over him right away he stood up and looked in the mirror it was past midnight and he was  still in his mortal form he couldn’t understand it but in an instant he saw his future laid out before him and with no more killing  and only happy times ahead no longer would he walk the shadow land alone instead he will walk feeling the heat of the sun beating down on him with the his one true love by his side.


By Bunzy 2017

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