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Have you ever thought that perhaps all is just for nothing.

Flowers wither, life dies, green turns gray, memories fade.

Thoughts are no different. But never forget them, they are a part of you too.

Submitted: October 22, 2017

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Submitted: October 22, 2017



When the walls close in,

When the air becomes heavier than steel,

when guilt takes you for a spin,

I wonder how you'll feel


I simply had a thought,

what if you felt the pain which to others you brought?”


Will you think about your words more carefully?

Will you act, towards both you and me, less harmfully?


When your eyes drop tears,

When you become the thing you hate,

when the darkness shows your fears,

I think you'll understand its fate.


You'll be thinking

From now on I'll be watched by eyes unblinking”


You won't ever feel safe again

You won't ever stay sane


When you hear other thoughts than your own,

When you listen to those you've hurt deeply,

when you can comprehend what you're being shown,

I know you'll understand completely


Just what you did to everyone involved

I've brought pain and suffering still unresolved”


That is when you see, another's life is not your toy

That it's not something which you should destroy.


Still I think it the damage you caused can be repaired

Even if we are both scared


It's just a thought

So that my love will not be for naught.


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